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Gold Rose card — By: Ann Bernklau



  1. With the fold on the left, cover the card with green texture paper and ink the edges. Cut a 4 ¼” square of yellow texture and ink edges. Glue to card in a diamond position, with the top corner touching the top edge of the card. Trim off the side corners flush with the card and ink the trimmed edges.
  2. Cut a 4 1/8” square of orange texture paper. Trim ½” off of each corner, creating an octagon and 4 small triangles. Ink the edges of all pieces. Glue the octagon to the center of the yellow diamond and glue the 4 triangles to the 4 corners of the card. Cut out a yellow tag, write or print “Happy Birthday” on it, add 2 orange mini brads, and foam tape to card, centered and ¼” from the bottom.
  3. Punch out the first piece of the gold rose image and glue centered to the card. Punch out the second piece, apply foam pads, and adhere to first piece, aligning the images. Repeat this process with the rest of the layers.
  4. Inside the card: Cut 3”x4” of orange texture, ink the edges, and glue to the center of the card. Cut 2 ¾”x3 ¾” of yellow texture, trim off all corners, ink the edges, and glue to the center of the orange piece. Cut out a green tag, write or print a greeting on it, and ink the edges. Add an orange brad and glue to center of the yellow piece.

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