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Written by asOrg02ywx on October 19, 2016:
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Written by Annette on January 4, 2014:
It was with a bittersweet heart that I received my last Class in a Box. Loved them all, thank you so very much. I am enrolled in at least three other clubs, so you will be "seeing" me around!
Written by Nancy on October 25, 2013:
Love the box and can't wait to get started on it. The snowflakes, however ... sell, it seems a little juvenile ... but I'll enjoy putting it together, anyway, as I just love crafting. I think I'll paint the clothes pins white before I begin, though. Mama always told me to avoid beige snow! ;) xx
Written by Annette on December 20, 2012:
Loved making the bags and have used them for gifts. The tree however, eludes me for some reason! I've tried making it but have too much trouble so have given up. The bags however, more than make up for this fact. So thank you, and have a very happy Holiday!
Written by Kelly Griffin on December 5, 2012:
Hi Paulette -- I've told you before that I've been a BIG fan of Paper Pizazz, Paper Wishes and HOTP for many years -- nearly 20 now! I started out with card-making, stamping mostly, with my daughter, then just 5 (she's a wife and mom now). I graduated to scrapbooking in 1998 when I went to France for 15 days and decided it was much too special a trip for a photo album. I'd admired scrapbooks a co-worker brought to work, and jumped into scrapbooking with my whole heart. Over the years, I've branched out to so many kinds of projects, that I simply identify myself as a "paper crafter" these days. All this to say that I look forward to receiving my monthly kids (three of them and counting!) like birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. I've never been disappointed by anything I've ever received in a kit, purchased in a store, at a convention or online. I told you once that your products, customer service and crafting approach is state of the art and I still feel that way today. This year I'm feeling especially grateful for what you do so well because I'm using so many Class In A Box kits I've set aside over the last three years and am joyfully turning them into Christmas gifts. I know my friends and loved ones will be pleased and amazed and will thank me profusely for thinking of them and will admire my creativity. But it's really you they should thank, because I have only taken what you have supplied me with and turned it into something wonderful with just them in mind. I often take an idea from you or your talented staff and "run with it" -- sometimes running so far that my husband asks, "how did you take that (your project) and end up with this??!" You are the inspiration for so many happy hours of paper crafting and the resulting smiling faces from family and friends. I hope I didn't ramble on too much, but I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate you and what you and your staff do, amd how deeply it touches me every day. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and yours. I pray you will have the most wonderful, blessed Christmas Season of all! Kelly Griffin
Written by Annette Siverson on July 17, 2012:
I made the small fan first and have actually been using it, it's been very hot here. The larger "fan" I made into an ornament for my craft room; and the little sewing tin came out so cute. Now, I have to decide who gets it (besides me of course!).
Written by Annette on June 28, 2012:
As usual, I loved this kit. So many different techniques and goodies! I love getting my kit every month. Keep them coming! And as I love templates, I finally broke down and joined the template club. Thank you for your wonderful products and instruction and inspirations. Annette
Written by Kathy Linthacum on June 5, 2012:
Written by Margie on May 4, 2012:
Haven't done it yet, but I want to get to that pinwheel for my dest to go with my flowers from last month. My dest is very cheerful and fun!
Written by Glenda Bardgett on April 3, 2012:
this kit was so much fun. my husband Nate said that the flowers were guy flowers and put them by his computer. I LOVED the box. I will make more. Thanks for a great kit.
Written by Jackie Brockett on March 1, 2012:
I loved the gift card Ideas! the paper for them was elegant and sturdy for the projects. Really great idea.
Written by Annette Siverson on September 26, 2011:
Loved getting the template. Thank you! Love making garlands and the ideas in the kit are wonderful. As to the pumpkins, adorable! Thank you, and keep up the good work! Annette
Written by Annette on August 22, 2011:
I just received my August kit but can tell that I will love the projects! The accordion Summer book, too cute. And a new template! Can't wait to play.
Written by Sandi on June 11, 2011:
This was my first class in a box and I loved it, good quality items, and darn it I did both of them today.:)
Written by Annette Siverson on May 12, 2011:
Loved this kit. Was thinking of making a round mini album when along came my kit! You read my mind LOL! Thank you, Annette
Written by Patricia Pickens on May 7, 2011:
Always something new and inspirational. Like getting a Christmas present every other month.