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Our Wedding Day — By Susan Cobb

Designer Tip: Add subtle color to your sheer flowers—with chalk! Susan used pink chalk on the small white flowers to add a blush of color. She chalked around the edges of the petals, concentrating on the tips and layered them with other chalked and un-chalked flowers. The effect is gorgeous!


Left Page

  1. Mat photos on green, then white cardstock, leaving a thin border on each. Tie a ribbon vertically around the left side of a large vertical photo, then glue the photo to the right side of the floral background paper. Tip: Wrap the ribbon around the photo, then tie a bow around the ribbon with another piece of ribbon. Glue the square photo to the left of the large one.
  2. Write names and the date on the background paper, beneath the large photo. Write or computer print "Our Wedding Day" on the center of the pink label cut-out, then glue beneath the square photo. Attach a white brad at each corner. Insert three white brads in the lower left corner of the page.
  3. Chalk the edges, the petal tips and the embossed areas of a large white flower. Chalk a white mini flower entirely. Layer the two flowers over an extra large white flower and attach to the page with a white mini brad. Ink the edges of the background paper.

Right Page

  1. Mat photos on green, then white cardstock, leaving a thin border on each. Tie a ribbon horizontally across the bottom of a large horizontal photo. Glue the photo to the upper left portion of the page. Glue smaller photos below and to the right side of the large photo.
  2. Journal on white cardstock, then mat on green, then white cardstock. Attach beneath the smaller photos. Attach 3 white brads, evenly spaced between the two small photos as shown. Tie a 3" length of knotted ribbon and glue across lower right corner of the background paper.
  3. Chalk a small flower entirely, then layer over a medium-sized white flower and attach to the background paper with a white mini brad. 

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