Using Zots™

When it comes to adhesive, every paper crafter has her favorite. But a single type of adhesive won't work for everything. Ever tried to adhere a small bead using a glue stick? It can be a frustrating and downright sticky situation. Thankfully we have Zots™ to make our lives easier!

What are Zots™?

Zots™ are acid-free, double-sided, super-sticky adhesive dots that come in all different size. They’re great for attaching anything from small piece of paper to ribbon, metal embellishments and more. They hold just about anything and they're not messy—and you don't have to wait around for glue to dry!

How are Zots™ Used?

Zots™ come in a box, on a roll of liner paper to keep them from sticking together. To use them, you simply unroll the liner to expose the Zots™. Press the back of the item you want to adhere against a Zot™ and peel away from the liner. Press the item into place on your project and voila!

You can also use your fingers to remove the Zot™ from the liner and add it to the spot you desire. But beware: These little dots are very sticky!

Smaller than a Zot™

Need just a tiny piece of Zot™? Use your X-acto® knife to cut off just a small portion of a Zot™ (only what you need) and adhere it to your object, or roll a Zot™ into a little ball to shrink its size for tiny objects or to give an item a little dimension.