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“"Hoppy" Birthday — By Kyla Cesca and Kristen Normand




  1. Place your card with the fold on the bottom. Glue the frog to the front of your card, aligning the bottom of the frog with the fold. Glue the paper inside with the lily pads near the fold. Close your card and trim around the black line, cutting through both layers your card.
  2. Foam tape the bowtie on top of the flat bowtie. Glue the "Hoppy Birthday" tag to the left leg of the frog. Accent the tag with a black dragonfly. Foam tape the eyes over the frog's eyes.
  3. Inside the card: Glue the "Hoping you…" tag centered horizontally just above the lily pads. Glue the "Ribbit!" fragment just above the tag. Accent with another black dragonfly to the left side.
  4. Sign the "Made by…" label and glue to the back of your card. Use the extra art to decorate your envelope.

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