LeNae Gerig

“I’d say my style of scrapbooking is photo journalism,” says LeNae, who’s created pretty, practical scrapbook pages for Hot Off The Press for more than ten years.

“After scrapping both personally and professionally for so long, I’ve discovered I rely upon a practical style that emphasizes my photos and journaling—and gets my photos preserved!” says LeNae, who typically scraps multiple photos per page. “I take photos in a series, and using multiple pictures on a spread helps illustrate the story I’m telling.”

LeNae is the host of the popular Scrapbooking101.net website.

What’s your favorite papercrafting technique? Right now I am enjoying paper piercing, but I am also a fan of mixing and layering papers. I have a hard time just using just two pieces of paper on anything.

What do you listen to while you scrapbook? I like to watch favorite movies, ones that I am very familiar with so I don’t have to pay too much attention. They keep my company and I can concentrate on my work.

What’s the best time of the day for you to scrapbook? I like to work in the evening between 7-10 pm, when dinner is over and my family is in bed. That is my time.

Where do you usually scrapbook? I have a scrap room set up in our guest room, but oddly, I never use it. Instead I use a 2’x3’ folding table set up in my living room in front of the flat screen TV. It seems that no matter how much room I have, I always end up using about 18” of space on any given surface.

Name three things that inspire you. Color is what inspires me the most. Also, seasonal clothing. Especially children’s clothing. The colors, patters and trends inspire color mixing on a page.

Best munchies to have while scrapbooking? I like pretzels and diet root beer.

Favorite movie? I watched “27 Dresses” twice this weekend. I like movies that I can relate too. Haven’t we all felt that we were “always the bridesmaid” at one time or another?

What’s your idea of the perfect “creative” weekend? A trip to the craft store followed by a knitting, beading, felting or paper crafting project, overseen by my daughter, Lauren, who is always my biggest fan.

Cards, scrapbooking or papercrafts—which is your favorite? Currently I prefer cards. They appeal to my practical nature. I like crafts that I can share with others. I tend to do 5-10 at a time and stockpile them.

Thrifty scrapbooking/papercrafting tip? After you are finished with a scrapbook page, immediately use the scraps left on your table to do a birthday card. Place it in a card file or send it to a friend with a birthday that month.