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You're Sweet card — By: LeNae Gerig

LeNae Gerig

Designer Tip: The bright and cheery summer card is full of color and dimension with sparkly Dazzles™ stickers and 3-D foam tape.


  • 5”x 6 ½” blank white card (link)
  • Sweet Treats Dazzles™ gold (link)
  • Pink Jewel Dazzles™ (link)
  • Serendipity Paper Pack (link)
  • Serendipity Ribbon Set (link)
  • White cardstock (link)
  • Foam tape (link)
  • Pen knife (link)


  1. Place the card fold at the top. Cut 1” from the bottom edge of the front flap. Cover the card front with blue dot paper. Mat a 6”x 3¼” rectangle of blue floral paper with white cardstock, leaving a 1/8” border. Glue to the center of the card front. Glue a length of pink dot paper across the green floral rectangle.
  2. Back the Dazzles™ candies and ice cream cones using small pieces of different colored patterned papers. Use small scissors to cut close to the sticker edge. Glue and foam tape the Dazzles™ across the ribbon. Adhere “You’re Sweet” Dazzles™ at the bottom right corner.
  3. Inside: Cut a 6½”x1½” strip of paper from the blue scalloped border paper and glue the scallops to the bottom inside back. Peel the Dazzles™ cherry border from the backing sheet and place up-side-down. Use a pen knife to place the largest pink Jewel Dazzles™ on the back of each cherry. Turn the border over and place just above the scallop border.
  4. Cut a 4½”x2¼” rectangle of green floral paper and glue to the inside back. Glue a 3½”x1½” rectangle of white cardstock to the center. Cut both ends of a 2¼”x¾” rectangle of pink dot paper with inverted “v’s” on each end to make a ribbon shape. Glue to the center of the white rectangle. Adhere “Enjoy” Dazzles™ to the strip.

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