Covering the Cover

Cut a piece of paper that's 1" wider and 1" longer than the matboard cover. Glue a blank cover centered to the back of the paper. Miter the corners: Fold each corner of the paper at a 45° angle onto the cover blank and glue in place. Fold in each side of the paper onto the cover blank and glue in place. Punch the holes with a 1/4" hole punch. Repeat for the back cover. Note: I've found a regular glue stick works best on covering pages.

Covering Pages

Apply the adhesive to the cardstock pages, putting the glue along each edge and around the holes. Place your paper on top, then trim the edges with a paper trimmer or X-acto® knife and ruler. Turn the page over and punch holes in the paper, following the guide of the holes on the page. Cover the reverse side with paper, trimming as before. Turn the page over and punch the holes.

Binding Your Book

Cut three 14" lengths of six different fibers. Place them in three groups, each pile having six different fibers. Gather one group and wrap a small piece of clear tape around the very end of the fiber group—this will make it easier for all those fuzzy fibers to fit through the series of holes. Start with the center hole, pulling the fibers through all the pages. Tie the fibers in a loose knot so the pages can turn easily. Repeat for the left and right holes. Tie the key onto one of the fibers.