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Best Friends Page — By: Ann Bernklau


  • Card Greetings & Sentiments CD (link)
  • Bohemian Sarapapers (link)
  • Brown inkpad (link)
  • Foam tape (link)
  • 3mm pink crystals (link)
  • Tacky Glue (link)
  • Pretty Creative Kit (link)
  • White cardstock
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Font: Complete In Him

Designer Tip: Lift some of the tags and embellishments on foam tape to add more dimension.


  1. Use the blue/pink swirl corner paper for the background, with the embellished corner on the top left.
  2. Mat two 6”x4” photos onto white cardstock, leaving a 1/8” border. Glue the first photo 1 ¼” from the top and 1” from the right. Glue the second photo 2 ½” from the right and ¾” from the bottom.
  3. From the Card Greetings & Sentiments CD, print page 6 of the Bonus Art. Cut out the tags and elements that are shown on the page. Foam tape 2 small flower squares along the top right of the top photo and foam tape 3 along the top of the bottom photo. Write names/captions on 4 tags. Add a blue mini brad to 2 of them and pink crystal to the other 2. Foam tape or glue them along the bottom of the top photo as shown.
  4. Glue a pink square tilted on its side, overlapping the top photo, 2” from the top and 3 ½” from the left. Glue a blue flower mini Brad Buddie™ in the center of the square with Tacky Glue, and glue a pink crystal in the center.
  5. Print out page 6 under All Occasions/Friendship. Cut around both color greetings and ink the edges using a cosmetic sponge and brown inkpad. Mat both separately onto pink circles paper, leaving a 1/8” border and ink the edges. Glue “Best Friends” ¼” from the right and bottom. Glue the other greeting 3” from the left and 4” from the top.
  6. Glue a tan floral square tilted on its side 2” from the left and bottom. Insert a blue mini brad into a pink flower mini Brad Buddie™ and glue to the square with Tacky Glue.
  7. Glue a blue fabric flower 1 ½” from the left and 5” from the top. Glue a pink flower mini Brad Buddie™ and a pink crystal to the center of the flower. Insert a pink mini brad into a small light green fabric flower and glue just underneath the blue flower.
  8. Glue a pink fabric flower 1 ½” from the right and 3 ½” from the bottom. Glue a blue flower mini Brad Buddie™ and pink crystal in the center.

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