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Qualities of a Nature Girl Page — By: LeNae Gerig


Left Page

  1. Place the border of the Floral Women on the left. Secure a gold metal flower with a mini brad in the hair of the women in the center of the border. Adhere a small Dazzle™ Medallion below and on the sleeve.
  2. Cut a 4 5/8” x 10 ½” purple pansy paper rectangle and tear the bottom edge at an angle. Glue 3” from the left and 1 ¼” from the top. Adhere a Stitched Blossom border across the pansy paper and use gold thread to stitch a French knot at the center of each.
  3. Mat a 5”x7” photo with blue glitter paper, leaving a ¼” wide border. Glue the photo to overlap the purple paper. Adhere a large Dazzle™ Medallion on the right middle edge of the photo. Foam tape a cut-out flower to the center of the large Medallion.
  4. Cut 2 photos into a 2” and 3” circle and glue and foam tape to the edge of the large photo as shown. Adhere a smaller Dazzle™ at the upper right and a small Stitched flower. Stitch the flower with gold thread.
  5. Cut a 1 ½” x 9” vellum strip and write “Nature Girl” over the strip. Secure over the bottom of the 5”x7” photo using gold mini brads (TIP: place printed journaling under vellum and trace with a pen for perfect journaling every time!) Write on a tag and secure to the right of the vellum strip.

Right Page

  1. Secure 2 gold flowers with gold mini brads over flowers in the hair of the girl in the lower right corner. Cut 9” x 1 ½” strips of both pansy and dot vellum papers. Tear on the end at an angle. Glue the pansy strip 1 ½” from the left and 1” from the top. Place the vellum strip, slightly to the right and ¼” below the first strip. Secure the vellum with mini brads.
  2. Mat a 4”x6” photo with blue cardstock, leaving a 1/16” wide border and a 4”x5” photo with glitter paper, leaving a ¼” border. Glue the first photo 1 ½” from the left and from the bottom. Overlap the second photo 1 ½” from the top, overlapping the strips.
  3. Adhere a large medallion to the right of the background paper girl and foam tape a 3” wide circle overlapping the Dazzle™ and 4”x6” photo. Foam tape a cut-out flower at the center of the Dazzle™. Adhere swirl Dazzles™ at the top and bottom of the 4”x6” photo with a stitched flower border between. Sew French knots on each flower. Add a small stitched flower and butterfly to the page and sew with gold thread.
  4. Write on white cardstock and cut into strips. In the edges and glue among the photos as shown.

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