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Just a Note card — By: Ann Bernklau

Designer Tip:

  • Before beginning your iris folding, shade in the numbered areas on the pattern to correspond to the colors of paper you will use. This helps to guide your placement of the paper strips.
  • The iris folding paper is also great as an accent on your card, in this case I used it as a corner embellishment.


  • Edges & Borders Stamps (link)
  • Serendipity Ribbons (link)
  • Iris Folding Paper (link)
  • Iris Folding Instruction Book (link)
  • Music Note card topper (link)
  • 5”x6 1/2” blank white card (link)
  • ColorBox Fluid Chalk inkpads: Ocean (link), Lime Pastel (link)
  • ColorBox Stylus Handle (link)
  • ColorBox Blender Tips (link)
  • White cardstock (link)
  • Scallop Tags Punch (link)
  • Foam tape (link)
  • Zots™ (link)


  1. Use a stylus and blender tip to dab along the edges of the front of the card with Ocean ink, creating a border about 1” wide. Use another blender tip with Lime Pastel ink and cover the music note topper, including the music note. Remove the music note and stamp the music border along each side of the topper with Ocean ink.
  2. Cut a 2 1/4” square from silver paper and cut an X through it to create 4 triangles. Glue a triangle to each of the corners of the front of the card.
  3. Find the music note pattern in the Iris Folding book on page 25. Make a photocopy of the pattern. Shade in the areas marked 2, 6, 10, 14, 16, and the center opening and follow this pattern for the blue paper strips. Tape the topper over the pattern (colored side down). Cut and fold silver and blue paper strips and tape them to the topper lined up with the pattern in the order of the numbers. When finished, flip the topper over and glue to the center of the card.
  4. Punch a small tag from the Scallop Tags punch and ink the edges with Ocean using a stylus and blender tip. Print “Just a note” on the tag and foam tape it to the card the left of the music note. Tie a small piece of metallic blue ribbon in a knot and Zots™ to the top of the tag.
  5. For the inside: With Ocean ink, stamp 3 rows of the music note border with the first one 1” from the bottom and each one spaced 2” apart. Print “to say hello!” on the bottom of the music note and tie a small piece of blue metallic ribbon in a knot around the note. Glue the note to the center. Zots™ down the ends of the knotted ribbon to secure.

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