Customer comments

Written by Cyndee Evans on October 11, 2018:
I am really sorry that you are discontinuing this monthly kit. I wish you could have completed the entire year. Thanks for all the beautiful cards.
Written by Peggy Stewart on October 6, 2018:
Just did my final cardmaking kit. I am so sorry that you're ending them. I always looked forward to see what cards would be coming to me each month. I will miss making your cards.
Written by Millie Lutz on August 29, 2018:
This my second comment but I just had to say that I love this months kit ! It is so much fun and some beautiful cards . I love the envelope artwork. Thanks again
Written by Millie Lutz on August 19, 2018:
Loved all the really nice embellishments this month!!!
Written by Karen on August 14, 2018:
Loved having the beautiful basics papers this month, and part of an artful card kit last month, it allows for so much more versatility! Great job as always!! PS I was disappointed that I couldn't get the members only special listed on the last two kits.
Written by Diana Runnion on July 17, 2018:
So saddened that the card making kits are no longer going to be available. Family, friends, and neighbors are going to be disappointed because they will not be getting your beautiful cards any longer. I make a lot of your cards to the Cards for Soldiers program, Cards for Hospitalized Kids and several seniors centers. Your card making kits not only provided beautiful cards for them but your designers provided lots of inspiration for A2 size cards for them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to order multiple “newly found” prior years kits. Tried to order many from the newsletter offer but got the message that they would not be available until later in July. Will truly miss these kits.
Written by Karen on July 17, 2018:
I love the partial artful cars kit included in last month & this month!! It allowed much more versatility! while I love you ideas, it also allowed me to use some of mine! Great job Paper Wishes!!!
Written by Elaina G Herring on May 26, 2018:
I'm looking forward to future kits!!!
Written by Jackie Garlitz on May 17, 2018:
I love that new sparkly shiney ribbon. I've seen it in silver, gold and now brown. Hope we can buy it in lots of colors.
Written by Theresa Brown on April 6, 2018:
I just joined the card makers club in January and am having so much fun with it! I love the variety and the clear, complete instructions as well as receiving exactly what I need to complete each project. Keep up the great work! :)
Written by Diana Runnion on April 3, 2018:
Appreciated that most of the cutting could be done with my trimmer. Fingers no longer like fussy cutting.
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on February 5, 2018:
Frosty Greetings from Minnesota to all crafters! My personal fav is the shaker card designed by Susan Cobb. I love the color palette and a simplified version of a shaker card, for those of us whom, are new to this technique. Thanks Susan!
Written by Ann on December 25, 2017:
Great kit. I loved the mailbox valentine. I used it for a friend retiring from the Postal Service.
Written by Lillian on December 22, 2017:
Enjoyed your Card making kits in the past. I like the variety of materials included with ideas & instructions.
Written by Lanette on November 18, 2017:
Love the completeness of the kit. Everything in one place.
Written by Sonia on October 31, 2017:
I love the kits, I learn new ways to do cards and its just great
Written by Jackie Garlitz on October 21, 2017:
I made the "For You" card and used the Gemstone 28 Lilac Lane buttons and pearls to decorate it. Really enhanced the colors of the card.
Written by Christine on September 20, 2017:
I received my September kit in the mail today and I am so excited to start crafting! I'm learning a lot about putting cards together from these kits! I am really enjoying the monthly kits.
Written by Leslie Averill on September 17, 2017:
this is by far the best kit ever. I loved every single card!! Gorgeous is all I can say!!
Written by Peggy on August 18, 2017:
I just received my August box and I have finished all the cards provided, and had enough left over to make 7 additional cards from the scraps from the kit. The best kit ever. I love it and look forward to the next box. Thank you for providing such an excellent service at such a great price. I make a lot of cards on my own, but this is an extra boost to what I already do. Thanks again.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on August 17, 2017:
I love the paper used for the Christmas card. I am hoping you will have this available for sale for the holidays. The pink and gray combo is gorgeous.
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on July 15, 2017:
Happy card crafting, everyone! The shaped, birthday and holiday cards are my top likes. These are quick to create! Thanks!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on July 5, 2017:
Summery greetings to all! What I find invaluable are the card layouts/ cutting patterns, depicted in the far right section on the page! This insures beautifull cards every time. Thank-you!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on June 17, 2017:
Summery Breezy Greetings to all! My favs are the "vintage telephone" card and the "vintage canning jar" card! Too sweet!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on June 16, 2017:
Summery crafty greetings to all! Unique cards every time! I'm using the "crown" card for my mother whom is a "Queen" to me! The July 4th card is festive and could be used as an invitation for a fun picnic! Thanks!
Written by Tamara on May 31, 2017:
Thanks for all the wonderful stuff every month!!!
Written by Leigh Ann Allen on May 23, 2017:
I loved this months kit, as usual. I always love the project book and the blank tags so that I can make the cards work for the occasions I need. I also love that the ideas get me started and then I can add my own touches from there. Always great products and great inspiration.
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on April 20, 2017:
Talk about new and fresh ideas all being in this delightful cardmakers kit! My fav being the Happy Birthday hula girl card and the Christmas pink flamingo card. Tres chic!
Written by Toni Kelly on March 25, 2017:
This is my favorite kit. I like the variety of styles included. And the tissue wrapping is so classy!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on March 16, 2017:
Warm "Springgy" Greetings to all! I have been away but now, I am back to "feast" upon the delectable March Cardmakers' Personal Shopper kit with more to follow! Both the classic and novel card styles "WOW" me!
Written by Areta Schock on February 16, 2017:
As I did not have any use for the"to the new couple card" I turned it into a Valentine card by using the heart triple easel.
Written by pat on February 4, 2017:
you have very unique ideas. We could use another shaped card cd
Written by Catherine Cadle on February 1, 2017:
I just love this kit. Highly addictive.This kit make my day
Written by Diana Payne on November 23, 2016:
Thanks for all you do to inspire creativity!
Written by Jacqueline on November 19, 2016:
Happy Holiday Crafting to all! What a shimmery surprise to find foiled paper tole to enhance many of the festive cards! My fav being the fun mustached birthday pooch! I'm enjoying creating the sparkly Christmas cards, too! These designs are more lovely and lavish than mass produced cards! On behalf of all of us, "Thanks so much!"
Written by Melissa Carlin on November 15, 2016:
This was my first month back as a Paper Wishes personal shopper card subber. I really, REALLY enjoy making the cards as all the work and thinking has, for the most part been done for me.
Written by Sue G on November 10, 2016:
Do you have card kits for kids? It would need to be a little more basic than these kits.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Kids love the Feminine and Masculine Die-Cut Booklets #5109923 or any of the beautiful Artful Card Kits we have available online at
Written by Jacqueline on November 8, 2016:
Happy Holiday Crafting to all! The reason I joined this delight-filled club is that I keep current with new cardmaking ideas and projects! Also, the newsletter speaks right from the heart to all of us! Lastly, the variety and uniqueness in every card design makes it so appealing to me.
Written by pat on November 4, 2016:
worth waiting for even tho it was hard as we are still little kids when it comes to surprises and each kit is a surprise
Written by Jackie Garlitz on October 24, 2016:
Will we be getting the October Card kit soon?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
We were short one important piece that we could not substitute in the October Cardmaking kits. We will be shipping them this week. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
Written by Lori on October 22, 2016:
I didn't get my October kit.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
I'm so sorry, but we have not shipped the October Cardmaking kits yet. We are short one important piece that we could not substitute. They should be shipping this week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Written by Fern on October 10, 2016:
I loved the September kit from first glance. I cut out all the different parts and made all ten cards in one weekend. Now I am anxiously awaiting the October kit. Thanks.
Written by pat donalson on August 28, 2016:
another great kit, You seriously need to think about another shaped card cd. I use the first one all the time
Written by Elizabeth Gibbons on August 12, 2016:
I loved the card selection this month. Especially the back to school pocket card. My son is going into high school this year so I thought I'd suprise him and tuck a little vending machine money in there. Thank you for a great kit. I couldn't be happier.
Written by Beth Gibbons on August 10, 2016:
I look forward every month to my little box of fun. I love learning new ways to use paper and embellishments with all the cards. Paper crafting is my happy place and you take me there month after month. Thank you so much for all the your hard work and keep up all the wonderful ideas.
Written by Linda on June 21, 2016:
I really loved the foil die-cuts. I am really into flowers and butterflies it would seem. I am planning to order the FOR MEMBERS ONLY selection this month, simply because it has butterflies. I would love to see more roses. But I really love what you do have. --Linda.
Written by Margaret Malone on June 17, 2016:
I've been a member for many years, but I believe this is the best kit. It's great. The die cuts are beautiful. Suggestion: Less sympathy cards and some children cards.
Written by Judith Miller on June 15, 2016:
I loved the "Just FUR You" card. I would like to make more of the Wobble Head cards. Also the Balloon card Is fantastic. Every time I look at it the balloon looks different because of the angle.
Written by LOIS WILLIAMS on May 23, 2016:
Written by Gloria on May 6, 2016:
I love everything about Paperwishes. There's nothing that could be better:)
Written by Melissa Hiscocks on May 5, 2016:
So Excited to get my first card makers kit and it all looks beautiful. Now to find some time to make cards !
Written by pat on April 26, 2016:
I make all the birthday cards for the retirememt home I live in. We have many men here so this kit works really well,
Written by Karen Peterson on April 19, 2016:
What beautiful cards, as always! And more cards that can be made for boys/men. Thank you!
Written by Leslie Averill on April 14, 2016:
I love the March kit. I have seen other kits from other companies offered and none compare with what you put out. Your company and products are awesome. I have been a member on and off of the card kit since around 2006 and I love everything about Paper Wishes. Thank you so much for your commitment to all of us scrapbookers and cardmakers. Leslie Averill
Written by Robin Scouten on March 2, 2016:
This is only my second kit and I love it. I wish I had found out about these so much earlier.
Written by Leslie Averill on February 28, 2016:
I loved the kits. The cards were absolutely gorgeous
Written by Beth Ann on February 27, 2016:
I enjoy the kits every month and watch when the mail comes!! Love the kits and I use the extras on my own designs!!!!
Written by pat on February 21, 2016:
As usual a great kit.
Written by Karen on February 17, 2016:
This months kit was one of my favorites. I loved all the variety and the for members only deals
Written by Robyn Turnbull on February 14, 2016:
Written by Leann S. on January 23, 2016:
I really like the variety of papers this month..everything is great ..each month is different than the last and so fresh..enjoy making each card!!!
Written by Leann S. on December 27, 2015:
I really liked the variety of both papers and seasonal cards in this month's kit...I have a few birthday's coming up and the cards in this kit will be a big hit..thanks so much
Written by Leann S. on November 30, 2015:
I'm always happy to receive my monthly kits..They are such a surprise when I open them..have to dig in and play!!!
Written by Adrienne on November 7, 2015:
I love the directions. I am not good at designing my own cards, so this is fabulous.
Written by Leann S. on October 21, 2015:
I am so thankful for my shopper kit...I especially liked the cute Christmas Owl and other one of my favorites is the "Love is the best thing"...Thanks so much!!!!
Written by Jenny Pike on October 16, 2015:
Loved everything
Written by Sharon on October 8, 2015:
I am a first time cardmaker member and I feel that I am getting hooked on it! Wow! I find the instructions easy to follow and the cards just beautiful.
Written by Judi Edder on August 19, 2015:
What a great kit this month. I really love the Halloween card. These kits just keep getting better. Thank you.
Written by Judy on July 31, 2015:
This was an especially nice kit.
Written by Dawn on June 14, 2015:
I loved the hog, deer, and fox cards. So cute!
Written by Rose on June 11, 2015:
I have been getting the kits for a while now. I absolutely love my present every month! Even if it is not a card I would make again, the techniques learned are very helpful.
Written by pat on May 27, 2015:
the sympathy card came in handy as one of the workers here lost his wife. Love the various ideas you all have
Written by pat d on May 8, 2015:
as always loved the kit. I made the thinking of you card for a 97 old friend who had to move to nursing home
Written by Ann Powell on April 14, 2015:
The cards this month were especially nice.
Written by RJ on April 8, 2015:
Everything is very organized to find in my box so I can work on making the cards efficiently in a timely manner without trying to waste time finding items. I love the cards, they are all so unique and I get alot of compliments for the cards when I give them out as gifts. :)
Written by Leann S on March 28, 2015:
I was happy to see the different themes in this month's kit....I'm moving soon so this kit will be my last one until I get set up in my new home...I have loved all the kits I've received ...will look forward to the same quality as always soon
Written by Roxanne on March 19, 2015:
very nice this month fun and full of new ideas
Written by Jenny Pike on March 16, 2015:
very easy and loved everything I made.
Written by pat on March 11, 2015:
love the kit especially the fox
Written by Dorothy Hull on February 20, 2015:
I look forward every month to receiving my card making kits. I mail cards for my church for Birthdays, illness, anniversaries, etc. The kits help me with all the necessary supplies to make these cards. My recipients love receiving them.
Written by Leann S on January 30, 2015:
Just love the different themes in this kit...I think the designers are geniuses. Wish I could live in their heads and enjoy the view
Written by pat donalson on January 27, 2015:
I am never disappointed in many clever ideas for your kits - keep them coming
Written by Roxanne on January 20, 2015:
I love that you have a man or boy card in kit great for birthdays,lovely papers.cannot wait for next months kit
Written by Patricia Huntsman on January 11, 2015:
This was my first kit and I loved it.
Written by Coleen Lougee on January 7, 2015:
I would like to say that I have been receiving your kits for many years. I love most of them. My only complaint is the amount of get well and sympathy cards. I would like to see more anniversary, men's birthday and just regular birthday cards. Not so many get well and sympathy. Other than this, I love your kits. Hope to keep them coming
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
I will make sure your suggestion is brought up at our next Personal Shopper meeting. Thank you so much for taking time to comment. We truly appreciate customer input!
Written by pat donalson on December 24, 2014:
another great kit - loved the whale
Written by Janet Jackson on December 20, 2014:
I have gotten the card kit for several years and never write and tell you how much I love them! People are always impressed with the cards and since I had surgery a week ago, I am enjoying getting caught up on some that I haven't made yet :) Making the cards is very relaxing for me -- Thanks!
Written by mary frederick on December 19, 2014:
I really enjoyed all of the cards and papers this month. Hope you do more of this kind. Love getting the shopper every month, it's like getting Christmas gift.
Written by Leann Shnayer on December 16, 2014:
I love the variety of themes in this months favorite was the whale card, who but HOTP would find a clever use for a balloon. Keep the wonderful kits filled with goodies coming...I always look forward to the kits each month...Thank you HOTP!!
Written by pat donalson on November 26, 2014:
love it, as always. Wish you get an assorted greetings stamp set with Thanksgiving, Easter etc on it. Save having to print it out for multiple cards
Written by Linda on November 18, 2014:
Really enjoyed this months kit, especially the holiday cards. Do love your stuff.
Written by Tami Davis on November 3, 2014:
This was my first kit and I loved it. I learned so much about making cards. I cant wait for the next kit.
Written by Leann Shnayer on October 17, 2014:
I just love the variety of card themes I receive each month....This time I am impressed with all the extras...keep up the good work
Written by Katherine Clark on September 25, 2014:
My favorite thing in the kit was the crochet yellow trim. I also really liked the birthday card with the big silk flower.
Written by Leann Shnayer on September 24, 2014:
I was thrilled to see two shaped cards this month...I enjoy those types they make fun cards for family and friends...Keep sending great innovating kits and I'll keep buying...Thanks
Written by pat on September 19, 2014:
another great kit. Loved the penquin as my director loves them and will make a great Xmas card
Written by Christy Wilson on September 3, 2014:
This was my first Cardmaker's Kit and I really enjoyed making all of the cards. Such clever ideas.....looking forward to next month's kit. Thank you!
Written by pat on August 23, 2014:
your take what you need was the perfect card for my friend who has cancer - she cried. Thanks for all the good cards
Written by Judi Edder on August 17, 2014:
I really like the cards in this kit. I hope you offer the brown Christmas tree paper in larger amounts. Its beautiful. I liked the tips in the instruction sheet. Thanks, Gail, for the one to keep ribbon from fraying. I can't wait to see September's kit.
Written by Leann Shnayer on July 25, 2014:
I'm always so surprised each month with the different themes included in the kit. I've yet to find two cards the same. I am enjoying all the creativity the designers come up with. Thanks!!!!
Written by Pam on July 17, 2014:
I love the Personal Shopper card making kits. I've ordered almost all of the back kits. They are so beautiful. Fun to make. You can add your own touches or just follow the instructions.
Written by pat donalson on June 24, 2014:
another winner. I had to make a birthday card for a gal who will be 102 so one of them was perfect for her
Written by Judi Edder on June 23, 2014:
I am having so much fun with this kit. The cards are so adorable when finished. I love the flower pot full of pansies. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to keep that one for myself. Its so lovely. Thank you for a wonderful kit. Judi
Written by Carol Branam on June 16, 2014:
This is probably the most stunning kit I've yet received. It's beautiful!
Written by Linda on June 14, 2014:
I just opened this month's kit and I had to sit down immediately and say thank you, thank you, thank you. You made my day bringing the larger envelopes back. I no longer have to shorten my cards to make them fit into the envelope. Thanks sooooo much
Written by pat donalson on June 8, 2014:
love the s=shaped butterfly card with all the butterflies and the tag card was fun to make - keep it up
Written by Janet on June 5, 2014:
I love my first kit! I'm sure I will love them all. :) I love Paper Wishes!
Written by Lisa Daly on May 31, 2014:
Paulette, I love your company! The kits that I get (which is almost all of them) are just exceptional. And when I purchase items from Paper Wishes, I am so excited to open the box and see all the treasure are in it!
Written by Maria Aymil on May 26, 2014:
It's always fun to open a new box. The kits are like monthly birthday gifts. The cards are well accepted and family and friends look forward to receiving them.
Written by Leann Shnayer on May 20, 2014:
I am surprised each and every month. I just look forward to receiving each one. I have cancelled my subscription to other card kits and recommended the personal shopper to all of my friends.
Written by P. J. Morgan on May 12, 2014:
I love receiving my kit once a month and really look forward to it. I am learning so much! The designs are great and the papers are really unique!
Written by Leann Shnayer on April 29, 2014:
I love everything that comes with my personal shopper's kit. I have never been disappointed in the last 10 months. I have enjoyed the variety of both papers and the different types of cards each month. Thank you for providing us with superior projects each and every month.
Written by pat donalson on April 23, 2014:
another great one - especially the male cards
Written by Lesa on April 15, 2014:
This month's card kit is wonderful! I am enjoying these kits more than ever, because I can no longer walk & I can complete these cards without being in my office. Since everything I need to make these cards is included in my kit, I can do it all sitting with my legs up. I can literally make each card in my lap. I so appreciate these kits giving me something to do & I end up with new adorable cards to send my friends & relatives. Thank you to all involved in designing & producing these card kits for me. I love them! Lesa
Written by pat donnalson on March 27, 2014:
another great kit. Been a member for years and never had the same card to create. Thanks for all the great ideas
Written by Margaret Malone on March 21, 2014:
WOW!! So many goodies. This is just wonderful!! I am going to have so much fun with all of this. Thank you.
Written by Ruth on March 18, 2014:
It's always like opening a Christmas present except it's every month-sometimes I get really antsy waiting-will it EVER get here??!! LOL Even after it comes and my initial reaction is "meh, not all that great"...when I come down to actually making the cards, they are all FANTASTIC! Seriously, everybody, keep up the outstanding work! PS Yes I know Paulette, that I don't fill the survey out every month but I hope this will make up for it...;~)
Written by Mary Lynn Cox on March 17, 2014:
You blew it out of the water this time for sure! This has got to be the most awesome kit yet!
Written by pat donalson on March 4, 2014:
loved the iris fold Easter card, very clever
Written by Mary Lynn on February 20, 2014:
These kits are so addicting. My husband is threatening to shoot the UPS driver. LOL I am totally lost in the card making and scrapbooking world. PS Don't come find me
Written by sandra on January 24, 2014:
all the PS are the best. I just feel sad it took me so long to find them. PLEASE never stop these PS.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work you do for all of us.
Written by pat on January 22, 2014:
another great kit - love the ribbon flower
Written by Judi on December 27, 2013:
The cards in December's kit are terrific. I don't know which one is my favorite because every one is so great. I'm looking forward to all the new things in the kits for 2014. Happy New Year.
Written by pat donalson on December 23, 2013:
just had a great granddaughter born this month so the baby card was perfect
Written by Sarah Wheeler on December 14, 2013:
I LOVE THE PERSONAL SHOPPER KITS... I love EVERYTHING about them!!! lol So much so that I get the scrapbooking, Card making, & Class in a box Personal Shopper kits. =0) I've seen kits on other websites... but they just don't have what Personal Shopper kits do. I am not sure what, just that little extra that you all seem to put in them. Be it the how to step-by-step instructions and extra ideas in the newsletter. The CUTE little embellishment extras you put in, or just the fact that you know what we want! =0) I recommend personal shopper kits, and to all the Scrapbooking-Card maker-crafters I know!
Written by pat donalson on December 7, 2013:
thanks for the anniversary card. Will use it for our 56th anniversary on Christmas Eve It was perfect
Written by Penny on November 18, 2013:
thank you sooooo much for the "fun" cards. I love them and look forward to make and send the birthday cards with a fun "age" reference such as your over the hill card this month. Keep them coming, Please!
Written by Leann S on November 17, 2013:
I just love my monthly card kits. I feel like it's Christmas or my birthday every month!! I would recommend anything from HOTP to the whole world if I could. Thank you so much for all the fun!!!
Written by Dorothy Sharpy on October 27, 2013:
I can't say enough about Paper Weishes. The products are of the highest quality and awesome. I've always enjoyed my memberships snd receiving the kits. I've learned new techniques and been encouraged to be creative. The Weekly Webisodes are great and very informative. I can't stop buying all the different items and hope that I never have to.
Written by Cathy on October 22, 2013:
I love these card kits. My friends and family are always impressed by them. I love the paper tole and the dazzles. I especially loved the snowflake dazzles that came with the blue jewel dazzles. Oh, and the metallic snowflake tole. I love the coordinating made by art for the back of the card. I didn't care for the turtle chipboard pieces. I don't have much of a need for juvenile cards so maybe there could be alternative art to make a card less juvenile if I want to. I also don't care for the stickers that were in recent kits. It feels like you had extra stock and you are trying to use it all up. I look forward to trying out your new products. I like to mail most of my cards so bulky embellishments don't suit me. I love when there is left over dazzles that I can use on other cards. The card designers do an amazing job coming up with new art and card designs.
Written by pat donalson on October 22, 2013:
love the kit especially the Christmas cards. Hope you will come out with another shaped cards cd. I use the first one all the time.
Written by Judi on October 19, 2013:
Loved the Christmas cards. They're perfect. The whole kit has been a pleasure to make. Thanks.
Written by Sharon Teems on October 10, 2013:
I love this club! It's fun and you give me everything I would need to make all the neat cards. So glad I joined! Thank you!
Written by Lesa on September 30, 2013:
This is my 1st. Monthly card kit. I am enjoying making these cards. i will have to purchase some Zots, as I am having a heck of a time gluing down the turkey's accordion tail. I have tried every adhesive I currently have to no avail. I will go ahead & start some of the other cards. Lots of new techniques for me. I Love how you have included supplies to decorate the envelopes, also. I Love them! Thank-you! Lesa
Written by Kristine on September 23, 2013:
I am a very new member. In fact, I just got my first kit last week. I just started the fun craft of card making about a month ago and had been searching for a club that I would truly enjoy. In addition to yours, I joined four others. That is right, I wanted to see who had the best. I have to tell you, none compare to your Personal Shopper program. I mean that sincerely. I cancelled all the other clubs and am now a dedicated card maker of Personal shopper. I have made four cards so far and I can nott stop looking at the beautiful cards. Not only are they beautiful on the front, but on the inside as well. I do nott have much imagination so having your newsletter and the beautiful kits I can make stunning cards that I am excited to give to family and friends. I hope your company never quits. I am so happy I found you. A new dedicated member, Kriss Johnson
Written by pat on September 19, 2013:
another interesting kit - loved the animal parade
Written by Janet Davidson on September 15, 2013:
I love the shaped cards. It's like Christmas whenever I get a Hot Off The Press order. Pictures don't do the products justice.
Written by Connie DeLucchi on September 15, 2013:
I especially loved the animal parade stickers and the plaid puppy card. As you can tell I never really grew up
Written by Kathy on August 31, 2013:
I just received my Sept. 2013 Cardmaker's Kit. This is one of the best yet. I like all of them for their great ideas and products.
Written by pat donalson on August 30, 2013:
love the cute Halloween cards - very clever. It speaks volumes for your company to do an additional mailing just for ribbon that was forgotten - it shows you care about your customers
Written by kriss on August 30, 2013:
All I can say is I am so glad I found you.
Written by Judi on August 23, 2013:
I love August's kit. I can't wait to make the Halloween card that Gail designed. I'm not sure that card's going to be sent to any one. I really like it. Keep up the great work, ladies. The kits are awesome.
Written by Carol Lee Cherry on August 14, 2013:
Great first kit for me!! I really look forward to these now. I made the cards and have added these to my collections
Written by pat donalson on August 4, 2013:
love it all especially the owl. Hopefully you will come out with another shaped cd with this pattern in it
Written by Jackie on August 1, 2013:
I could almost tell you I love the next kit without even seeing it. Your products are great.
Written by Sarah Wheeler on July 14, 2013:
I am so glad I finally ordered the cardmakers personal shopper!! I had been looking at it for a longgg time and wanted it, but wasn’t sure... I got it from the mailbox and it was like Christmas...but better!! haha I am disabled and cannot go shopping at the store and get/see the craft items that come out so being able to have someone "shop" for me is AWESOME!! I wish that I could have my own personal shopper that shopped for me fulltime for everything!! lol I highly doubt that will ever happen though... so I will just have to savor my craft fairies magical monthly gifts! =0) I live in a small town where the only store that sells crafting goods is Wal-Mart, and they don't have a great selection. So I shop online for everything =0) Anyway the only way I think the kits could be better is if you sent a CD with the papers on it so we could print out more papers...Just the card size papers/art work not the ones you sell in packs.. I always love the papers and want to make more than one card but can’t because there is only enough for one. Or maybe at the end of the year you could offer a CD with the papers on it to the Members. I am sure I’m not the only one who would buy it, or pay a little extra for the monthly kit if it had a cd with the papers on it. I also think it would be very cool if you offered a personal shopper kit that had just embellishments, mediums, and tools in it. Like new products that come out and how to use them, or existing products and new/old ways to use them. I always love the embellishment bags and extras in the kits, and think that a whole personal shopper kit with just the embellishments and extras would be AMAZING!! (I get the scrapbooking personal shopper too) I wish more stores/companies offered this kind of kit; it would sure make my life better!! Thank you, for making it possible for me to get new crafting supplies every month. I haven't been able to go shopping myself for a few years now and it’s so nice getting a variety of things delivered to my door. I am a VERY VERY happy customer!! =0)
Written by Barb Wiggins on July 13, 2013:
The July 13 Kit is awesome. I just received a request for hand made cards for Hospitalized Kids. The said no "Get Well" just uplifting. The Little Monkey card and cute as a button, and owl, perfect for kids! It is not a coincidence I'm sure!!! thanks
Written by Leann on July 3, 2013:
My first card making kit is everything I thought it would be. It came at a great time since my mother-in-law asked me to make her two cards for her best friends. Thanks!!
Written by pat donalson on June 21, 2013:
clever kit.
Written by wendy on May 28, 2013:
keep up the good work so look forward to the kit arrival.
Written by paula on May 27, 2013:
loved it all.
Written by Rhonda on May 24, 2013:
There's always so much nice stuff, I can hardly wait to start playing. It's like getting a new toy every month.
Written by Judi Edder on May 13, 2013:
May's card kit's awesome! I love the new foil paper toile. Its beautiful. The papers are lovely. I can't decide which card to make first. Thanks for lovely kit.
Written by Barb Wiggins on April 28, 2013:
I love the mustaches. Not only are they adorable on cards, but with a popsicle stick kids can use them at parties. They are cute on scrapbook pages. Paulette, could you use your magic and have a stamp with various shapes of mustaches made?? I'd be first in line! I've been searching for one for a long time...Thanks
Written by Margot Petersen on March 31, 2013:
I look forward to it coming each month and my friend Wendy and I go through the newsletter first then the papers and then the embellishments - then we decide which one we will make first.
Written by Carol Branam on March 23, 2013:
My order came while I was hospitalized. My husband brought it to me so I could look & dream. Made the time pass quicker. Out of an over $100 order, only 1 small thing was left out! I called customer service & the lady assured me it would be mailed immediately. Thank you for a great package of goodies! Carol
Written by pat donalson on March 23, 2013:
my grandson just got engaged so the wedding card is perfect - so were the rest of the cards
Written by Judi on March 19, 2013:
Just received March's kit. Fantastic cards. Can't decide which cards to do first. I am amazed every month that you all come up with all these lovely new cards.You're all brilliant. Thanks for all the lovely cards.
Written by NORLENE TRICE on March 6, 2013:
My favorite part was the PEEPS Easter Card. How simple and how sweet!
Written by Kym on March 4, 2013:
I really loved the Painted Flowers papers and die cuts - the color combinations and artwork is really stunning! Thanks for letting us sample it in this month's personal shopper!!
Written by Linda on February 27, 2013:
I was stumped with the Rainbow Love Card. I made the clouds the right way, I think, but I couldn't hide the folding directions. If you unfold the clouds, either way, the writing would show. Just didn't get it. So I improvised!. Thanks...
Written by Gloria on February 25, 2013:
Every part of the kits are fabulous. So glad I joined several months ago. I've never been disappointed!
Written by Judi on February 24, 2013:
The cards in this kit are beautiful. I don't which one is going to be a favorite. So far the Rejoice one is. The die cuts are awesome. It amazes me each month that the designs just keep getting so outstanding. I do have a question. How can the designers keep getting such great ideas each month? I don't think I could. Great job!
Written by Linda on February 23, 2013:
I especially loved the rabbit Easter card for kiddos. I have 7 grandchildren so am always looking for ideas for them as they LOVE getting mail, especially from Gma! Seems like I never have enough anniversary or sympathy cards as well as kiddo birthday cards!
Written by Bev Key on February 21, 2013:
This is not my favorite of the many card kits IHave gotten.
Written by pat donalson on February 21, 2013:
love the papered papers and flowers The peep was so cute
Written by Janet Jackson on February 9, 2013:
I always look forward to the card making kits. I am needing more anniversary cards, tho - for friends and family (not my hubby :) I'd like to see more of them. I'm glad, too, for the children's cards!
Written by Kym on January 16, 2013:
I really did love everything. There was nothing in it that I didn't like! Thanks again for all you do!
Written by Julia Bickle on January 7, 2013:
Thanks for another one of Teresa's Iris Folding templates! One of the things I like to do with mine is to substitute ribbon for the papers. It really adds a rich look to the project! Thanks PW!
Written by Christine Elves on December 26, 2012:
first i did the dazzle kit and loved them,then i switched to card makers and love them........but now my husband bought me a sizzix big kick and so now i think i will change once again to your brand new die cutting club..............thank you so much for these clubs they are fabulous............
Written by patricia on December 24, 2012:
love it when you get a reusable item in the kit. After putting all your strips down, run it thru your Epic or Cuttlebug and it will compress the strips and give you a more even look. Then adhere to the cardstock. Great kit
Written by karen on December 18, 2012:
i like the kit because you get everything to make it.
Written by patricia donalson on December 9, 2012:
glad the kit finally arrived. Needed the love and the male birthday card. Our 55th anniversary is Dec 24th and the card will be perfect and of coursse you need to pick on your hubby Great for his 80th.
Written by Kim Douglas on November 3, 2012:
I haven't been disappointed, yet! It's like a special day each month when I get my new kit. LOVE them!!!
Written by Cathy on October 24, 2012:
Keep up the good work, I just love all your products and your instructions and videos on how too do projects are very very helpful.
Written by Judi Edder on October 24, 2012:
Just received my kit. I'm looking forward to making these cards. I like the look of the instruction booklet. I must say these kits are awesome.
Written by Christine Miller on October 23, 2012:
I got the September kit and about a week later the October kit because of when I joined. OH MY GOSH! They are so wonderful!!! I truly loved everything and my friends were all astounded at the beautiful cards. I've been making cards for a long time and these are truly great. Plus it inspired me to use some of the paper techniques with layering and such on a couple of scrapbook pages I was making. Thank you so much!
Written by Rosetta on October 22, 2012:
I look forward each month for my kit to arrive because in each one there are new things to see, ideas I had not thought of, a technique I have not used; and most important to me are instructions that can be used over and over.
Written by Katherine Gregory on October 19, 2012:
I Loved the kit and used every bit of it . Thank you for having this kind of craft for all of us to do. Sincerely, Kathie G.
Written by Marie House on October 17, 2012:
I am so glad I subscribed to this service!
Written by Barb W on October 16, 2012:
I think these were the cutest cards I've ever made from your kits! The heart card and turkey were so cute my husband hung them on the mantel where Christmas cards usually go!!! Loved it
Written by lisa beck on October 15, 2012:
I love your newsletters they are so easy to understand, I also love the photos. The embellishment collection is great too. Alot of kits don't give enought or don't give any at all.
Written by Linda Stevenson on October 14, 2012:
I look forward to receiving my kit each month. It is always a high point of that day.
Written by Judi Edder on October 12, 2012:
I think you guys do a wonderful job putting these kits together. I'm never disappointed in them. It really nice getting some thing so completely that all you need is adhesive.
Written by Sheri L on October 6, 2012:
Thank you for all you done . i enjoy everything you do with card making it is a big help for me.
Written by patricia donalson on September 19, 2012:
as an avid iris folder - loved the template Found that if you cut the fold so it comes to a point it fits better in the small places as in the snowflake. Also place your tape on one side to make a hinge so that you can lift and check to see if your work is working properly. Keep up the cute kits
Written by Janice Butler on September 12, 2012:
I loved receiving the kit. I am excited about all the card ideas and love the fact the kit includes everything I need to get started card making right away.
Written by Cathy on September 5, 2012:
love the kits they are great and everyone that received the cards just love them thanks for all of the great and creative ideas :)
Written by pat donalson on August 15, 2012:
when your kit arrived it was so interesting that I had to go thru and unpack paper cutter, scissors, tape, glue dots and foam tape - everything else you supplied so I could make some cards. It has been over a month and cardmaking is a addiction and I needed a fix.
Written by Gloria K on August 13, 2012:
This is the best hobby I have ever undertaken. Never having to look for anything in a craft store again. Everything I could possibly need you have. HORRAY!!!! I can hardly wait each month for the kit to arrive. Thank you.
Written by Jean on August 1, 2012:
The papers are wonderful - the colors are the best you have done in a long time vibrant and eye popping. The embellishments - the beads are to large to send through the mail as well as the umbrellas - in a book they distort the protectors. But the papers make up for everything, please keep doing the bright and colorful Thanks for the kits and the webisodes. Jean Holder
Written by Kat G. on July 30, 2012:
I'm really glad I joined this Club. It gives you a really good variety of cards to make. I hope you all enjoy this club as much as I do.
Written by Christine Myers on July 30, 2012:
I loved this month's kit. I already made all the cards in it.
Written by Kym on July 21, 2012:
Every month I'm pleasantly surprised with the creativity and variety of projects included in the kit. Thanks for everything - and keep the great ideas coming!
Written by pat donalson on July 18, 2012:
love the kit especially the airport - my hubby loves planes - we had one and flew everywhere and now he buids model rc planes. Perfect for his birthday
Written by sherry on July 2, 2012:
i am never disappointed with my kits. i eagerly await the delivery of each and every kit and can hardly contain myself when i get to open and play with all the goodies.
Written by Helen Eproson on June 25, 2012:
I love everything so far. Keep up the good work. Helen
Written by Judi on June 25, 2012:
Now that my stay in a hotel room due to house damage, I am back to these terrific kits. Now they're therapy. I look to each one. They never disappoint. The June kit looks like fun to make. Can't wait to play with it. Judi
Written by Vicki on June 25, 2012:
As usual, loved the Cardmaking kits! Already waiting & wanting the next one to arrive. The glitter tape really was a bonus, the one Anne made. Made the glittered card right away & loved it. My sister loved it, and she was the one I made it for! She was going to pay me for the card! Can you believe that?! Thanks for everything I get from you!!
Written by gloria kenny on June 22, 2012:
I can't tell you how much I LOVE this club. It is exceptional. Never having to go to an arts and craft store again. Yoo-hoo. Keep them coming.
Written by pat donalson on June 21, 2012:
another great kit
Written by Ashley on June 19, 2012:
I LOVED the June Cardmakers kit!!!! The papers are so wonderful, beautiful colors and patterns! The die cuts from the Cherry on Top Artful kit were a big, fun surprise. So cute! I can't wait to dive in and make my cards!! Thank you so much!
Written by Teri Ortiz on June 10, 2012:
What a great value,I had been getting annies attic kits that is until I found your clubs, Great value and great projects i love it
Written by Kym on May 28, 2012:
I am so thrilled with these kits - I honestly can't get enough. Thanks for putting together such fun and quality materials!!
Written by pat donalson on May 26, 2012:
thanks for another great kit. Never thought to use the leaves as an accent.
Written by Ashley on May 23, 2012:
I loved the embellishments in the May kit! I recently joined and I have to say that my very favorite kits are the ones that include a new technique for me to try. I never would have thought that I would enjoy or appreciate iris folding but January's kit (I LOVED receiving a template!!) sure taught me otherwise. I made the Heartfelt Condolences card as a Thank You card and it is so beautiful! I'm excited to be a new lover of Iris Folding! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into creating each monthly kit.
Written by Vicki on May 18, 2012:
I look forward every month to get my Personal Shopper! I just can't cut things up fast enough to start the cards. Love the Shoppers!
Written by Barb on May 12, 2012:
My kit came this afternoon and I always cut them out immediately. I was truly impressed with the 1 sheet of dazzles being used on 5 cards. It gave me a lot of ideas for some of my "scraps" since I also get the monthly dazzles! Thanks so much for the ideas.
Written by Cynthia Kitner on May 12, 2012:
You have outdone yourself this month!!! I usually like most of the cards in the kits, but this month, I don't see any that I wouldn't want to make and give to family and friends. I think my favorite is going to be the Just for You Pocket Card. The colors in this one look so rich; I can't wait to dig in! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!
Written by Destiny on May 11, 2012:
I love love love this it is a very fun thing to do
Written by Margie on May 4, 2012:
Graduation card needed in April for college graduates. Otherwise, I loved it. That holographic paper and the plaid glitter paper are fantastic.
Written by Beverly J. Mashburn on April 29, 2012:
Love learning the new techniques!
Written by mary hickory on April 28, 2012:
I LOVED the kit overall--especially the cute as a button paper tole. I did have trouble with the folded star for "make a wish card". It wound up a crumbled mess in the trash. I just didn't get it! sorry...the sewing cards made up for it, though. Sew special!!
Written by Trudy Pettibone on April 20, 2012:
Thank you for sending the missing dazzles. Now my lovely set is complete. I just love my card kits, and my family, friends and congregation love my cards.
Written by Glenda Bardgett on April 14, 2012:
I really love learning about card making by making cards. My really favorite party of the kits are the papers. The texture and quality is wonderful. Its such a crisp paper.I even love the sound of the paper cutting. A+ again. Thanks for a great kit.
Written by Marie on April 13, 2012:
I gave my daughter a new Bernina sewing machine for Christmas and told her it is her Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day gift for the next 10 years. The Sew Cute cards in this kit are perfect. Her birthday is in less than two weeks, quickly followed by Mother's Day. The cards are make and ready to be mailed. Thanks for this wonderful kit.
Written by Beverly on April 5, 2012:
I have received two kits now and I absolutely love them. I can't wait to receive April! Thank you!!!
Written by Helen Eproson on March 28, 2012:
I have been very please with my monthly cardmaker kits. It's nice to have every thing that you need in the kit. Keep up the good work. Helen
Written by Janet on March 24, 2012:
I am SO glad I decided to get the card kits again (had to quit a couple of years ago due to finances). These are by far, the best kits I have seen out there. I love to try the new techniques and I love that all the materials are there. So much fun to do!!!
Written by pat donalson on March 21, 2012:
another winner. Love the tole page - it separated essily with no tearing or nubs. Have had several nice comments when I posted the cards on my worldwide crafting forum. Keep the kits coming. Love the flower idea - had to share that one
Written by Glenda Bardgett on March 13, 2012:
On Sunday I don't know what got into me but I completed an entire box of past card kits. Wow fun and excitement. My daughter watched and we chatted. She picked out cards that she liked and hoped would be sent to her or the I have not got my march kit but I can not wait.
Written by Judi Edder on March 11, 2012:
The kit was awesome. I don't know which card was my favorite. Each one is special. Next year may we have a couple St. Patrick's Day cards.
Written by Cheryl on March 9, 2012:
I look forward to getting my kit monthly!My granddaughters like to make cards with me so everyone is excited to see the new kit.We learn new techniques and get to see the new products in the market.LOVE THEM!!!!!Cheryl
Written by Melinda on March 8, 2012:
Hi Everyone! Just a note to let you know that I am so happy that I joined Personal Shopper Cardmaking! I am so addicted to making cards and just love all the compliments I get for my unique and one of a kind cards. Keep up the good working designing the beautiful cards!!!
Written by Cynthia March on March 3, 2012:
This is my first card making kit from Paper Wishes and I am VERY impressed; from how everything is packaged to the variety of cards I can make in one kit. I belong to another cardmaking club and the way it is packaged, well..something is always bent. I can't wait to make the cards and look forward to my next kit.
Written by Jackie Brockett on March 1, 2012:
I love all the cardmaker Kits. I have recently had to postpone getting them because of financial issues but I'll come back as soon as I am able. They are all a delight.
Written by Linda on February 23, 2012:
Just received my first Card kit. I love it! I have a get together with a couple of my friends each month and we use these card kits together. So much fun!
Written by Darla Mahlke on February 11, 2012:
This was my 1st shipment and I loved it. For the same price as a recent class, for which I had to buy all my supplies extra and we only made 4 so-so cards, I got everything I needed to make 10 very nice cards. The newsletter was excellent. The cutting guide and list of supplies needed are great. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of cards for different occasions. And I love that everything is included and not just the bare bones with a shopping list. I also appreciate the quality of the items in the kit. Can't wait for next month! (BTW, the get well dr's bag is so unique. Love, love, love it)
Written by Kim on January 31, 2012:
I like learning the different techniques such as iris folding and using templates.
Written by karen ellison on January 31, 2012:
I was a tad sceptical, but today when I got the box and opened it up I was vry pleased with the contents. worth every penny. thanks heaps
Written by Julia on January 30, 2012:
Loved the iris-folding template! Another technique to try!
Written by Penny on January 30, 2012:
I just love to learn new techniques and the iris folding kit I got was no exception.
Written by Jean Wellock on January 25, 2012:
The papers were fun, and the news letter as good.
Written by Kim on January 25, 2012:
Your kits make card making so exciting. I have seen every one of your webisodes. And I loved the birthday email you sent. Paper Wishes rules!!!!!!!
Written by Mary on January 25, 2012:
I really love the kits that include Dazzles. Thanks for such great kits that are easy to make. Everyone I send them to simply loves them!
Written by pat donalson on January 22, 2012:
How did you know I was interested in the iris fold template. It was easy to follow. A good hint is to place both pieces of your removable tape on one edge, this will form a hinge so that you can lift up to make sure your folds are in position right. A good kit
Written by Mary on January 21, 2012:
Living overseas in a foreign country it is so difficult to find a card. I love each kit that I get because I am able to make a quality card and then have them on hand when I need just right the card. I am so glad I discovered you!
Written by sherry on January 5, 2012:
It's like Christmas every month! I feel like I don't have to think to make beautiful fun creative cards. PW makes card making amazing with the quality of products that you provide. No other craft club can match the value or quality.
Written by Janette Arvidson on January 5, 2012:
I really like the kits and the intructions are usually very easy to follow. I enjoy the different styles included in each kit. They are always fun to assemble. Keep up the good work Janette
Written by pat donalson on December 23, 2011:
Another great kit. Thank goodness it was all there even tho the box arrived with parts hanging out. 1st time that happened. Keep the clever ideas coming. Look forward each month for the kit.
Written by Ellen Haydon on December 19, 2011:
I just got the Dec Cardmaking Kit. So nice to see right now. I love Christmas Cards, but I am soooo ready to try my hand to something else. Thank You and Hugs and Kisses from my weary brain to all of you wonderful people.
Written by Linda on December 19, 2011:
As always, I was not disappointed by my kit.
Written by Judi Edder on November 30, 2011:
Once again the kit is terrific. The Christmas cards are lovely. I"m still trying to figure out the ladder card but I'm going to master it yet. Looking for to December's kit. Sincerely, Judi Edder
Written by Judi Edder on November 24, 2011:
Thank you for these wonderful kits. I look forward to each one. Loved the beautiful Christmas cards in November's kit. All the cards are beautiful but the Christmas ones are my favorites. Judi
Written by Sherry on November 23, 2011:
What I love about PW is that everything is wrapped up very nicely. It had rained here and my kit was soaked (my postal carrier did not put it on my porch). My kit sat on the ground in a puddle. I just knew all the contents were going to be ruined. To my surprise nothing was damaged. I was so thrilled and happy at the same time. PW really goes the extra mile in not only offering top quality products but they care about the shipping of the contents as well. Thank you for really setting the bar high when it comes to customer service and care.
Written by Lorrraine Knott on November 20, 2011:
I liked the kit very much.The papers are beautiful.......
Written by pat donalson on November 15, 2011:
love learning new techniques. My girlfriend is going to love the sewing machine as she formerly owned a fabric store. Clever, clever
Written by Susan Little on November 15, 2011:
I am looking forward to making the Christmas cards. I am finally getting into that Christmas mood...thanks for the boost!!
Written by Helen Eproson on November 13, 2011:
I look forward each month for my kit in the mail. Have enjoy making the cards and giving them to my family and friends and they love getting them too. Keep up the good work. I love Paper Wishes so much. Your friend for ever, Helen.
Written by Sherry on November 9, 2011:
I thought about joining for over six months and finally did it. I am so happy that I did. I was afraid the quality may not be up to 'my' standards since I have tried other kit clubs and have been terribly disappointed. Not with Paper Wishes! The quality of all materials far exceeded my expectations and what a value! I immediately made 4 out of the 10. I didn't want to stop! I truly felt like an experienced card maker. I am so happy that I finally joined the right shopper kit to get quality, easy, fun and exciting cards. I wish I could get a kit every two weeks! Thank you Paper Wishes for offering outstanding products!
Written by Susan Little on November 8, 2011:
I cannot wait to see what is in store for next month. I am looking forward to the cold weather so I can stay in and make cards!!
Written by Claire on November 6, 2011:
I am LOVING the Carkmaking kits!! Not just for the cards and the techniques I am learning but for the ideas! I have used several of your cards as sketches to make my own cards with my own papers, stamps and embellishments! In a word, your kits are AWESOME!!!
Written by Janet Spyksma on November 5, 2011:
I really enjoyed this months kit. I liked the far out card, it's great. I also enjoyed all the Christmas card ideas. Thanks for everything. Janet S
Written by jenni C. on October 26, 2011:
every time I think this month kit is the best one the next months kit is just as great or even better !!!!! keep up the great work :-)
Written by Kim on October 25, 2011:
I love your kits!! My 16 year old daughter, Noel, sat down with me one night while I was making the cards. Now every night at 8pm, we sit down, watch tv, and make two cards a night. She was the child who was never home. We are both enjoying this time together and she loved the kit so much, I made her a member. THANK YOU!!!
Written by Karen W on October 22, 2011:
This is my first kit, and I love it. I really wish I had joined this club sooner!
Written by pat donalson on October 22, 2011:
cute kit - always something unique to make. Nobody except another member will have cards like this. Beats store bought
Written by Linda on October 18, 2011:
I loved this month's kit. I have made all the holiday cards already. The Hollywood birthday card came at a perfect time, I was wondering what I was going to do for a "diva" friend on her birthday. I can't wait to make the triangle card, that is this week's project. Thanks again for another wonderful kit.
Written by Melinda on October 14, 2011:
I am a new member and this was my first shipment. I really enjoyed making the cards and have become addicted to cardmaking.
Written by Kim on October 13, 2011:
My first kit was the Sept one. I am so thrilled with it!! I can't wait to finish work and dinner, so I can go sit for a couple of hours and make cards. I love how varied the styles of cards are. Thank you!!
Written by carol harrington on October 10, 2011:
I just love everything about your products, I am very glad to be a part of this. I don't know what I would have done without you and your team. Thank You in all that you do. God Bless.
Written by barbara on September 24, 2011:
had to stop the club about 6 mo ago as i was getting to far ahead. then i found an address to send cards for military overseas and used up all my stock and i'm back. love this cardmaking kit. all of them
Written by pat donalson on September 22, 2011:
another great kit. The only hard part of the kit is waiting for the mailman to deliver it - it is never on the same day and I get disappointed when it doesn't come. A good use for all those extra squares, etc that you can change - I keep them and stamp my sentiments. It always looks so good rather than just stamping direct to card
Written by Lee Anne Owens on September 17, 2011:
Love, love, love your kits changing to monthly delivery
Written by Anne on August 29, 2011:
I SO enjoy receiving this kit every month! I constantly get compliments on the cards I make. I would love to see more thank-you cards. My stash of birthday and holiday cards is quite good, but I don't have any generic thank-you cards! Thank you for providing such wonderful kits!
Written by Joyce on August 27, 2011:
This is the most helpful, inspiring website I've found. For a person who LOVES to make cards but has a hard time moving forward, this is a great help to me. I love having all the things I need to complete my projects. Thanks for helping me get started.
Written by pat donalson on August 27, 2011:
another wonderful kit. You always have the cleverest ideas. A hint for iris folding. Have them take 2 pieces of tape and make a hinge like on right side, that way you can lift up the card to be assured it is going right. I use this system all the time. Also thank you, thank you for making me a VIP member. Love the dazzles. I feel honored.
Written by msmith on August 24, 2011:
Love this card kit club. I always have plenty of leftovers to use on other cards or projects. Very excited when I recieve a new product in my kit. Everyone always remarks on how pretty they are, especially my mom.
Written by mary johnson on August 18, 2011:
great kit love the piano card
Written by Sharon on August 15, 2011:
I received the kit Saturday and that evening completed three birthday cards. My husband was impressed.
Written by mary johnson on July 30, 2011:
great cards
Written by Linda on July 19, 2011:
I loved the way I could change the cards from one style to another i.e. sympathy to thank you.
Written by Linda Helget on July 16, 2011:
I love, love, love my personal shopper kits!
Written by Donna Brewer on June 12, 2011:
Can't wait to make - and give - these cards!
Written by Lorelei Perry on June 11, 2011:
I have been making "Your Cards" for awhile and my relatives and friends think I am very talented....But after I follow the directions the juices start to flow and I am doing some beautiful cards. Thank You All
Written by Lynda on June 8, 2011:
What I esp. like about all your PS's is that they have something new, and different in them. Actually this is what has drawn me to your site the most. Your webisodes help for people who need visualization, and your newsletter helps those who don't need the visual. The templates are great. I'm glad I found you, and hope to keep enjoying all the new neat things you offer. Thanks!!
Written by Cheryl Bates on May 19, 2011:
Some of the papers are unique to the projects and would love it if they were digitized so they can be downloaded. I really like the ease of cutting for each card.
Written by Marilyn Norman on May 19, 2011:
Love the downloads for tags to match certain papers. And thanks for not putting the background in now! Saves heaps on ink! LUVYA . . . DOWN UNDER GRANNY OHH. AND A P.S. DEBBIE SAMPLES IS WONDERFUL!!!
Written by pat donalson on May 19, 2011:
Love it when I get something that can be used over and over. The star template is great. Also love the dazzles. I was already a fan having one in each color and used them like crazy. Keep the kits coming
Written by Dolores on May 17, 2011:
Getting a template in the kit is always a wonderful surprise especially when it will be utilized often. Thanks
Written by Lora on May 12, 2011:
Always love the kits, I have never been dissapointed.
Written by Janet S. on April 25, 2011:
This is my first Cardmaker's Kit. I loved it. There was a lot of variety and many, for me, new and challenging techniques. I especially liked the Puddle Jumper Rubber Boot art. Thank you so much and I love PaperWishes.----Janet