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Drew — By: Paris Dukes


Designer Tip: Paris turned this masculine layout into a pseudo-time capsule by journaling Drew's favorite classes, activities and friends. Try using your own journaling to preserve all the current details in your life or in the lives of your family and friends–you'll love looking back on all the signs of the times for years to come!


  1. Use one sheet of teal/brown stripe paper as the background, turning the paper so the stripes run vertically. Ink the edges of a 5 3/4"x11" piece of brown textured paper, then glue vertically, even with the right edge of the page and centered between the top and bottom edges.
  2. Mat a vertical 5"x7" photo on teal textured paper, trimming the top, right and bottom edges of the mat to 3/16" and trimming the left edge of the mat to 1 1/2". Ink the edges of the mat and glue 1" from the left edge and 2" from the top edge of the page. Add two brown big brads to the large left edge of the photo mat, leaving about 3 1/4" of space between the brads. Cut a long length of ivory embroidery floss. Wrap the floss continuously between the two big brads, wrapping it around the top of the prongs, just under the tops of the brads, then knot the tails together.
  3. Run a 13" length of brown sheer ribbon across the page, about 1" from the bottom edge, wrapping the ends around the edges of the page to secure on the back. Use alphabet stamps and brown ink to stamp the name on the teal/brown label. Glue the label overlapping the ribbon length, about 2" from the left edge of the page. Run ivory embroidery floss through the holes on two small brown buttons, knotting the tails on the back of the buttons. Use Glue Dots™ to secure one button over each end of the label.
  4. Use the template to create three middle-sized file folders out of teal textured paper. Ink the edges of the folders brown. Cut brown stripes from the remaining sheet of teal/brown stripe paper and glue one across the front of each file folder, trimming the ends even with the edges of the folders. Fold the folders into shape and glue the them evenly spaced to the right of the photo, overlapping the brown textured paper piece. Run ivory embroidery floss through the holes on two large brown buttons and one medium brown button, knotting the tails on the back side. Use Glue Dots™ to secure one button over the left end of the brown stripe on each file folder. Computer journal things like favorite classes, activities and friends onto white cardstock, crop to about 3" wide and ink the edges. Glue one piece of journaling at an angle inside each of the file folders.

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