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“Thanks” — By LeNae Gerig

Designer Tip: LeNae added tons of texture to this pretty pastel card with ribbons and silk flowers, torn papers and a large sanded monogram. Love the design but want to use it for a different occasion? Just choose a different monogram and computer journal a different sentiment to use it for any occasion!


For the Card Front:

  1. Place the card with the fold at the top and tear about 5/8" off the bottom edge of the card front.
  2. Computer journal “hanks” onto green dotted paper. Crop the paper to 6 1/4"x4 3/4" with the journaling positioned just right of center. Tear about 5/8" off the bottom edge of the paper, then glue centered on the card front.
  3. Lightly sand a pink “T” monogram and glue it to the left of the journaling to complete the word “Thanks”. Fold a small lavender silk flower in half and add a yellow brad to the folded edge. Use Zots™ to attach the folded edge of the flower even with the left edge of the “T”.
  4. Knot one end of a 4" ribbon length with one end of a 5 1/2" ribbon length and trim the knotted tails to an inverted “v”. Glue the ribbon across the bottom of the card front with the knot positioned just left of center. Trim any excess ribbon even with the edges of the card.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Computer journal a sentiment on green dotted paper and crop to a 5"x1 1/2" strip. Tear the bottom edge off the paper and glue the sentiment across the top of the card inside.
  2. Knot two short lengths of ribbon and use Zots™ to attach one knot over each end of the paper strip.

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