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Christmas Tree Shopping page — By: Ann Bernklau

Ann Bernklau


  • Christmas Splendor Paper Pack (link)
  • Christmas Pockets Template (link)
  • Happy Christmas Scrapbooking Dazzles™ (link)
  • Marta Multi-Shaper II Punch (link)
  • Christmas Splendor ribbons (link)
  • 1/8” hole punch (link)
  • Fine tip black pen (link)
  • White 12”x12”paper (not cardstock)


  1. Start with green corner swirls paper with the swirls on the top left and bottom right. Trim a 12”x2” strip of white paper. Use the Marta Multi-Shaper II Punch to create a border. Glue the strip to the bottom of the green paper as shown.
  2. Use the square guide on the Marta Multi-Shaper punch to make 2 squares. Cut out 3 small photos (about 3”x3”) and mat onto the ivory ornaments paper, making a 1/16” border. Mat again onto red/gold swirls paper, making a 1/4” border. Arrange the three photos across the top of the page, letting them overlap slightly. Place one white punched square behind the top left corner of the leftmost photo, and one behind the bottom right corner of the right photo. Glue white squares and all photos down.
  3. Use the Christmas Pockets template to make a Christmas tree out of red swirl and punch out 1/8” holes along the bottom of the tree (as seen on the template). Cut out star shape from ivory ornaments and glue to treetop. Trace just the pocket shape onto the back of teal pattern, cut out, and glue over the existing pocket to cover it. Cut out a ½”x1 ¾” strip of brown pattern for the tree trunk. Glue the trunk down onto the “snow bank,” 1” from the bottom and 2 ¼” from the left. Glue down the red tree and the ivory star. Repeat the tree-making process for the brown tree with ivory pocket and red trunk (trunk is ½”x2 ¼”). Glue trunk ¾” from the bottom and 5 ½” from the left. Glue down tree and star. Make a third tree from teal pattern with a striped pocket and brown tree trunk (trunk is ½”x2”). Glue down trunk ¾” from the bottom and 2 ¼” from the right. Glue down tree and star. With a fine tip black pen, carefully outline all the trees, stars, pockets, and trunks, keeping about 1/16” from the edges of the shapes.
  4. For the leftmost pocket, trace the ornament tag shape onto white paper and cut out. Write or print some journaling on the white ornament, then glue to multi-stripe paper. Trim around to create a 1/8” mat. Outline the white shape with a black pen. Punch a hole in the top, add brown sheer swirl ribbon, and slip into pocket. For the middle tree, cut out a photo of a “Christmas Trees” sign and glue inside pocket. For the right tree, cut out an ornament-shaped photo and mat onto brown pattern paper. Outline the photo with a black pen. Punch a hole in the top and add cream sheer swirl ribbon.
  5. Back the largest tree Dazzle™ with teal pattern, the medium with red/gold swirls, and the small with brown pattern. Trim the largest tree trunk to 1 ¾” long and glue the tree down, ½” from the bottom and 3 ½” from the right. Trim the red tree’s trunk to 1” and glue to page overlapping the teal tree, ¾” from the bottom and 2 ¾” from the right. Glue the brown tree on the left, ¼” from the left and ¾” from the bottom. Back the large Christmas presents Dazzles™ with red, teal, brown, and white paper as shown. Use white paper for the candy cane, then color every other strip red with a marker. Back holly leaves with white and color them green with a marker. Glue presents to page between the first and second trees, ¼” from the bottom and 2 ¾” from the left.
  6. Using the Christmas Pockets template cut out 5 holly leaves from teal pattern and 6 holly berries from red/gold swirl. Glue 3 leaves around the bottom right corner of the left photo. Glue down 3 red berries as shown. Glue 2 leaves above the top right corner of the right photo and add 3 berries. Drawn a fine black line down the center of all the leaves and around the leaves and the berries to help them stand out from the background.

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