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Happy Birthday! — By: Laura Nicholas

Laura turned this sweet card into a birthday card by adding a personalized "Happy Birthday!" tag to the inside. Don't have a boy's birthday coming up? Journal a different message onto the tag to use this versatile card design for any other occasion!


For the Card Inside

  1. Cover the bottom 2 3/4" of the card inside with light blue textured paper. Cut a total of 8 squares of red gingham, green gingham and multi stripes paper. Glue them overlapping over the light blue textured paper, leaving a 1/2" border of light blue around the left, top and right edges. Add zigzag penwork over the seams between each of the paper squares. Add straight stitch penwork to the light blue textured paper, framing the overlapped papers and extending outward toward the top two corners of the light blue textured piece.
  2. Journal "Happy Birthday!" onto the small yellow striped tag and glue it at an angle overlapping the top left edge of the light blue paper. Tie a 6" length of ribbon into a shoestring bow and use a Glue Dot™ to attach the bow at the top of the tag.

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