Slide Mounts

Slide mounts are wonderful little treasures—they can easily become a focal on a handmade card or an accent on a scrapbook page. Because they’re paper, you can stamp them, chalk them or cover them with paper.

Covering a Slide Mount with Paper

Step One: Put glue on one side of the slide mount and glue it to the white side (or back side) of your paper. Trim the paper even with all four sides.

Step Two: Place the slide mount with the paper side down on a cutting surface. Use an X-acto® knife to cut an “X” in the center from corner to corner. The “X” doesn’t have to be perfectly straight—it just needs to go from one corner to the other.

Step Three: After you cut the “X”, pull the triangles to the back of the slide mount and glue to the sides of the slide mount. Trim the excess paper from the edges of the slide mount.

Step Four: Turn the slide mount over and use as desired. Try framing a photo, journaling or a piece of paper art, adding a clip, brad, embossed charm or ribbon.

Circular Slide Mounts

Circular slide mounts make great embellishments—but sometimes covering them with paper can seem tricky. Just follow these steps for perfect covering and cutting tips!

Step One: Place glue on one side of the slide mount and place face down on the white or back side of your patterned paper. Use a pair of small, sharp scissors to cut around the outside edge of the slide mount, removing the excess paper. Trimming the excess is easier with scissors because of the slightly rounded corners, though you can use an X-acto® knife.

Step Two: For the center of the slide mount, there are two cutting methods:

  • Option one: Poke a hole in the middle of the paper with your knife or scissors. Starting from that hole, cut “V” shapes outward toward the edge of the circle, about every 1/8”. If you’re using a knife, you can cut it just like a pie or a pizza! Pull the cut pieces back and glue down.
  • Option two: Hold the slide mount on the bottom left corner with your left hand. Take your knife in your right hand and starting on the left inside edge, pull the knife blade against the center of the slide mount. Rather than lifting your knife, keep your knife in place and turn the slide mount with your left hand until you’ve cut the entire circle.

Either method should produce a great looking covered circular slide mount. For a clean look, rub your finger along the inside edge of the cut window.