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Purse Gift Card Holder — By: LeNae Gerig



  1. Glue parchment to the edge of the top flap of the pocket. Adjust the template along the pocket flap and use the piercing pen to poke holes into the parchment (I placed parchment on top of the template to make placement easier).
  2. Use the needle and floss to stitch along one of the pierced rows and use the small scissors to clip holes: Place scissor point into 2 adjoining holes and clip. Move to next set of holes. This gives a scalloped lacy look (Magnifying glass is helpful!)
  3. Cover the flap, pocket and back with tan dot paper. Cut a ¼" strip of stripe paper and glue near the bottom of the pocket. Add a pink dot brad in the center for a closure. Glue the flaps together to create the pocket.
  4. Glue dot a bow and a loop of white ribbon on the bottom of the flap for a closure.
  5. Cut 2 slits in the top of the flap thread with pink ribbon and tie a knot on each end to create the handle for the purse. Attach a stamped tag to the handle with floss.

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