Using Foam Tape

Foam mounting tape is just the thing to add a little “lift” to your paper crafting projects. This double-sided adhesive tape made of foam is great for giving a little extra height, or “dimension”, to a portion of your project. Paper crafters use foam tape for a variety of purposes in their pages and cards—from creating a raised title to giving a card quote more height.

Standard foam tape like the Scotch® Brand Foam Mounting Tape adds 1/16” in height when used on an element of your page or project. The foam adhesive works great on paper and 3-D embellishments like ribbon and mica.

Foam tape comes on a roll or in packages of small, pre-cut squares, and is easy to apply to a project. Simply unroll and cut a small piece of tape or several small pieces to add to your page element. Place the sticky side down on the back of the element and peel away the liner. Turn your element over and add to your project, pressing down lightly to make sure it adheres.

For long pieces of paper or ribbon, it’s not necessary to cover the whole back with foam tape—just a small piece every 2-3 inches will do the trick. It is important to remember that if a paper element is large, you’ll want to place foam tape in the center of the piece as well as around the edges; otherwise the center of your paper may cave in.

Want double the dimension? How about triple? Stack two or even three squares of foam tape on top of one another to adhere a portion of your project—you’ll get incredible lift!