Customer comments

Written by Jacqueline on December 6, 2016:
Happy festive crafting to all! The "oval rose" premiere embossing folder has inspired me to create stunning holiday cards. The "Devine Miss M" hauntingly sang a poignant song about a flower bravely wintering until it became the rose in the Spring! Love it!
Written by Martha LaFavor on September 25, 2016:
love the versatility of each folder. Thanks for all you do to keep us busy.
Written by Brenda Slack on August 7, 2016:
I received the kit just before my 47th. anniversary and made the red I Love You card for my husband. It was so beautiful! I think he was impressed :)
Written by Janet Turner on July 27, 2016:
I just received my first Embossing Folders set and I love it, the free gift is a winner also! The image on the front of folder makes it simple to know which one you need. Janet Turner
Written by Brenda Slack on July 27, 2016:
I have just ordered the premiere embossing folders bi-monthly kit but I would like to know the size of the folders. Thank you.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The embossing folders in our Personal Shopper kits are 4-7/8" x 5-7/8".
Written by Bonnie on June 3, 2016:
I really liked the embossing folders,as I have liked all of the ones I have received
Written by Leann S. on January 28, 2016:
So cool to have these folders..both are great for everyday cards...I really like that these are also great male themed.. so hard sometimes to find anything for the guys in my family..thanks for thinking up new ideas each and every month!!!!
Written by Leann S. on December 27, 2015:
I love love the gears...I have a lot of men to make cards for..this is perfect!!...the flower is also beautiful..but the gears is what caught me first...great job!!!
Written by Rhonda on November 19, 2015:
Loved the new folders and can see lots of ways to use them, especially the flower.
Written by Connie R on August 5, 2015:
I especially loved the large butterfly in the July Embossing Folder kit and all the great ways to use it. Thank you!
Written by connie d on July 14, 2015:
I love the butterfly. I really love LeNae's card
Written by Katherine on February 4, 2015:
This is a winner. I loved the metal leaf so much I made 2 cards, one with blue holographic trim. Also made 2 of the words card with pink, purple and white. I changed the colors here a bit, too. Great designs on the sample cards and the folders, too.
Written by Leann S on January 30, 2015:
If I could afford it I would join all of the personal shopper kits...This was my first monthly kit for embossing folders and I must say they are everything and both and looking forward to the next one
Written by Rosemary on November 28, 2014:
Really enjoy having the two types of folders.
Written by Bonnie on October 27, 2014:
The sept issue was the greatest.
Written by Linda Holt on October 17, 2014:
Thanks, Lori, for helping resolve my kit issue from July! You went the extra step and sent out my kit - and I am so happy! PW has the very best customer service of any company I do business with. You treat us like family. I love getting the newest items BEFORE everyone else - and with project ideas just for us!
Written by Arlene Thompson on October 3, 2014:
I make all the Christmas cards that my mother gives/sends. I combined these embossing folders with the cutting dies to make some of them, as well as my versions of the ones in the newsletter. All turned out great! I haven't been disappointed with any of the folders I received.
Written by Elaine on September 14, 2014:
I am glad that these (embossing folders) are part of the Personal Shopper items. Thanks for having such great products for us.
Written by Helen Wright on July 8, 2014:
I really love these folders. I am looking forward to the July set. I really love the ideas you give on different ways to use not only these great embossing folders but all the products you sell. I plan to put them on a portable drive or disc and watch them on my TV. I make paper, most of my embellishments so I put less in our landfills. (Yes I'm a save the planet through recycling person) and your products bring out the best in everything I do.I also do product evaluations (working at my level of expertise)for craft product manufactures. So I use their products interactively to judge how well they work with other products. This is very important when it comes to consumer satisfaction. The wider range we have using a product, the more valuable that product is to us, esp. in today's economy. Thank You Paper Wishes. You are a valuable asset to the crafting industry in so many ways.