Creating a Focal Point

Each card needs a focal point—it’s the part of the card that catches the recipient’s eye first.

The focal point is often an image or an embellishment, like a cut-out or stamped sentiment, a silk flower or a metal embellishment. It’s sometimes (but not always) the largest or brightest element on the card.

The focal point can be placed in the center of the card, or off-set to one side. Smaller embellishments, like a shaped brad or mini Brad Buddy™, are best placed in the center so they attract attention. Larger elements, like a silk flower or Instant Card Art die-cut, can be placed toward the top, bottom or either side of the card and still catch the viewer’s eye because of their size.

And while many focal points consist of one image or embellishment, you can also group an uneven number of smaller accents together to create a single focal. Choose 3, 5 or (if the items are small or you have a large card) 7—the uneven number is a graphic design element that works beautifully in cardmaking. Group the items close together or even overlapping so they easily create a single unit. The items don’t have to be the same…you could combine a small tag with a silk flower and a brad.

A focal point can also be a technique, like a unique flap or closure, or a window cut in the card front. And sometimes a focal point isn’t even an element of the card, it’s the shape of the card itself!