Customer comments

Written by Rhonda on November 19, 2015:
Loved the new folders and can see lots of ways to use them, especially the flower.
Written by Connie R on August 5, 2015:
I especially loved the large butterfly in the July Embossing Folder kit and all the great ways to use it. Thank you!
Written by connie d on July 14, 2015:
I love the butterfly. I really love LeNae's card
Written by Katherine on February 4, 2015:
This is a winner. I loved the metal leaf so much I made 2 cards, one with blue holographic trim. Also made 2 of the words card with pink, purple and white. I changed the colors here a bit, too. Great designs on the sample cards and the folders, too.
Written by Leann S on January 30, 2015:
If I could afford it I would join all of the personal shopper kits...This was my first monthly kit for embossing folders and I must say they are everything and both and looking forward to the next one
Written by Rosemary on November 28, 2014:
Really enjoy having the two types of folders.
Written by Bonnie on October 27, 2014:
The sept issue was the greatest.
Written by Linda Holt on October 17, 2014:
Thanks, Lori, for helping resolve my kit issue from July! You went the extra step and sent out my kit - and I am so happy! PW has the very best customer service of any company I do business with. You treat us like family. I love getting the newest items BEFORE everyone else - and with project ideas just for us!
Written by Arlene Thompson on October 3, 2014:
I make all the Christmas cards that my mother gives/sends. I combined these embossing folders with the cutting dies to make some of them, as well as my versions of the ones in the newsletter. All turned out great! I haven't been disappointed with any of the folders I received.
Written by Elaine on September 14, 2014:
I am glad that these (embossing folders) are part of the Personal Shopper items. Thanks for having such great products for us.
Written by Helen Wright on July 8, 2014:
I really love these folders. I am looking forward to the July set. I really love the ideas you give on different ways to use not only these great embossing folders but all the products you sell. I plan to put them on a portable drive or disc and watch them on my TV. I make paper, most of my embellishments so I put less in our landfills. (Yes I'm a save the planet through recycling person) and your products bring out the best in everything I do.I also do product evaluations (working at my level of expertise)for craft product manufactures. So I use their products interactively to judge how well they work with other products. This is very important when it comes to consumer satisfaction. The wider range we have using a product, the more valuable that product is to us, esp. in today's economy. Thank You Paper Wishes. You are a valuable asset to the crafting industry in so many ways.