What's a sarabook™?

It's an interactive journalesque gift book. If that sounds like a mouthful, I'll explain it this way: They're interactive, because each page has pockets, tags or charms. They're journalesque, meaning they're like a decorated journal with thoughts and inspiration on each page. And they're gift books, either for you or for a friend.

The Story of sarabooks™

It all began with a handmade gift from one friend to another.

Here's the story: The gift was a handmade book, decorated with specialty papers, direct-to-paper inking techniques and rubber stamps, then simply bound with luxurious fibers. But, as with all books, the treasure of this gift lay between the pages—for here were quotes, sayings and words of wisdom, all tucked into pockets, written on tags or cut apart and rearranged on the page.

When other people saw the book, they wanted to create one too. But how? Where were these hand-stamped papers, the specialty embellishments and the handmade vellum envelopes? Where could they find the words, quotes and sayings? And how could they put it all together?

Here's the rest of the story: One of the friends was Hot Off The Press President Paulette Jarvey. The other was Marketing Director Sara Naumann. And from the two came the idea of creating a product line of papers, quotes, fibers and blank books based on this single handmade gift book. Suddenly, the possibilities were endless.

About Sara

By day, she's the marketing director at Hot Off The Press. By night (and weekend, and any spare moment) she's a dedicated paper-crafter and self-described Paper Addict. From rubber stamping to collage, scrapbooking to card-making, altered books to handmade journals, Sara has a passion for paper. "I'm so excited to share the sarabook™ idea with you. Having the materials coordinated for you—like these incredible papers and quotes and fibers—makes creating a handmade gift book something you can easily do in a weekend."