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Notes Binder — By: Susan Cobb

Susan Cobb

Designer Tips: I inked the wood flourish cut-out with copper ink for a striking focal for this binder. Flowers cut from lace decorate the wood piece beautifully. I used Tacky Glue to anchor the wood cut-out to the binder.


  • Tall sarabinder™ (link)
  • 5 Envelopes pack for Tall sarabinder™ (link)
  • Heritage Paper Pack (link)
  • Lace Set (link)
  • Wood Flourish cut-out (link)
  • Tacky glue (link)
  • Corner Chomper (link)
  • Metallic Copper StazOn ink pad (link)
  • Zots™ adhesive dots (link)
  • Black pen or computer printer
  • Font: Sudestada


  1. Ink the outside of the binder with copper ink and let dry. Cut a 4 3/4"x7” brown/red flowers and flourishes paper. Cut a 3/4"x7” striped paper strip and glue even with the left edge. Round the upper and lower right corners with the Corner Chomper. Glue the paper centered on the front of the inked binder. Ink the flourish wood cut-out with copper ink and let dry. Write or computer print “Notes” on tan textured paper (from the bordered sheet) and trim into a tag shape. Mat on brown patterned paper leaving a 1/16” border. Ink edges with copper ink.
  2. Trim lace to fit along the left edge of the striped paper and glue in place. Glue lace rosettes across the bottom edge as shown. Place the inked wood flourish on the front of the binder, so it is angled diagonally across the binder. Place the tag beneath one of the leaves and glue the tag in place. Glue the flourish in place with Tacky Glue. Cut single flowers and clusters of 3 flowers from lace and Zot the flowers to the wood flourish as shown. Zot additional lace and ribbon bow over the base of the wood flourish.
  3. For the envelope insert: Ink the envelope flap and envelope edges with copper ink and let dry. Cut a 1 3/4"x7” strip of brown/red flowers and flourishes paper and ink the edges copper. Glue to the envelope between the holes at the side and the envelope slit. Ink the edges of a 1”x7” strip of striped paper with copper ink. Glue centered over the brown/red flowers and flourishes paper. Add lace even with the left edge of the striped paper. Write or computer print “great ideas” on tan textured paper, trim into a tag shape, then mat on brown patterned paper. Ink edges copper and glue angled at the top of the envelope as shown. Zot ribbon near tag.

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