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For an elegant, cute or just plain fun accent, bows are a great way to add that finishing touch to a handmade project.

While the thought of bows may bring the simple shoestring bow image to mind, today there are a variety of modern ways to add bows to your personal paper-crafting pieces. Here are some of our favorite ways to create unique bows:

The Knot

Taking a long piece of ribbon, take one end and fold over one to two inches. Make a loop and pull the end through to create a knot toward the short end of the ribbon. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess ribbon and trim the ends as desired. Tip: Tying the knot at one end of a piece or spool of ribbon prevents you from wasting the ribbon. If you were to tie the knot in the center of a long piece, when you trimmed the ends off, you would create two smaller pieces of ribbon that may not be a size you can use. This way you keep one longer, intact piece of ribbon. When you cut the ribbon to a short piece before you tie it, often the piece is too short, making the tying very frustrating.

You can attach the knot quickly and easily by placing a Zot™ on the back of the knot, then attaching to a page, card or tag.

The Clip Knot

The knot is also perfect for creating an even more interesting page accent. You can easily add a knot to a heart, star or other shaped clip for a great embellishment. Simply thread the end of the ribbon through one loop of the clip, then wrap around the tie the knot. Trim the ends. You can slip the clip onto the edge of a photo mat or border or attach with a Zot™ behind the knot.

The Fold-Over

For a simple and quick accent, the fold-over is perfect. Simply take the end of a long piece of ribbon (this is also great for using small scraps of left-over ribbon) and fold down 1" to 1 1/2". Cut the long piece of ribbon to be even with the folded over end. Next insert a brad about a 1/4" from the fold, through both sections of ribbon. Trim the ends at an angle to finish the look. This is great for embellishing the end of a tag—simply put the brad through the top of the tag as well as the ribbon. You can also use this technique on the edge of a photo mat, journaling block or card quote for a unique accent.

The Loop

The loop is very similar to the fold-over method. You’ll take the end of a long piece of ribbon and fold down 1” to 1 1/2” and again cut the long piece of ribbon to be even with the folded end. Then, hold the ends together and insert a brad through both ends, thus creating a loop. You can also simply tuck the ends behind a photo mat or journaling block.

The Shoestring Bow

The traditional shoestring bow is always a welcome way to give a little something extra to a page or card.

To create this bow, simply take the end of the spool of ribbon and fold over, creating a loop.

Wrap the free end of the ribbon loosely around the center of the loop, then form a loop in the free end of the ribbon and push it through the center of the ribbon.

Pull the loops in opposite directions to tighten and trim the tail at an angle. Attach easily with a Zot™ behind the knot in the bow.