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“Thanks!” — By Laura Nicholas

Designer Tip: Laura's cheerful thank-you card is sure to brighten anyone's day. She used the Thinga-ma-jigs Template to create playful punctuation embellishments, cutting them out of black glimmer paper for added contrast.


For the Card Front:

  1. Glue a 2"x1 1/2" piece of teal “mesh” paper in the bottom right corner of a 5"x6 1/2" piece of purple splotched paper. Glue a 5"x1 1/2" piece of pink striped paper (stripes running vertically) even with the bottom edge of the purple paper, leaving the right edge unglued. Fold up the right corner of the striped paper, glue in place and add penwork along the fold. Tie a bow on the right end of a 10" length of aqua ribbon. Glue the bow over the folded corner, run the rest of the length across the top of the striped strip and tape the end to the backside.
  2. Mat a 3"x4" piece of white cardstock on teal “mesh” paper. Add penwork around the edges of the cardstock and write “thanks” along the bottom. Glue over the right side of the purple paper. Layer a yellow silk flower on top of the pink flower punch-out and attach them above the word “thanks” with a pink flower brad in the center.
  3. Place the blank card with the fold on the left and glue the papers over the card front.
  4. Use the template to trace and cut two arrows and one exclamation mark out of black glimmer paper. Foam tape the arrows down the top left edge of the purple paper and the exclamation mark at the end of the word “thanks”.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Glue a 5"x1 1/2" strip of pink striped paper (stripes running vertically) across the bottom of the card inside. Mat a 3 1/4"x1 3/4" piece of white cardstock on teal “mesh” paper. Add penwork around the edges and write “for everything” across the center. Add a pink silk flower in the bottom left corner with a yellow mini brad. Foam tape the cardstock overlapping the top edge of the striped strip.
  2. Trace and cut the top of an exclamation mark out of black glimmer and glue it above the silk flower. Tie 8" of aqua ribbon into a bow and use a Zot™ to attach it in the top left corner of the cardstock.

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