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Together Page — By: LeNae Gerig


Designer Tip: The Tim Holtz masks have an adhesive on the back that keeps them in place and are easily removed from paper. When spraying mist, spray from a distance to get a light mist of color. Repeat for second color. Don’t get paper “wet” or it will warp. Make sure to shake the mist bottles before spraying to stir the metallic paint from the bottom of the bottle.


  1. Cut the pink stripe paper into 11 ½”x12”. Place the paper on newspaper to protect your work surface. Arrange the “Family” letters at the upper left corner, about 2” from the top of the page. Mist over the letters using Starfish and Meadow green mists. Let dry. Remove the stencils and wipe clean.
  2. Stamp the top edge of the striped paper using the lace border stamp. Glue the paper to a 12” square of white cardstock, leaving a ¼” border at the top and bottom edge. Evenly space and secure lightly sanded mint green brads across the lace border.
  3. Tear the top edge of a 4 ½”x12" green rose paper. Use your finger tips to roll the torn edge over and apply brown ink. Glue the paper ¼” from the bottom edge of the pink stripe paper, leaving the top, torn edge free of glue and tuck photos behind the tear. Glue the border cut-out near the bottom edge of the green rose paper. Foam tape the dated tag cut out over the border.
  4. Spray the “Together” cut-out and 2 large and 2 small flowers with Starfish and Purple Pansy mist. Spray the chipboard resist flowers and leaves with Starfish and Meadow green mist. Let dry and drag the surface of the silver inkpad over the surface of each flower. Glue the “together” cut-out below the torn paper edge. Glue the paper flowers and chipboard pieces in groups as shown.
  5. Stamp the clock and teacup image onto green striped paper, cut out and glue tucked among the roses.

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