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Nat's First Day of School — By: Susan Cobb


Designer Tip: Wondering how to journal your child’s first day of school memories? Susan interviewed Natalie and incorporated all of her personal impressions into the journaling. Do this every year to see how your child’s views change over time!


  1. Use the crinkled red & brown with border paper as the background, placing the border on the left side. Mat the photo on yellow lined paper, with the lines running vertically, and trim the mat to 1/4”. Mat again on solid black, trimming the mat to 1/16”. Secure the photo centered on the crinkled & brown portion of the background paper.
  2. Cut the black ruler border from the artwork and cut it in half. Mat each half on yellow lined paper, trimming the mats to 1/16”. Add the ruler halves to the page, overlapping the top corners of the photo and criss-crossing each other at the top, as shown. Add one pewter brad where the rulers overlap each top corner of the photo, and one where they criss-cross each other. Cut out the “first day of school” artwork and mat it on yellow lined paper, then trim the mat to 1/16”. Attach the matted artwork across the ruler halves above the photo with foam mounting tape.
  3. Cut out the alphabet tiles to spell the name and adhere at varying angles in the upper left portion of the page, as shown, with foam mounting tape. Cut out the schoolhouse tag from the artwork and glue it at an angle over the ruler border on the background paper with a glue stick. Add a pewter brad to the top of the tag. Cut out a number tile representing the grade and attach it over the right edge of the tag with foam mounting tape.
  4. Computer journal onto yellow lined paper. Cut the journaling into small blocks and mat them together on one piece of solid black paper, leaving a consistent border between each of the journaling blocks. Using a glue stick, glue the matted journaling blocks to the bottom of the page below the photo.
  5. Computer journal the name of the school, the year, the word “grade” and the child’s name with the word “notes” onto yellow lined paper. Cut out all of the journaling and mat on solid black paper, trimming the mats to 1/16”. Attach the name of the school and the year to the right side of the photo with a glue stick. Use foam mounting tape to adhere the “notes” journaling vertically along the side of the matted journaling blocks. Secure the word “grade” to the schoolhouse tag above the number tile with foam mounting tape.

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