Using Brads

Circles, squares, stars, trees, flowers, snowflakes and balloons…in gold, silver, red, yellow, pink, green and blue—the sheer number of shapes, sizes and colors of brads is amazing!

They’re decorative and practical. You can use brads to attach vellum or clear overlays to paper instead of using glue; you can secure a silk flower or tag onto a page or card, or simply add a personalized touch!

Inserting a Brad

To insert a brad, simply punch a hole with a 1/16" hole punch or use the tip of your X-acto® knife to pierce the paper where you want to add the brad. Insert the brad prongs into the hole and turn the paper over. Flatten both prongs.

Where to Use Brads

You can use brads anywhere! Brads are great for attaching vellum or overlays to a project, as they eliminate the need to hide the adhesive. Brads are also perfect for creating the finishing touch at the top of a tag. And brads are perfect for securing silk flowers onto a page or card.

While brads are functional, they're also just plain fun to use as accents. Put a brad in each corner of your scrapbook page background, place three mini brads along the edge of a card, or create a border of brads along a project. You can also use brads to highlight stamped images—three mini round brads inserted along the curve of a stamped swirl make a gorgeous accent.

Great Big Brads™

Great Big Brads are 22mm brads with a flat top, perfect for using with Rub-Ons or stamps. We also love using a 3-4" circle punch to punch a piece of paper, ink the edges and glue on top of the brad. Use these Great Big Brads to attach silk flowers to paper, accent page corners or to create a border along a page or card.

Brad Buddies™

Brad Buddies™ are lightweight metal shapes held onto paper with brads. To attach a Brad Buddy™, simply place the metal shape on your paper and mark the holes with a pencil. Remove the metal shape and make a hole at the pencil mark with an X-acto® knife. Use the included brads to attach the metal image to your paper.