Using Rub-Ons

Love the look of rub-ons? So do we—they look great, and they’re so easy to apply!

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a rub-on and cut it out from the sheet. Remove the liner sheet.
  2. Position the rub-on on your surface and hold it in place with one hand.
  3. Use the wooden stick included in the package to rub across the top of the rub-on to transfer it. Hold your craft stick at an angle when rubbing. The rub-on will become opaque as the ink transfers.
  4. Carefully lift one corner of the rub-on to make sure the pattern has transferred to the surface. If not, try rubbing with a little more pressure until the rub-on has transferred.
  5. Lift the rub-on sheet off and voila!

Don’t have a craft stick? Many manufacturers include one in the package, but if not (or if you misplace it) you can also use the handle of your scissors or a popsicle stick to transfer the rub-on.

Double Rub-Ons

Another fun look is what we call the “double rub-on”—first applying a pattern in either white or black, then adding a letter or image on top in a contrasting color. You might think the first rub-on would come off, but it doesn’t!

Using a Rub-On with Great Big Brads

You can also use rub-ons on metal, like 22mm Great Big Brads™. You’ll apply the rub-on exactly the same way you do when working with paper—except you’ll first insert your brad into your paper, and open the brad legs. If you don’t know where you want to put the brads on your page, you can insert the brad into a piece of scrap paper—or you could poke the brad into a piece of Styrofoam.

Black and White Rub-Ons

Rub-ons come in both black and white as well as colors. Black or dark-colored rub-ons stand out on white or light surfaces. White or lightly-colored rub-ons can be used on any color surface except white or very pale colors. Follow this guideline if you want the rub-on design to stand out—but don’t forget that a tone-on-tone effect of a light rub-on on a light surface can also be a beautiful accent!