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Our Engagement Page — By: Lodell Halvorson

Lodell Halvorson

Designer Tips: Layer ribbons & bows for a unique twist.



  1. Use the green/pink swirl paper for the background. Cut a strip of the block/checkered paper 12”x1 3/8” and glue to the page 1/2” from the top. Place Dazzle borders along the top and bottom of the strip.
  2. Mat a 5”x7” photo with brown cardstock with 1/8” borders on the top/bottom/right sides. Glue to the page below the border. Mat a 3 1/2”x5” photo on brown cardstock with 1/8” borders on the left/right/top sides and glue to the page 3” from the right.
  3. Back a butterfly Dazzle border with blue dot paper and glue to the left of the smaller photo. Back the butterfly/clock Dazzle with three different papers and glue to the right of the smaller photo. Back the swirl banner Dazzle with light paper and place “Special” in the center. Glue to the right of the large photo centered in the space.
  4. Place “Moment Frozen In Time” Dazzles vertically along the right edge of the large photo with a heart between each word. Place “Live Laugh Love” in the space under the large photo. Place corner Dazzles in the two bottom corners, and a swirl Dazzle and hearts on the right edge as shown.
  5. Cut the lightest paper to 4”x2” and glue under the “Live Laugh Love”. Print journaling and “Our Engagement” on vellum. Cut journaling to 3 3/4”x1 1/2” and glue over the light paper. Cut “Engagement” letters apart and glue centered over the rectangles in the border at the top of the page. Glue “Our” sideways in the far left space.
  6. Tie a pink bow. Cut two strips of brown ribbon and place the bow on top. Tie the green mesh ribbon around all three and tie a bow. Trim the ends and Zot bow to the page under the “Special” banner.

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