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Spinner Birthday — By Kyla Cesca and Kristen Normand




  1. Place your card so the fold is on the left. Align the stripes/ dots paper with the upper left corner. Glue the left edge of the paper to the card front, then cut through both layers to make the curve in your card.
  2. Cut out both circle spinner circles and glue them back-to-back. Carefully fold back the paper you just glued to the edge and attach the spinner with a brad to the front of your card. Positions it in the center of the curve so the words show through the cut-out. Glue down the other edges of the front paper, making sure the spinner can turn.
  3. Glue the cake art to the yellow square. Cut along the black dashed lines on the "enjoy" tab, and glue this clip to the yellow square with the tab tucked behind. Glue the piece to the front of your card, along with "You're special day" art, as shown.
  4. Inside the card: Glue one 5"x3" teal/dots paper 1" from the top of the inside left to cover the back of the brad. Glue the other 5"x3" teal/ dots paper to the right side, aligned with the left side. Attach the package art ¼" from the curve, and the "No matter how you spin…" greeting overlapping it.
  5. Sign the "Made just for you by …" label and glue to the back of your card. Use the extra art to decorate your envelope.

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