Customer comments

Written by Sue E. Rubba Diva on October 4, 2018:
I miss my Dazzle kits so much...being disabled it was my one present that I could afford and look so very much forward to making every month. I am in Dazzle withdrawal now. So very sad to hear that the kits are at the end of the road so suddenly. To say they will be sorely missed is the understatement if the year. I mourn my loss.
Written by Rusty on September 1, 2018:
I have loved every Kit so unhappy you did away with these.
Written by Pam Shaver on August 15, 2018:
First of all I would like to say Thank You. I have so enjoyed every kit I have received and all the wonderful products I have purchased over the years. I know you have received some negative feedback about the changes that your company is undergoing and I'm sorry about that. Change is not easy but sometimes it is necessary. I don't know the reasons behind the changes that you are currently having to make but I know it was not something you did without much soul searching and I'm sure your on heartache. I will continue to use your site on Amazon and hope that all things work out for the best for you and the talented people that have worked for you over the years!! Thank You again, you are the very best!!!
Written by Brenda Slack on August 10, 2018:
So disappointed that you will not be doing the Premiere Dazzles any more. I looked forward to receiving these special kits.
Written by Debbie on August 7, 2018:
I'm so sorry to see the kits go. I always loved getting them every month. You guys have been great and will be missed!
Written by Karen Peterson on August 1, 2018:
I'm sorry that I won't be getting the Premiere Dazzle kits anymore. They were awesome, so creative, so pretty. But on the other hand, I'm looking forward to seeing what is coming in the future and what will be available. Good luck to you all in the future and I'll be "seeing" you later! Karen Peterson
Written by Jonel Wachtman on July 31, 2018:
Was devastated to receive my kit in yesterdays mail with the news that it was my last one. Heartbroken to say the least. I was also getting ready to sign up for another kit. Guess that won't be happening. My kit was also not in the best of shape. Most of the papers all had a kink in them. Are you going to be offering any kind of kits on any sort in the future, or is this truly the sad end of an era?
Written by Elaine on July 31, 2018:
I realize that this the last Premier Dazzles (sob, sob, sob) and I am wondering if any of the new dazzles from this shipment will be made available in the near future. I am talking specifically about the Winter Woodland dazzles. I do want to thank you for the marvelous journey that Paper Wishes/HOTP has provided over the years. You have made learning card making and scrapbooking and enjoyable experience and I hate to lose that teaching tool, plus all the people that I have considered a second family. Good luck and goodbye to all. A sad customer!!!!!
Written by Linda Brown on July 30, 2018:
You ladies broke my heart today. I have been a member of the Premiere Dazzles since the club began. I look forward every month for my present in the mail. I am sorry to see this club close. God bless you all.
Written by Carol Carter on July 3, 2018:
Altho I don't scrapbook, I use the supplies to make another card.
Written by Dawn Ulrich-Kubica on June 4, 2018:
Hi Paulette! I loved all of the dazzles this month. I also loved all of the papers too.
Written by Sandi on April 8, 2018:
Written by sabra on April 1, 2018:
I thought you would like to know the tiny small dazzles work great for decorating Easter eggs we made a blue swirled egg to look like ocean and wrapped a border trim diagonal and then put turtles, seahorses and anchors. Keep up the great work sabra
Written by Daria Sikorski on March 13, 2018:
Loved this month's kit. Loved all the Dazzles and I loved all the papers. The ideas were wonderful too! The design team came through again.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on March 9, 2018:
Really liked this kit. I used sparkle pens instead of stickles for the one card and it was really pretty. Still used the stickles for the little dots however.
Written by Linda on March 4, 2018:
Always love your kits. I really love the double-embossed dazzles, also the cute funny ones like last months octopi. Having retired and needing to cut back on expenses, this is one thing I can't do without
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on February 6, 2018:
Frosty Greetings from Minnesota to all crafters! My favs are: the Best Wishes Gatefold card and the Octopus card. As usual, the kit contents are more brilliant in person! Thanks designers!
Written by Jacqueline on January 18, 2018:
Warm Crafty Greetings to all! The newsletter and colorful papers are wonderful to add to our creative energy! My favs are the nautical cards. I like that the "Dazzles" may be used for many other type of projects: home dec, jewelry scrapbooking, et cetera! Thanks designers!
Written by LindaH on November 19, 2017:
Loved this month's kit and the projects. I am especially egg-cited about the Easter dazzles and to get them FIRST! I have been a member of the Premiere Dazzles PS since it began, and I will remain a member as long as they remain Premiere! Thanks for offering this subscription!
Written by Pat on October 5, 2017:
I absolutely love the cactus dazzles. They are adorable. I just joined Premiere Dazzles a couple of weeks ago and I am so glad I did. I'm having a great time playing with all the goodies.
Written by Daria on September 14, 2017:
Loved everything about this month's kit! The dazzles,the papers, the designs. Can't wait to see the rest of the Charleston set!
Written by Leigh Ann Allen on September 12, 2017:
Loved the kit this month. I am so curious to see that papers that will match the Charleston Dazzles. All the dazzles and papers were lovely, especially the gold pearl rose dazzles. Wonderful kit as always.
Written by Daria on August 23, 2017:
Another wonderful kit! The papers and ideas are wonderful and I can't decide which one of the dazzles is my favorite; the Christmas Scribble Shapes of the Snow Globes. But I love them all!
Written by Debbie Comeau on August 9, 2017:
I loved this months kit! Especially the Christmas Cabin Border paper! I hope this is a new paper pack!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Our new Christmas Cabin paper pack will be released in our September catalog!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on July 31, 2017:
What a fun surprise to unwrap the holiday-themed August Dazzles kit! My favs are Gail's snow globe and the Color-Me cards. Thanks designers!
Written by Katherine Clark on July 3, 2017:
This month's butterfly kit is my favorite one this year. I love the papers, the dazzles, and the designs. Just fun cards to make when they are so prettu.
Written by Daria Sikorski on July 1, 2017:
This is for the July kit...You have really outdone yourself with this kit! All the dazzles are wonderful but I fell in love with the Winter Butterfly dazzles and Papers. Can't wait until Sept. when you release the papers to see what else is in the collection! Gorgeous!
Written by Gail on June 21, 2017:
Loved the Scribble flowers dazzles. Great fun to play with. I did like experimenting with the gold ripple paper. I hadn't thought of using it for more than backgrounds before. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next kit!
Written by Gail on June 3, 2017:
Loved the grad dazzles. Used it for two different graduation cards this last week. It let me put together something much better than just stamping. I did the flip card in the kit and it turned out nicely. This is my first kit and I'm looking forward to next month's kit arriving!
Written by Jacqueline on May 29, 2017:
Crafty Spring Greetings to all! Susan's Flower Dazzles in blush pink/gold lend themselves beautifully to adorning papier mache trinket boxes. Thanks a bunch, Susan!
Written by Debbie on May 10, 2017:
I loved this months kit! Especially the little hippos and the garden sheet. I can't wait for those papers to be available.
Written by Joela on May 8, 2017:
Can we have the hippo dazzles as a stamp set with matching die? They are so cute.
Written by Rosalind on March 6, 2017:
I extra love this month's dazzle collection. Wow, I'm always thrilled to see what new dazzles you have in store for us. This month I can see many cards to be made with Man's Best Friend dazzles and the special color for Party Animals. Keep up the great work. I love my dazzle subscription.
Written by Mary L. Slicker on February 1, 2017:
I love the papers in the Feb. dazzle packet. They are all so useful beyond the projects you deliver with the dazzles. How about some sports related dazzles - many children and adults are involved or fans of sports They are needed for birthday cards.
Written by Daria Sikorski on January 30, 2017:
This is for the February kit! Love the bright shiny colors of the Flamingos and Chrome Classics. They brighten up the dull, cloudy winter days! The Happy Trails is so cute and the words are wonderful. Always a need for word dazzles! The entire kit is great!
Written by Danni on January 4, 2017:
I absolutely love this months packet. The new rose dazzles is a welcome change and the papers are not only beautiful but fun to work with. I am in the process of making 125 quilled greeting cards for a convention and this packet really got my creative juices flowing again. THANK YOU
Written by Lee C on December 15, 2016:
Black cat dazzles are more than charming and expect, based on Message Board chatter, that you will have a hit on your hands with that one. Looking forward to seeing the puppies in the spring. Well done, PW.
Written by Arlene Thompson on December 3, 2016:
My Dec Premiers Dazzles kit arrived in the mail just a little while ago, and I just had to comment on it. It has some of the most beautiful paper I've seen! The dazzles are great, too! Can't wait to make cards with them!
Written by Jacqueline on October 30, 2016:
Received my 11/16 sparkling stash of Dazzles and lovely lacy papers! I plan to decorate my 2 PW clocks with the cozy coffee Dazzles on the brown-tone paper for a breakfast nook area. The stunning and shimmery diamond-like Dazzles will complement the lacy-watercolor paper in my powder room. Such fun and frolic!
Written by Jacqueline on October 28, 2016:
Happy crafting to all! I really am enjoying the "Gnomie" Dazzles, since, I have a small gnome figure collection. Also, the teal penguin Dazzles are a fresh color to add to our wintry-scenes cards! Thanks for the variety of Dazzles and their novel uses!
Written by Jacqueline on October 1, 2016:
Colorful Fall Greetings to all! I really enjoyed the gold Dazzle framed leaves and the copper nostalgic Dazzle scrapbooking/cardmaking collection since, they gave my projects an air of elegance! Thanks for your fine products to inspire us!
Written by Barbara Harrison on September 9, 2016:
Paulette, you are always thinking of your customers. Giving us extra paper and dazzles because all the papers weren't included in this months kit. I love paper wishes because you are so caring and when I think you can't top what's already available you always do!
Written by Daria Sikorski on September 7, 2016:
First I have been remiss in not posting monthly because every month's kit is fantastic! I want to extend a Great Big Thank You to Paulette for last month's snowflake dazzles. Can't get enough of them. This month's kit is just as wonderful. Can't pick which on I like the best so this month they are ALL my favorites!
Written by Beverly Ricketts on August 13, 2016:
I absolutely love this months dazzles. Three cheers for the design team for not only the card designs but the cleaver use of the excess material from the snowflake dazzles. I was also pleased with the addition of the gold glitter, and the scrap booking lay out was fabulous. Keep up the good work everyone, I know I am going to enjoy my new goodies tonight. Beverly
Written by Connie R on August 2, 2016:
Loved the August Dazzles kit, especially the Snowflakes dazzles and the Nature's Touch dazzles with coordinating papers. As always, thank you so much for a great kit! Connie R.
Written by Debbie on July 12, 2016:
I loved this months kit, especially the vellum and matching dazzles!
Written by Callie Moyer on July 6, 2016:
I love the vellum kit so the dazzles and vellum were a great bonus! And the dazzles and card designs and scrapbook one are wonderful. Love all of it! Thanks so much :-)
Written by Patt on July 5, 2016:
FINALLY!!! Christmas!! Makes me hopeful this hot, nasty summer is gonna be over soon! Love the Dazzles! Especially the gold Joyful sheet. Thank you for the new stuff!
Written by Shelley Tims on April 30, 2016:
Love paperwishes. So inspirational. I am never disappointed in anything I've received. Wish I lived closer...would totally want to work there!!!
Written by Nickie Engle on April 23, 2016:
The "Zen Dragonflies" are the prettiest Dazzles I've ever seen yet!! Drop-dead GORGEOUS!!! Your kits are getting me quite spoiled, with all these wonderful goodies!
Written by Daria Sikorski on April 5, 2016:
Love this kit. Can't pick a favorite dazzle because I love them all! The designers did a great job creating the idea cards this month. Way to go!!!
Written by Daria on March 2, 2016:
Another Winner! Love the DS bird dazzles; so pretty. The black dazzles with the gold is one of my favorite finishes; very classy. But I have to say my favorite from this kit is the Wisdom Owls. Those are one of my favorite dazzles and then to make them in the copper is over the top! Thanks again for a wonderful kit!
Written by Barbara C on February 29, 2016:
The March kit just arrived and the Papers are Beautiful. Love, love, love them. You never disappoint.
Written by Leann S. on January 23, 2016:
I loved the botanical I have to get the matching stamp set so I can use them together...keep up the excellent my surprises each month
Written by Rosalind on January 8, 2016:
I love every kit I receive. I love my dazzle membership. So many new items and great ideas. Keep up the good work.
Written by Daria on January 6, 2016:
WOW! January's kit is wonderful! I love the new brown metallic color being used. The botanical frames are nice and there is always a need for greetings but I have to say that my favorite are the Zen Butterflies. Backing them on the vellum and coloring them in with Wink of Stella pens was a fabulous idea and it looks wonderful! Another success.
Written by Daria on December 23, 2015:
Another hit! Love the Happy Hearts dazzles because they remind me of PA Dutch art, the copper finish on the Steampunk dazzles is great! And I like the pearl finish on the Ice Skates and the Butterfly dazzles. Great paper and projects too!!!
Written by Leann S. on December 11, 2015:
I really really like the dazzles this favorite is the steampunk in copper..I have always liked the copper finish in glad to see it in the dazzles
Written by Leann S. on November 30, 2015:
I really like when HOTP includes some specialty finishes on the dazzles in the kit..also getting the scrap-booking papers that are not in any paper have out done yourselves this month..can't wait to play!!!
Written by Catherine on November 7, 2015:
I especially loved the "life-size" hummingbird Dazzles. Usually you only see small hummingbirds, these are beautifully detailed! And the bunnies are so cute! I'm never disappointed in my kits.
Written by Daria on November 4, 2015:
Another fabulous dazzle kit! The peacock dazzles in the blue color are beautiful, the bunnies in the brown are so cute, the green pearl hummingbirds are fantastic but my favorite this month are the Colorist dazzles. I have been just relaxing and coloring them in. The papers, designs and dazzles all work so well together and are all great! I've made two of the cards already and I just got the kit today!
Written by Jackie Garlitz on November 3, 2015:
I love love love the blue peacocks. The purples ones were my favorite of all time, but these are just a great. And I love hummingbirds, so these green pearl are wonderful. I hope the peacocks will be available for individual purchase later on.
Written by Amanda on November 2, 2015:
The November dazzles is the most amazing kit yet! I've not had my kit 10 minutes and I HAD, HAD to rush to the computer and rave!! Thank you thank you! I give this months kit a 10 outta ten! For a picky lady like me that is truly saying something! Again, thank you for an amazing product!
Written by Leann S. on October 28, 2015:
I am always so happy to receive my Personal shopper kit ..every month is something special..I love the cards and pages the designers do.. each one is unique and gives me great ideas to play with
Written by Patt J Pruett on September 9, 2015:
Hi All! Love this months kit!! I forget to write each month but I'm always happy with the kits. I can't wait for more Fall and Christmas designs! I live all year waiting for them! Thanks for great designs! See you on the 19th!!! Patt
Written by Daria on September 2, 2015:
Every month a say that it can't get better and yet this month's kit did just that. I love everything about it. The papers, the ideas and the extra gift. I love Bendi cards and the way the look when they are finished. Thank you for another great month of ideas and dazzles.
Written by on September 2, 2015:
I especially LOVED the Teal Jewel Butterfly Dazzles!!!!!! Can't wait to be able to order them in EVERY color!!! Loved the cards too. I've often use Spectrum Noir Pens & I appreciated the sample card using them. You guys are soooo special. May each of you realize what a blessing you are to all of us and may you and your families be abundantly blessed in return. K
Written by Barbara Harrison on September 2, 2015:
Paulette, I do believe this month's kit is my favorite. The Floral Fantasy Scrapbooking Dazzles are so beautiful and I can't wait to see what other colors the Jewel Butterfly Dazzles will come in (perhaps copper, gold, silver). Paper wishes never disappoints. I know this is the Personal Shopper comment section but may I thank you for the VIP goodie bag. You are the most generous person I know. I love all the "goodies" and I love being a VIP! One more thing, Paulette, Happy Anniversary a little late. My husband and I were also married during the Vietnam era. We will be married 50 years in April 2016. You have kept your wonderful smile through the years. How lucky for us. Thank you for being HOTP Paper Wishes.
Written by Leigh Ann on August 25, 2015:
I loved the dazzles and I loved the papers.
Written by Daria on August 13, 2015:
Loved everything in this months kit! If I have to pick one that I like the most it's the double stick ornament dazzles. I now can use the metal leaf successfully!
Written by Connie R on August 5, 2015:
I loved the dazzles & ideas in the August Dazzles kit. Very nice! Thank you.
Written by Elaine on August 4, 2015:
I absolutely loved August Dazzles. The paper is just what I have been looking for. Very happy.
Written by Bettie C on July 6, 2015:
July 2015: So happy to have early Christmas designs. I always need to start early. They are beautiful.
Written by Dawn on June 14, 2015:
Loved the dazzles this month, though it's a little too early for me to be thinking about Halloween yet. The paperdolls aren't something I'd normally choose, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like them. The paper was great this month too, especially the gold ripple and the pink floral papers.
Written by Leigh Ann on June 13, 2015:
I loved all the idea's and dazzles this month. I am so happy you have kid friendly Halloween Dazzles. I have a 1 and a half year old nephew and the Too Cute To Spook Dazzles will be perfect for him!!!
Written by juanita e davis on June 3, 2015:
I Absolutely love! adore! admire! you wonderful people!!!! This last kit arrived unexpectedly--what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for delivering this envelope of inspiration to my door! I am very happy that I subscribed!
Written by Daria on June 3, 2015:
This is for the June kit. All I can say that I loved everything about it, the dazzles, the papers, the ideas. I will be getting more of the paper doll and pumpkin dazzles for sure!
Written by Lana Mountford on May 30, 2015:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new "Serenity" papers! I like anything with navy blue (don't know why -- it just seems to go so well with every other color), and the floral pink and aqua are just divine. Another wonderful kit!
Written by Daria on May 8, 2015:
This month's kit was again fabulous. I loved the papers, and the ideas. Thanks again for a great kit!
Written by Lana on May 2, 2015:
LOVE LOVE LOVE everything in the latest kit. I WISH the blue chevron and woodgrain papers (the ones used for the Dad card) were available to purchase. I believe they were part of a Scrapbooking Classes Personal Shopper, correct? Please tell me they'll be part of a fab new paper pack sometime in the near future. The colors are EXACTLY what I need (navy blue, a little yellow, some red, but not "childish").
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
I'm so glad you enjoyed the papers in our Personal Shopper Dazzles kit. However, they will not be coming out in a paper pack. They are special for our Personal Shopper kits.
Written by Kymberli on May 2, 2015:
I absolutely love this month's kit! The zen dragonfly dazzles took my breath away. We use dragonflies to memorialize my son who passed away 6 years ago, so to see something new makes my heart swell! Thanks for always putting so much effort in to these kits. It's guilt free spending!
Written by Daria on April 7, 2015:
Again, you have put together a wonderful kit!
Written by Linda on March 29, 2015:
You ladies are really mean. Here it is the 28th of March and the temperature is 17 degrees. my grass is white with snow and my dazzles that arrived today are telling me to think snow, after this winter that is just mean. We need to think spring! Just kidding I think this months dazzles are beautiful even if the are ice skates and snowflakes. Thanks for another great month.
Written by Roxanne on March 19, 2015:
very beautiful cannot wait every month to see all the new dazzles and pretty cards.Ilove the papers also
Written by Rosalind on March 7, 2015:
I'm confused with the 0315 Premiere Dazzles kit. First paragraph you say do NOT heat the embossing powders then under the instrucions for The Sweet Card, you do heat the powder. What am I missing?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
It sounds like we need to clarify our instructions for you because they are a little confusing. Debbie did use a heat gun at 10-12" away from the Dazzles and kept it moving at all times. Spending too much time heating in one place will melt the Dazzles. However, if you keep the gun moving far enough away from the Dazzles you will be able to reproduce this technique. If you decide this technique is not for you, consider substituting water color pencils, Spectrum Noir pens, Smooch inks or perhaps Gelatos to color in the Dazzles.
Written by Peggy on March 1, 2015:
I have been receiving these for several years and love it when a new month arrives. They make card making and scrapping such an adventure. Thanks and keep on sending them.
Written by Daria on February 28, 2015:
Oh wow! Just love this moths dazzles and papers and ideas.
Written by C R on February 10, 2015:
Might have been late but well worth waiting for. The papers are great as are the dazzles.
Written by Linda H on February 5, 2015:
I love the dazzles in the Feb 2015 kit! I LOVE the Aloha dazzles in Red. I will be using them to scrapbook my Maui vacation! I also really LOVE Gail's scrapbook page from the newsletter. Beautiful use of multiple photos and scrapbooking dazzles.
Written by Bettie C on February 3, 2015:
Feb 2015 kit. I really like that the techniques are named in the newsletter. The Dazzles are great, especially the lovely lavender/silver florals.
Written by Kymberli Meeks on January 26, 2015:
I absolutely love the papers and dazzles in this month's kit. The pearl like dazzles are a beautiful finish, and have been the perfect touch on so many of my projects. I can't wait to see the papers that come out in April. The color palettes are right up my alley. I look forward to this delivery every month, and it's a magnificent way to keep me on the VIP list! My husband asked, "Can we declare Paper Wishes as a dependent on our taxes?"
Written by Bettie C on January 24, 2015:
The Jan 2015 Premiere Dazzles Kit was well worth the wait. Bee-U-Tee-ful! Gold, silver, and lots of new techniques to try.
Written by Daria on January 24, 2015:
WOW WOW WOW! Loved this kit and it was worth the wait. There is nothing about this kit that I don't like. The papers and dazzles are beautiful, the designers came through with flying colors with their card designs and the free gift is wonderful! Thank you for a great product!
Written by Rosalind on January 21, 2015:
Any idea when January's dazzles kit will e shipped?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The January Dazzles kits are shipping today and thank you all for your patience and understanding.
Written by Kymberli on January 3, 2015:
I love the soft feel of the papers and dazzles. I used them almost immediately on some family projects I was doing for Christmas. I can't wait to buy more from the new catalog to use on MY projects :)
Written by Daria on December 2, 2014:
Love, love, love this months kit! There is nothing about it that I don't like. Love all the dazzles but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Woodland Beauties. The deer is a dear.
Written by Barbara on November 12, 2014:
Just loved this months Premiere Dazzles. It was just chocked full of fun, inspiration and beautiful goodies.
Written by Janice on November 6, 2014:
I am so addicted to Dazzles, just can't get enough & I love when a little unexpected surprise is added like this month with the crystal frames! or leafing pieces, embossing powder, flocking, embossing paste, specialty paper, etc! Thanks Paulette for your generosity & taking such good care of your customers!
Written by Daria on November 5, 2014:
I loved everything about this months kit! Thanks for including the scrapbooking dazzle in the kit.
Written by connie delucchi on November 2, 2014:
I love the family ties dazzles and the paper is just great I've already used it on the heart swing card for Christmas. Thank you.
Written by linda Holt on October 17, 2014:
great kit this month! LOVE LOVE LOVE the OWLS!
Written by Catherine on September 30, 2014:
I particularly loved the owl Dazzles. I'm from Arizona and there is a definite Southwestern look to these Dazzles. I also loved the variety of the papers. And the coin envelope! Perfect for gift cards.
Written by PennyD on September 4, 2014:
Really enjoying this month's Dazzles. Very happy to see copper borders, they are great to make masculine cards with.
Written by Catherine on September 2, 2014:
The copper Dazzles are fabulous! I can't wait to make some fall themed cards now. I love getting new Dazzles every month!
Written by Penny Douphinett on August 17, 2014:
I have been getting other Personal Shoppers for years but finally decided to join the Dazzles and I am so glad I did. I loved everything about my first kit! Can't wait for the next one.
Written by Cyndi DeMeulenaere on August 7, 2014:
Well, at age 56, if I could do back flips, I would be doing them! The August kit is screaming, "Come play with me!" I have wanted to try the Action Wobble Springs, but keep forgetting about them. Now I can try 1! And, who there is in my mind? I need some prodding to get busy with any holiday. I have Halloween, Christmas, and even fall themes to get me moving, so there is no excuse for me not to start making my cards! The Dazzles are always wonderful, but I especially like the intricacies of the new Halloween Spooky Labels Dazzles. It just proves you can still have a fancy, "I spent hours on this card" look, even when you're trying to be fun & spooky! Thanks for putting this kit together. It will provide me hours of fun!
Written by Daria on August 6, 2014:
This is for August's kit. Again, you have come through with some great dazzles. The squirrel in the Nuts About Squirrels dazzles is so cute but I have to say that my favorite from this group is the Tiny Poinsettias and Leaves dazzles.
Written by Daria on August 6, 2014:
Christmas in July! Oh what fun! All the Christmas dazzles are great and I can't choose which one I like the best. The reindeer in cute, the retro is fun, the words and decorate with dazzles are so useful. Love them all!
Written by Kymberli on August 3, 2014:
Love the elegant new Christmas dazzles!! Can't wait until they are released so I can buy more!!
Written by Kim on August 3, 2014:
Loved this months goodies, as always! The squirrels dazzles are adorable. Just wish the Post Office was easier on my packages, I have a pencil size hole in some of my papers ugh! Keep up the great work on your end!!
Written by Katherine Clark on July 26, 2014:
Loved the Dazzles in this kit. Especially the Jingle bell Rock sheet. The tiny words dazzles is just great. I will use it over and over just like the regular tiny words. Very happy to be using the Smooch inks since I bought them all and haven't used them much. Great kit. Keep them coming.
Written by Callie on July 23, 2014:
This was a great kit, it was fun to make some Christmas things in the summer. I loved the flying reindeer and the tiny Christmas words the best. The Christmas words are going to make cards and scrapbook pages so much easier. I can hardly wait for them to be sold to anyone. Stock up, I think they will be a real crowd pleaser.
Written by Judy Headrick on July 9, 2014:
I am really enjoying this month's kit! I'm a little embarrassed to say that this is the first time I've made ALL of the cards in a newsletter. After finishing them, I still had plenty of paper and dazzles for more cards and my "creative block" had lifted so I was able to design some really cute cards! I guess I should do the newsletter projects more often. :)
Written by Catherine on July 5, 2014:
I love these Christmas Dazzles. Jingle Bell Rock Dazzles look like they will be a lot of fun to use. The paper is great, because I had bought the paper packs and could always use more! I am looking forward to seeing what other Christmas Dazzles will be coming out this year!
Written by Donna on July 4, 2014:
The pictures did not do these cards justice. They turned out so cute. The directions were clear and easy to follow.
Written by Mary Lynn Cox on July 4, 2014:
I just finished the jukebox card but I did it with a little twist. I used the double stick paper and micro glitter technique. It turned out beautifully.
Written by linda on May 31, 2014:
LeNae surpassed her previous designs. The Happy Birthday and the Shine cards are my favorites. The techniques/tips were very useful.
Written by Lisa Martin on May 28, 2014:
My 1st set of and I loved it, the paper now so much but the dazzels are great.
Written by Charlene Rogers on May 19, 2014:
Once again, I love learning different techniques and ideas that I can use on other cards as well. The papers this month were a great mix.
Written by Wendy on May 13, 2014:
I absolutely love the fairy and star dazzels! They are my new favorites!
Written by Barbara C on May 5, 2014:
Loved the kit this month.The star dazzles are really pretty in the pearl. Liked the Everyday Greeting Dazzles can never have enough of those and the Fairies Dazzles in the purple are really pretty. Loved the papers of course--always do. I really liked the free gift--thank you!!!
Written by Charlene Rogers on May 2, 2014:
Loved the papers and the fun dazzles. Lots of neat ideas for cards that I can use in the future.
Written by Linda on April 23, 2014:
I just LOVE the Party Animals dazzles! May be my new favorite! I love the projects this month, too. Can't wait to get busy... and the appreciative comments I get from card recipients feel great too. They think I am a crafting genius, but I just follow the instructions. Thanks for making me look good!
Written by Daria on April 12, 2014:
I really loved the dazzles. Can't really say which one was my favorite because I loved them all. Excited to see the rest of the decorating dazzles. The papers were also fun and I liked the ideas that they all came from one paper pack.
Written by Patt on March 30, 2014:
Written by judi on March 23, 2014:
What a wonderful group of Dazzles. Love the bears. Wish my Dad was still alive so that I could make him one of cards in the booklet. He'd have liked it. Thank you for the neat kit.
Written by Daria Sikorski on March 10, 2014:
Thanks for the great paper selection and the fun dazzles. Even tho' I don't have any use for Mother's or Father's cards I was able to change the Mother's Day card to be able to give to my daughter and the Rad Dad card as a birthday card from me to my hubby. That's what I love about these products. You can use them for anything. I made the Happy Birthday Bear card for my granddaughter. Thanks for incorporating the punching technique to make the border strip. Makes the punches more versatile. That is one of my favorite punches. Thanks again for a great product, Daria
Written by Barbara C on March 5, 2014:
Loved this months Dazzles kit. These are always such a burst of inspiration. Love getting the idea letter, the little extra "special" surprise every month. I know we hear over and over that the possibilities are endless but with dazzles they really are--you can do so much with them.
Written by Cathy on March 2, 2014:
I love the bears, they are so cute and would make really cute cards. The Dazzles with the mustaches are hilarious, you don't get enough stuff for masculine cards and Father's Day is not that far off.
Written by Doris Lalande on March 1, 2014:
I didn't like the paper much. But all rest was great and the matchbook pocket will be use for a C.D holder that was great to. I love the dazzles. I wish u do something for st. Patrick day. Has my kids are Irish and love to make something to do for them.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Be sure you're signed up for the Paper Wishes newsletter! We will be featuring two festive St. Patrick's Day cards! Coming Soon!! You can sign up on our homepage.
Written by Ruth on February 28, 2014:
Thank you! You listened and gave us the white birthday dazzles!
Written by Judi Edder on February 21, 2014:
I really like these Dazzles. They brought a smile to my face. The chick goes great with a small stamp set that I have. There's nothing like Dazzles to make a card special.
Written by Callie Moyer on February 1, 2014:
I have enjoyed all the premiere dazzles that I have had the opportunity to complete, both current and all the ones I could get that were available for purchase. The Dazzles themselves are wonderful. I had never seen or heard of them before becoming a loyal Paperwishes customer. But I am a huge fan. And I want to give a "Big Thank You" to all the designers of the kits, they are very enjoyable and also a learning experience, not to mention fun. And I have gotten lots of complements on the cards and scrapbook pages I have made with them. I also use many of them in projects with my grandkids. Thanks again. Callie
Written by Joyce on January 14, 2014:
I just want to thank you for the lovely surprise in the mail. Lots of fun things to do. The dazzle kit this month was perfect for me. I have a very ill friend who will not get well and you had such nice friend cards to make this month. I send her a card every week so I am always looking for new ones to make for her. I always look forward to each months dazzle cards.
Written by Heidi on January 10, 2014:
I will never tire of this kit! The Dazzles are forever dazzling and the papers are always wonderful...oh yes and the extras are always appreciated too.
Written by connie delucchi on January 4, 2014:
I love the monkeys
Written by Melany Wenneker on January 3, 2014:
I absolutely loved the MONKEY dazzles! The other dazzles are pretty also.
Written by Janet on January 1, 2014:
The monkey is so cute and I will be using it for my great-nephew's upcoming birthday card. All the other Dazzles are great...can't wait to get started!
Written by Daria Sikorski on December 30, 2013:
I just loved this months premier dazzles. I received it in the mail today and have just about completed every project. I loved all the papers and my favorite dazzles this time was the butterfly one...but I am partial to butterflies. Keep up the great job! Dar
Written by Barbara C on December 30, 2013:
Loved the dazzles this month. The Camera Dazzles are just what I have been waiting for. The Monkey Dazzles are cute will be great for kids arrangements. The Banner Greeting Dazzles are really something that I think I will need more of in the future. Thanks again for a great kit!!
Written by Heidi on December 10, 2013:
I have to say, I love this kit! You cant beat the Dazzles they are always new and fun and plentiful. And the papers are such a bonus. Love it!
Written by mary helen politte on December 10, 2013:
I love the new feather papers introduced in this month's Personal Shopper! I will purchase the paper pack when it becomes available Thank you for beautiful papers and supplies!!!
Written by Callie Moyer on December 1, 2013:
I loved this months dazzle kit. It was a fun selection of dazzles and papers. I finished it in one day! Can't wait for the next one. Keep the ideas coming!
Written by Patti Jo on November 18, 2013:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DAZZLES ! I can hardly wait for the next months kit to arrive. They are easy to use and with the transfer sheet there is no worries. Ever since I found Paperwishes and the Dazzles, I have found I have more artistic talent than I thought.
Written by Heidi on November 13, 2013:
I love this kit every time. The papers are such a fun bonus and the Dazzles are always fun! Honestly you cant beat the fun and value in this kit. I wish it came every week!
Written by Linda on November 11, 2013:
Who else but Paulette and HOTP to come up with the idea of "charm" dazzles. They are unique and innovative as many of HOTP products are. I used the word "innies" on another project.
Written by Reine Makiya on November 11, 2013:
I just learned about using peel off stickers with microfine glitter on double stick tape sheets and coloring them with my copic markers! Love the look, so sparkly. I am going to try this with the dazzles next. This would look great with stained glass designs!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Written by Marge Ding on November 10, 2013:
I wasn't enthused when I opened the kit. I didn't particularly like the dazzles. But as I looked at the instruction sheet several times, I ended up making 10 different cards from the Dazzles and the papers. Thank you so much for the idea cards printed in the kit. It helps me so much -- I make cards from the sample of the front of the card, and also make cards using the sample of the inside of the card. So I usually end up making two cards instead of the one. Keep up the good work. Wow - 10 cards and at first I didn't like the kit. (Issue: 1013) Keep up the good work.
Written by Janet T on November 10, 2013:
Love the new charms idea, can't wait to get started!
Written by Marsha on October 13, 2013:
I have been a member since March of this year. And I was originally going to write to ask for more scrapbooking ideas using the dazzles since I was not much of a card maker. However,things have changed a bit. In April I found out that my Aunt Carolyn had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and since it has become agressive and non curable. Every couple of weeks I make her a card from my kits and recently ordered the Hearfelt Greetings stamp set because it's so difficult to know what to write to her and the stamp set really helps. Thank you for all the great ideas and variety in the kits. They have been a great help. Keep up the great work! I look forward to my kits every month.
Written by Barbara C on September 28, 2013:
The October Premiere Dazzles kit is another hit. Love the Fancy Feather papers--looking forward to seeing the new paper pack and the ideas your team come up with when it is released in January. The ideas in the October kit are right on mark. Love the dazzles and the ideas given. LeNae, the cards you created are so pretty. The never before seen-- Celestial Dazzles and the Time to Celebrate Dazzles are great. My Favorites are the Lacy Flowers Dazzles and the Feathers Dazzles with a close runner up the Celestial. Thanks for the mini templates--they will come in handy. Thanks again for this great kit.
Written by Barbara Cozart on September 1, 2013:
Loved the Sept. Dazzles kit. Papers are beautiful and go with the dazzles just right. The Butterflies dazzles are elegant--love the size. Love the size of the snowflakes too. The soft peachy color of the never-before seen Sympathy Dazzles -- hope you come out with some more in this color. The Bones Dazzles are such fun. Thanks again for a terrific kit.
Written by Joyce Watts on August 31, 2013:
I haven't gotten a kit yet that I haven't loved. The extra dazzle was a nice surprise. Loved that you sent a special surprise this week also. I just love paper wishes.I use a lot of sympathy cards and thinking of you cards. Many cards I can convert to what ever kind of card I want. I love dazzles and never tire of them. Thank you for this personal shopper kit every month.
Written by Connie DeLucchi on August 31, 2013:
I always love the dazzles,
Written by Barbara on August 21, 2013:
This was my first kit and I loved it, especially the newletter, full of "how-to's." 1. I learn about using Smooch with Dazzles. 2. I found new ideas about constructing a card, i.e.: the "Hoot, Hoot, Hooray!" card. A. the layering (4 layers) was new to me and B. using the ribbon, over two layers and under two. Thanks, Barbara
Written by Kym on August 13, 2013:
I really liked all the dazzles this month, most especially the mix 'ems Leaves dazzles - boy were they gorgeous!! I think the *idea* of the little Owls dazzles was a good one but the intricacy of the design (or perhaps the cutting process at the manufacturer) wasn't ideal: most of my stickers didn't come off the sheet cleanly and often tore when I tried to remove some of the smaller pieces (like the talons, especially). Again, cute idea but it may need a little more work for awesome execution.
Written by Judi on August 6, 2013:
I love the papers in August's kit. They're lovely. The Dazzles are awesome. Another great kit.
Written by Heidi on August 5, 2013:
There is never a thing about this kit that is anything other than fantastic!
Written by Wendy on July 31, 2013:
Dazzles are great in so many crafts! I loved this month's fun cards - can't get enough Dazzles! Thanks for such fun and share-able projects!
Written by Mary Melcher on July 27, 2013:
This is a super duper kit not only for the dazzles but the new paper! I absolute love the gradations of color. I just hope I don't miss it when it comes out. I love all the dazzles kits and will only cancel if I don't have money for food. LOL Love you Paulette and all the PaperWishes team. You are all terrific!!
Written by Gloria Taylor on July 26, 2013:
What I love about this dazzle kit is that you can use them in just about any creative project I make. Sometimes I copy what is shown in the kit, but I have also used them my own way, love being able to use them however I want, thank you so much; plus I always look forward for my next kit.
Written by Stephanie King on July 20, 2013:
Very cute. I was looking at past Dazzle kits and wish that Feb 2013 becomes available again. Your webisodes are always inspiring.
Written by Judi on July 5, 2013:
Got the July kit the other day. Loved it. I really like the village Dazzles. Makes me want to make a village scene with them instead of a card. Awesome kit.
Written by Patti Jo on July 2, 2013:
I absolute love, love this months premier Dazzles Personal Shopper kit. I am really impressed with the color pallet and ideas. But, of course the Dazzles are spectacular!! I wish this packages came every day with different dazzles. It is like Christmas waiting for the next package to arrive. Great Job! So, when will they start coming weekly?
Written by Kym on July 1, 2013:
I loved the fun and bright new holiday dazzles. Eh truly make the difference o. ALL of my projects....pages, cards, paper crafts! everything !!
Written by Lizzi on June 29, 2013:
The kit this month is amazing!! I don't know how Paperwishes does it. Each month is better than the last. I'm so glad I signed up for Premiere Dazzles.
Written by Catherine Crowley on June 27, 2013:
I am completely in love with the Premium Dazzles Personal Shopper kits. I love the Dazzles in this kit, especially the larger phrase Dazzles, along with the extra mason jar template. I am keeping that as a template.
Written by Darlene on June 24, 2013:
OK, this time I just had to leave you a comment. I've been getting the Premiere Dazzles kits for some time now. They never disappoint. In fact I loved them so much I joined the Cardmaking kits too. I must say the June selection is just perfect. I love the Big Greeting, and would love to see more like this with different greetings and colors. Maybe in the future (hint, hint) Several of the papers are just fantastic, Gypsy Jewels has such wonderful colors and the strip is so versatile, I can't wait for August. The other paper I just loved is the bold color strip. I couldn't find a name for that but hope you release it soon. ! Well, back to may cards, and Thank You for your wonderful products. Keep them coming. Darlene
Written by Linda on June 21, 2013:
I just loved this month's Dazzle Personal Shopper kit. I quickly made the Happy Birthday card in the striped batik looking paper with the butterflies on it, and made a big impression at my friend's 55th birthday party! Thanks for making me look so creative!
Written by Janet on June 19, 2013:
I loved the Best Wishes card. Just in time for a 50th Anniversary. The butterfly card is just right for my son's birthday. Not to womanish and has the ost beautiful colors.
Written by Daria Sikorski on June 18, 2013:
Loved everything about this months kit. The papers were fabulous and so were the dazzles. I get so many compliments on my cards. Thanks for the great products and ideas.
Written by Jane on June 9, 2013:
Loved this kit! The polar bear cubs are adorable and I can't wait to use them. The black large words have so many uses too. Great kit this month!
Written by Carole Falck on June 7, 2013:
This month is my third time receiving Premiere Dazzles. I am really enjoying using them. The first month was the car dazzles. I made 4 lovely cards for some of the men in my life. (Son-in-law, nephew etc.) It was a lot of fun. I used the directions as a guide and branched out! Last month was the ferns and I used them for a couple of sympathy cards and they were lovely. This month I am planning to make a beautiful 50th anniversary card for my sisiter. I could go on and on. I have ordered several of your dazzles in the past and I think they are one of the best kept secrets. They can make any card very elegant. Thanks for you and your staff Paulette.
Written by Barbara C. on June 6, 2013:
Loved the June Dazzles, papers and the mini template. The Big Greeting Dazzles are going to be a hit--I really like them hope they come in white also when they become available for purchase. Butterflies--Always--and these are so big. The Snow bears are so cute. The Wedding Dazzles are pretty, and I just saw them introduced in the Wedisode--so glad I got it first. Love the gradient ombre look of the Gypsy Jewel paper----sooo pretty. Thanks for a great kit this month.
Written by Kymberli on June 2, 2013:
I absolutely LOVE the new papers. I have always loved jewel tones, and think they give such a rich element to projects, I'm THRILLED that you are starting lines featuring them. I've completely abandoned buying paper in retail stores since I've found your collections! The dazzles were very nice. You've raised my paper crafting to a whole new level. God Bless, Kymberli
Written by Cathy on June 1, 2013:
Loved June's kit. Can't wait to order more of some of the dazzles!
Written by LindaH61 on May 10, 2013:
I love all the dazzles, but this year the project ideas are also just so fun and beautiful! I completed all the projects from the March kit yesterday afternoon and giggled all evening because it was so much fun to do!
Written by Catherine on May 4, 2013:
I am making Father's Day cards right now, and I LOVE the dazzles with the tools. It gave me some additional inspiration, and I like the card designs in the newsletter.
Written by Susan on May 1, 2013:
First off, thank you so much for getting this months kit to me so pronto, it arrived today so kudos to you for that!
Written by Lizzi on April 30, 2013:
Loved this month's kit. So electic. So much inspiration.
Written by Phyllis Hilton on April 28, 2013:
Just got around to the March Dazzles kit and it is spectacular! LeNae's designs are great. I love the sea-oriented dazzles! My cards are so cute! Also, thanks for putting Simply Ann on your site. I love her demonstrations.
Written by Jan Ronge on April 26, 2013:
I was very excited to receive it in the mail. I love working with Dazzles. The wonderful variety give one such creative inspiration. Especially loved the masculine dazzles that came this month.
Written by Leigh Ann on April 22, 2013:
I loved it all, great ideas, great stickers, great papers. It's wonderful.
Written by Patricia Barnett on April 22, 2013:
Why not?? If you have a membership in one monthly kit, why not let you purchase a additional different monthly kit every now and then. I love what I see in many of the kits but could not have a membership in all of them. I'd love to be able to purchase a few of the kits from other personal shoppers. Kits are wonderful, everything all together, that makes for great fun.
Written by Heidi on April 9, 2013:
Loved it! Once again did all the projects and they all were beautiful and fun to make too. Love Dazzles! Love this Personal Shopper!!!!!!
Written by Heidi on April 9, 2013:
Made every project and loved them all!
Written by Heidi on April 3, 2013:
I love Dazzles personal shopper! The Dazzles are so fantastic and I love to get them before they are out or in different finishes or colors. The extra's are also so much fun! Love, love, love it!
Written by Betty on April 2, 2013:
Loved the new kit! The papers and dazzles are always top quality and gorgeous. I was especially thrilled to receive the vintage car dazzles.
Written by Judi Edder on April 2, 2013:
I just got my kit yesterday. I really liked the Dazzles and the papers. The border Dazzles are lovely. Can't decide which card to make first but I'm sort of in favor of the vintage car card. Thank you all for the wonderful Dazzles.
Written by Susan on April 1, 2013:
Loved this months Personal Shopper Kit. Made the car card last night for a friend! Spectacular!!!! He's a classic for sure and the card will let him know just how I feel!!! Thanks!!!
Written by Renee Quick on March 27, 2013:
I can't believe "I was disappointed" as an option. I always love, love, love my dazzles. The Fishies and Seashells were my favorite this month, I think. However, I can find many uses for the Nature's Touch (I think they would look good in my RVing scrapbook.)and the Stitched dazzles.
Written by sharon on March 26, 2013:
Loved the fish. My nephew and his wife are expecting a baby boy in April. He loves fishing so I used the "Best Fishes" with the two kissing fish on the front and put on the inside of the card "on the upcoming arrival of your new little tadpole". Can't wait to order more of these dazzles.
Written by Judi on March 19, 2013:
I love the fish Dazzles. The cards made with them are lovely. Please more animal Dazzles. Love them.
Written by Christine davis on March 15, 2013:
I am an old scrapbooker who is becoming a new card maker. Love everything about the kit. The instructional sheet is a great resource for new ideas. I am so glad I subscribed to this kit. Thank you.
Written by Leigh Ann Allen on March 14, 2013:
I am thrilled with this kit! It's not only because it's my first kit as a member but the colours and themes and ideas are right up my ally. I especially love the Seashell Dazzles and can't wait until they officially come out so I can get more! The Grapefruit papers are also something I am looking forward to.
Written by Lizzi on March 8, 2013:
The kit this month was gorgeous. I've already made 2 cards out of it and just received the kit a few days ago. Your designers went off the charts for this one. Love the purple Fabulous Ladies and the papers are fabulous (also).
Written by Nancy Parchment on March 8, 2013:
I can't wait for them to arrive every month. Every kit has highlighted different occasions and new ways to create beautiful cards. Everyone who receives one loves it. Keep up the great creative flow!!
Written by Donna on March 4, 2013:
I signed up this month because I loved the dazzles and the project ideas. The directions were easy to follow and the results were just beautiful.
Written by Crystal on March 3, 2013:
I love the March Premiere Dazzles kit. I have already made 3 of the cards. I like the colors and that there is not as much inking around the edges. The first card, "Best Fishes" has an error in the stamp set. It says to use 'Birthday Greetings' stamp set, but the stamp shown is actually in the 'Heartfelt Greetings' stamp set. I have both, so it was not a problem. :)
Written by Rene' on March 2, 2013:
I just love opening my dazzles kit when it comes! Personally, I do not make the inside of my cards, so I get twice as many cards out of my kit!!! It is a super value for me!
Written by Renee on February 12, 2013:
I believe this was my favorite kit yet. I love the strawberry Dazzles.
Written by Patt J on February 12, 2013:
I really liked this one! Especially with the sympathy sample! I hope this next one for March is filled with GREEN!!!!
Written by Delores Spagnuolo on February 9, 2013:
Wow! This is my first kit and I am impressed with how many things I can make with it. Using positives and negatives really stretches the possibilities and I made four cards with the gold leaf dazzles and green paper. Nice for masculine cards, which are hard to come up with! Thanks!
Written by Heidi on February 8, 2013:
My only regret is having to choose between Personal Shoppers. I just "traded" Dazzles with the Cutting Die PS. We'll see how long I can live with out my monthly Dazzle fix.
Written by PJ on February 5, 2013:
The strawberry one was so cute Love everything about Paper Wishes
Written by Barbara C. on February 3, 2013:
Loved the Feb. Premiere Dazzles Kit. All the new Dazzles were great and the 6x6 Rosemary & Thyme papers were beautiful. Especially liked the tiny print papers from Happy Days and Picnic. Thanks for the turn mounts and the book pocket--very nice surprise.
Written by Jane on February 2, 2013:
This month's kit is beautiful! The colors of the dazzles and papers are so bright and cheery I can't wait to use them.
Written by Brenda on January 11, 2013:
Just received my kit and cannot wait to tear into it. Thought I was gonna be tried after the holiday but since receiving this, well, I just cannot wait! Thanks
Written by Caroline B. on January 3, 2013:
My first month as a member of the Premiere Dazzles club, altho I have ordered past kits before. I love that you feature new paper packs (giving us just a taste!) and the extra goodies are fun (and excellent quality) as well as incentive for ordering more. VERY happy with this kit.
Written by mary helen politte on December 30, 2012:
I absolutely love the Winter stitchery papers! Any chance they can be added to next years Christmas products?
Written by Heidi on December 27, 2012:
I realize I'm 42 years old but I still LOVE stickers!This way I get to play with stickers and have almost all I need in my kit to sit down, get creative, and actually finish something between loads of laundry or maybe before bed. Thanks!
Written by patricia donalson on December 9, 2012:
another great kit. Love the black circle dazzles. I have them in every color you now offer but what about brown - good for flower centers, eyes etc Love the selection of papers always enclosed.
Written by Janet S. on December 2, 2012:
I have enjoyed every kit I have received.
Written by Mary Brewer on December 1, 2012:
I never use to like using stickers on cards until I discovered the Dazzles now I use them all the time. Thanks for the great products. Mary Brewer Ft. Hood, Texas
Written by Lizzi Dillion on December 1, 2012:
December Kit - Lovely...lovely! I always look forward to receiving my package with so many wonderful surprises in it!
Written by Lizzi Dillion on December 1, 2012:
Beautiful and so timely!
Written by Jonel on October 27, 2012:
I am not a big Halloween person, so have to come up with "other" uses for that stuff, but I always have fun creating with whatever I get. The non-Halloween stuff was awesome though. Thanks for making things fun.
Written by Judi Edder on October 24, 2012:
Lovely kit. I look forward to each one like they're a present on Christmas day. Its so much fun making cards look so very special with Dazzles on them.
Written by Judi Edder on October 12, 2012:
What a fun kit! I enjoyed making sveral of the cards in it and can't wait to receive October's kit. Its like Christmas every month getting my Dazzle kits.
Written by patricia donalson on October 11, 2012:
what a beautiful set of papers
Written by linda on October 11, 2012:
Dazzle kits are just getting better and better. How about some new emerald green dazzles for St. Patrick's Day?
Written by patricia donalson on September 19, 2012:
another cute kit
Written by Mary on September 13, 2012:
I love every month's Dazzles kit. I just love Dazzles! I don't know who decides what will go into each month's goody kit but I must say they are very good at it!!Love Love Dazzles!! Mary
Written by Mary Brewer on September 7, 2012:
I just love the Dazzles never used them before getting the personal shopper kits and now I can't get enough.Thanks
Written by Teri on September 6, 2012:
I absolutely love the mix 'ems dazzels. they are easy to use and they look great.
Written by paul56 on September 5, 2012:
love it,
Written by Jackie Brockett on September 1, 2012:
I love the new papers in with this September kit. The dazzles fit nicely with them too. Can't wait to get started on my Christmas cards.
Written by Christine Elliott on August 14, 2012:
Loved the kit with all the cards. Can't wait for the next one.
Written by Jackie on August 10, 2012:
I'm using them as I write! They are always useful in my cards.
Written by Mary Melcher on August 3, 2012:
I love this months' dazzles, as always. I haven't seen a dazzle I don't love! Thanks for all the ideas and the little webisodes for each month!
Written by Barbara C on July 31, 2012:
Loved this Months Premiere Dazzles selection. Papers are a hit the Boo Dazzles are great. I really really love the Home Grown Scrapbook Dazzles and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Scrapbook page idea is just too cute. The joyfull overlay was a suprise --thank you for another great pack of goodies.
Written by Cyndi on July 30, 2012:
Now that I'm done drooling over the new Dazzles....I LOVE this month's kit! Can't wait for Halloween now...might have to make a few cards ahead of time! Haven't even looked at the newsletter yet...that usually sends me into a catatonic state for awhile, I get so excited! HA! Thanks a million!
Written by Jonel on July 27, 2012:
This was my very first kit, so was excited to see what was in it. I have fallen in love with Dazzles and the many uses that I am finding for them. Thanks for offering the kits, and for.... well....just being You!!! :)
Written by Marge McEvoy on July 23, 2012:
I just wanted to say that I have never been disappointed by any of the dazzles kits. Thanks for these beautiful kits.
Written by sharon kraft on July 19, 2012:
Loved this month's dazzle kit. I look forward to them each month and it was worth the extra wait this month for the wonderful Christmas dazzles. I love the train and can't wait until they go on sale. I will need lots of them.
Written by Barbara Cozart on July 14, 2012:
Loved the July Dazzles!! "Christmas In July" The New papers are a hit and the Dazzles are terrific! Thanks so much.
Written by Elizabeth on June 25, 2012:
Love the new Dazzles that are coming out. You continue to amaze me!
Written by Vicki Lee on June 15, 2012:
I love everything I receive from Paper Wishes, especially the Dazzles! Can't wait to get next months already! Going to try Stamps Only now! Already enjoying Cardmaking Personal Shopper! Thanks, Vicki
Written by Patt J Pruett on June 12, 2012:
Thanks for the wedding/New Year Dazzles! I was just working on my best friend's wedding card! Love it!!
Written by pat donalson on June 11, 2012:
loved the variety - the copper mums were really unique
Written by Lynee on June 9, 2012:
I just got my kit today in the mail and I have used 1/2 the dazzles already today making about 10 cards. When will there be new scrapbook dazzles comming out??
Written by Barbara C on June 5, 2012:
Loved the Kit. Especially liked the ideas in the instruction leaflet. The Sending Happy Thoughts card is really pretty and the Tin with Blank Notes is a terrific idea. Naturally the papers are always a hit. And I Love the dazzles--they do not compair to any stickers out there--They are the best. Thank you Paper Wishes.
Written by Ronni on June 2, 2012:
I adored the paper and the Hello card especially.
Written by Dorothy Terrell on June 2, 2012:
I received the Premiere Dazzles today and I love them. There are none so far that I did not like. You do a great job of picking them out. Thank you so much for doing these Personal Shopping deals.....
Written by Vicki on May 18, 2012:
Love the Dazzles this month,especially the words! The papers are just perfect. Can't get enough of Dazzles!! Thank You!
Written by Linda on May 13, 2012:
This is my favorite kit so far. I enjoyed my Mother's Day making all the cards in the kit. Are the tiny words available for purchase?
Written by Sheri on May 13, 2012:
I loved everything in this months package. I got it yesterday and have already completed one card and started another.
Written by Lizzi Dillion on May 12, 2012:
Mind boggling! So many new dazzles coming online. My biggest am I going to come up with all this money. Can't think of anything better than dazzles. Hope I get a big gift certificate for Paper Wishes for Mother's Day.
Written by pat donalson on May 7, 2012:
loved, loved the word dazzles. Have almost used up all the black and red dazzles making assorted cards.
Written by Melany Wenneker on May 6, 2012:
I enjoy receiving the Dazzles every month. Sometimes I hate to use them for cards, scrapbooking, etc. because I think they are just to beautiful to use. I have a hefty supply of them (and really need to share them.) Thank you for choosing the never before seen dazzles. As a VIP I also want to thank you Paulette for sending the extras to VIP customers. I received my package I believe last month, April, and was so excited with everything in the packet. Thank you again for making it extra special for your VIP's.
Written by Margie on May 4, 2012:
Love the hummingbirds. Need more of them!
Written by Connie Dunn on May 3, 2012:
Loved all of the new dazzles(as usual. But really LOVED the Tiny Words.When I first saw them, I knew they would be great to use. Then I saw all the ways the designers used them and I fell in love all over again.
Written by Linda Holt on May 2, 2012:
Happy to get NEW dazzles. I find that the newsletter does not do justice to the way the cards look when actually made. I don't use all of your ideas either, but I DO love the dazzles!
Written by Beverly J. Mashburn on April 29, 2012:
The Fairies are adorable!
Written by Barbara C on April 28, 2012:
I loved them, the new Stacked Daisy Dazzels with the silver foiled edges are so neat going to use those up fast. I had been eyeing the Tiny Lines and the Tiny Word Dazzels thrilled they were in the premiere shopper. And the Papers... I had already ordered 2 packs of each design they are my favorite paper packs as of right I was thrilled to get these extras. The instruction sheet has such great ideas--I don't know where to begin. I must have overlooked the Black Tie Dazzles in the new book.. but they are gorgeous . Thanks so much ..I am so glad I signed up for this Personal shopper series. Every time I open a box or Hardboard mailer's like Christmas all over again. You are right it is fun to get something that no one else has seen yet. My little 3 year old Greatgrand-daughter lives with me and she just goes bananas every time we look at the new things. She calls the Dazzles grandma's bling bling.
Written by Heidi Havens on April 26, 2012:
I think you should offer a weekly Dazzles Personal Shopper :) I love them so much I would sign up!
Written by Christy Schumacher on April 21, 2012:
I absolutely love the Fairies in this months kit. Very cool! The pinwheels are darling and I really like how each month you pop a little something extra in the kits. The acrylic dies are wonderful. Thanks again for another great kit.
Written by pat donalson on April 17, 2012:
Loved my 1st kit. Must admit I cheated. I kept the templates and used them on vellum. This way I can enjoy them on other cards. Looking forward to more enjoyment.
Written by Patt J on April 8, 2012:
This is my first Dazzles kit. And I LOVE IT!! The price is right and it's worth what I pay. I have subscriber to other monthly kits and the ideas were dumb and supplies well under what I paid for. They actually cut sheets of stickers in half and gave you TWO SHEETS! WOW! So YES I love my new kit! Can't wait now for the next one! And I WILL make the Birthday card! Thank you!!!!
Written by Jane on April 5, 2012:
I loved this month's kit-it is one of my favorites! The pin wheel mix'ems are so nice and they look wonderful on the card I made! One thing that I love about every kit is the beautiful papers that come with it. They are always lovely and I usually can't wait to use them.
Written by Cyndi DeMeulenaere on April 5, 2012:
Hi Paulette! This kit couldn't have come at a better time! My 96 yr old grandma fell & broke her hip & elbow. I have been making her a card to send every day. She collects hummingbirds, and the new hummingbird Dazzles are GORGEOUS!!! I've already made 2 cards with them! The handmade papers are so pretty, & the pinwheel Dazzles & banner paper are so whimsical...such a nice variety! I also love the young niece has a birthday coming. And with Father's Day not too far away, the copper Dazzles will be perfect for masculine cards, & I need all the help I can get with masculine cards! Thanks for always sending such a wonderful package!
Written by Lizzi Dillion on March 31, 2012:
As usual, FABULOUS!!! My reviews are are redundant, but I just can't help it. Always, the Premiere Dazzles Personal Shopper is a delight to receive.
Written by Betty on March 30, 2012:
This was my first Premier Dazzles Personal Shopper kit and I was delighted with the contents. Everything in the kit was great, but the pink dazzles were exquisite! Thanks again for such great products!!!
Written by Susan on March 21, 2012:
RE: MARCH 2012 Anyways, the Dazzles were a knock-out! The Shiny pink was stageringly beautiful. The black and silver was nice and blingy, love the silver squares. Dazzles remain the real show stopper of these kits. I love the papers selected this month! Thanks again PW gang. Cheers from Canada~Sue
Written by Judi Edder on March 11, 2012:
Just loved it. The Dazzles are wonderful. I would love to see more Irish Dazzles for St. Patrick's Day.
Written by Brenda on March 9, 2012:
The March kit is just another great idea source. Every single piece came with great ideas but my own were just kick started by just looking at each dazzle or paper! Worth every cent!
Written by Christy Schumacher on March 3, 2012:
My March kit arrived today and wow! They are gorgeous as is the paper that accompanied them. You've put together another great kit.
Written by Lorrie on March 2, 2012:
I absolutely LOVE my dazzles kits. Every month I look forward to receiving mine in the mail. And then I can't wait to start on it. I have never had a kit yet that I didn't like.
Written by Christy Schumacher on February 20, 2012:
I am so in love with your dazzles and this was just my first kit!!! I cannot wait til next months kit
Written by Judi Edder on January 31, 2012:
Just got my new Dazzles kit. I can't wait to play with it. Love the flower Dazzles. Now if some one would make some St. Patrick's Day Dazzles, I'd be in 7th heaven. Thanks for the great kits. Judi
Written by Brenda on January 30, 2012:
Just received my February kit and am in love with the ferns! The entire kit has incredible quality. New to the monthy kits but if this is the way they always come, I am VERY excited to get next months and the months to come.
Written by Barbara Wiggins on January 30, 2012:
I absolutely am in love with dazzles. I love bling anyway! (must be Ann's sister!) and these are so easy to use on all my projects to just add a little zing! My grand daughter noticed I stuck jewel dazzles on Santa's nose on my home made tags!! They add so much to everything and you get so many!! I use them everywhere. The Kits ROCK!
Written by mary helen politte on January 29, 2012:
I love receiving new dazzles each month, and the papers you have been including lately are awsome! thank you!!!
Written by Freda on January 28, 2012:
I just received the February Dazzles kit. Loved, loved it! The full-sized papers you are including lately are so nice to have and work with. And the best part ... I love it when Ann designs the cards (in all the kits)! She uses up-to-date designs and techniques. Ann gets my vote for Queen of Card Designs!
Written by Lynne Neumann on January 27, 2012:
You get the latest dazzles, and you've got to love that, before everyone else. It's always such a delight to get the package, and figure out how to use them after you do all the newsletter recommendations.
Written by Karla on January 21, 2012:
I loved the dazzles and the paper in the January Kit.
Written by larena on January 13, 2012:
I've used some to make cards already ! think SPring !
Written by Cathy on January 13, 2012:
Loved the paper and I had fun using my smooch inks to color in the robots.
Written by Lynee on January 9, 2012:
As always loved so much and have used some of them already,can't wait till I am able to puchase them.I wish the sunflower came in white or pastle color to use for spring and summer cards.
Written by Lizzi Dillion on January 7, 2012:
Always look forward to this delivery and am never, ever disappointed. Thank you for all the fantastic ideas, beautiful dazzles, and gorgeous paper!
Written by Janet S. on January 4, 2012:
The paper colors seemed so fresh. I loved the button dazzles. Thank you Paper Wishes.
Written by Linda on January 2, 2012:
I loved the whole kit, but especially the papers. I love the quilted paper. Keep up the good work
Written by Angie on January 1, 2012:
I absolutely love every one of the Dazzle kits I have received since my very first one in September 2010. I always look forward to the first of the month knowing I will have new goodies to look at and use! I only wish I had high-speed internet in my area to watch the webisodes much better to check out the latest ideas. Love the dazzles!
Written by Larena on December 26, 2011:
I am finally moved and can set up the scrap area, then will start truely enjoying these beautiful stickers
Written by Pam on December 24, 2011:
I love Dazzles. I want to make sure I get the special Dazzles though. Like the ones that are a special color that you can't by. I have been hooked on your company for years.
Written by Lori on December 23, 2011:
I LOVE the dazzles and ideas.
Written by Kim on December 21, 2011:
I received my first Dazzle kit. I really like it. Thank you for everything. I really enjoy my kits.
Written by Linda on December 15, 2011:
Since the Dazzles PS began you have really responded to your members' comments, providing us with more scrapbooking pages and including more of the items to make the projects in the newsletter. I love the Christmas Dazzles in this kit, too!
Written by Lynee on December 14, 2011:
I just loved the dec. kit it was nice getting the red nutcrackers to gowith the red greetings for my cards.looking forward to the new metal stencil kit next month can't wait.
Written by Barb P. on December 12, 2011:
Opened my latest package, and once again - WOW! Loved it. Thanks for everything. Barb
Written by Janet S. on December 12, 2011:
I rejoined the club and am so pleased with the papers from the specialty packs. I buy those packs and love to use them with dazzles and embellishments. I also like this club because it's about the right size for me. Just enough paper and dazzles to inspire, but not so overwhemling. I'd like to stay in this club and play with the monthly kits. Thank you so much.
Written by Rosemarie Rohlfs on December 5, 2011:
Love! Love! Love! the new mix-ems and the hardware set. I was busy over the weekend when i got them but today is set aside to play!
Written by Judith on December 5, 2011:
I LOVE Dazzles.
Written by Becky Bielfelt on December 4, 2011:
Your dazzles are the best and there is so much to do with them, keep them coming!!
Written by Vicki Lee on December 3, 2011:
My first order for Dazzles, and I lovrd them all!
Written by Lizzi on December 3, 2011:
I look so forward to receiving my monthly Dazzles kit and I am never disappointed. I love the newsletter and the products. You make me feel creative.
Written by Rosemarie Rohlfs on November 14, 2011:
i can't wait every month to get the new kit and to see what i can do with them. My husband really loved the Faith dazzles this month. I can't wait to surprise him with a christmas card of his own.
Written by Lynee Herbert on November 13, 2011:
I think all the dazzles kits are great,I especially like the idea of getting full sheets of paper in the kits so you can use them for scrapooking or card making. I just wish we did not have to wait so long before you can purchase them.
Written by Barb P. on November 10, 2011:
My new kit arrived yesterday, and once again, WOW! Any items I don't use, such as the little boy sheet or items with Santa (we don't celebrate Christmas), I collect and give them to a local organization that helps those in need.I did forget to write, but the October kit was my favourite, and it came when I was creating several kits for shut-in members of our church. Perfect timing! Thanks for these wonderful, monthly surprises. Barb P.
Written by Janice Preston on November 6, 2011:
I enjoy getting Christmas every months. I review paperwishes about four time a week. Keep up the good work.
Written by Lizzi Dillion on November 1, 2011:
Especially loved the new Happy Birthday don't know how many times I wish I had these. Beautiful kit this month, as usual!
Written by Tillie Mercurio on October 29, 2011:
I absolutely LOVE the papers in this month's kit. Thank you for the decision to print papers especially for the dazzles kits. I,of course, also love the dazzles themselves, especially the beautiful blue snowflakes and the glittery gold Happy Birthdays. The aliens are really cute for boys and will come in handy for my nephews birthdays. Thank you for all you do to put out fun and interesting kits. I'm looking forward to getting start on this one.
Written by Rosalind on October 24, 2011:
The special colors for us dazzle club members are lovely. I like all the sets I have received, and the newsletter showing examples. Thanks so much.
Written by Pam on October 18, 2011:
I just love all of the dazzles they are so much fun to play with. Thank for making great dazzle designs. Your company is awesome.
Written by Barbara Harrison on October 7, 2011:
As usual this month's kit did not disappoint. I really enjoy receiving the monthly premiere dazzles kits.
Written by Susan Little on October 7, 2011:
This is my 2nd Premiere Dazzles Personal Shopper and I love it. I am so sorry I waited this long to subscribe. For me it is like having a Christmas gift every month. I cannot wait to see what next month will bring!!!
Written by Heidi Havens on October 5, 2011:
I love all my kits! Thanks so much!
Written by Debby Noel on October 4, 2011:
Like I know I have said many times before---You have done a great job in finding these new ideas and I am sooooo excited to start to play with it all!!!!
Written by Rosalind on October 3, 2011:
I love love all the new dazzles I get to try. Purple dazzles are a great tool for Halloween cards and scrapbook pages. I'll be done with this package in a week and will be looking forward to the next package. Thnx
Written by Lytona on October 3, 2011:
I just received my first Premiere Dazzles personal shopper kit. It is amazing. I am so glad I joined!
Written by Janet on October 2, 2011:
I'm always looking for a card that's different. I have a large family and make all the cards for birthdays ect. Now they all look for a home made card
Written by Lizzi Dillion on October 2, 2011:
Especially loved the new colors. The deep purple is gorgeous. The nested frame dazzles are so unique looking. Gold and rich. Thank you!
Written by Connie on October 1, 2011:
Just received the October kit today. This is beautiful!! Every time I think the kits cannot get better, I get the next kit. Love, love, love this one!!!
Written by Heidi Havens on October 1, 2011:
I don't always have time to go out and pick stuff out just for fun projects, so this is great. I get to make something I may not have thought of myself, learn something new, and have it at my fingertips ready to go when I am.
Written by Elaine on September 29, 2011:
I loved it so much that I ordered two more kits to give away is gifts for friends. The cards turned out beautifully and the instructions well thought out and easy to follow. Needed minimal other supplies. Thank you!
Written by Denise Hardin on September 28, 2011:
I am really enjoying all the beautiful Dazzles, and especially the newest finishes. Since retiring I do not send as many cards, but I find I can easily make at least 6-8 scrapbook pages (using my stash paper)from each kit, just adapting your ideas into pages. Thanks for all the lovely products and ideas!
Written by Jo Guinn on September 23, 2011:
Written by Joyce on September 23, 2011:
I love every kit, but this one was the best. I made the memories card and inside it I put some memories of a dear friend who is in rehab. I thought it would brighten her day and it did. I can't wait every month for the next one to come.
Written by Karla on September 14, 2011:
Loved that you included scrapbooking dazzles. I hope to see more of that!
Written by Pam on September 10, 2011:
I just love all of the clubs but my favorite is Premiere Dazzles because I love how they accent Projects. Awesome
Written by Lizzi Dillion on September 8, 2011:
Love the Dazzle Kits. Amazing ideas for cards and beautiful products. Makes me want to order more of everything...oh, if only I could win the lottery.
Written by Linda on September 7, 2011:
Loved the kit.
Written by Pamela on September 7, 2011:
I always love the Dazzles in the kits.
Written by Maryann on September 6, 2011:
I loved the copper dazzles.
Written by bonnie on September 6, 2011:
Love the dazzles.
Written by Debby Noel on September 5, 2011:
Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to next months!!!
Written by Georganne Chan on September 3, 2011:
I want more of the quilt block Dazzles NOW!!! :o)
Written by Mary K on September 3, 2011:
The Sept kit arrived today - outstanding!! I've tried the kits for a few months now & have found I use them all the time. What I enjoy most is the newest dazzles of course, but how all the cards are so adaptable! This is my own personal treat each month & find myself checking the mailbox with anticipation!
Written by Carol on September 2, 2011:
I always looke forward to the the new kits. I can't wait to open the big tan envelope and see what fun things are inside. My friends always oooh and aaah over my cards. I couldn't do it without your help
Written by Rosemarie Rohlfs on August 21, 2011:
I have been looking at steam punk on you tube and itching to try it. thanks for bringing in the scrapbooking kit and the paper tole. i can't wait to try it on my next card.
Written by Linda on August 20, 2011:
This month's kit was the "decision maker" for me to subscribe to Premiere Dazzles. The wide array and quality of products is astounding.
Written by Dorel on August 20, 2011:
Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Love the Sparkle
Written by Missy on August 16, 2011:
I've already commented but wanted also say, I LOVE the scrapbook page & idea this month as well. Hope you keep putting a page idea in each month, too... Thanks ladies
Written by Ellen Hayden on August 12, 2011:
I look forward to your catalog each time you send one out. My granddaughter (24) just Honorably Discharged from AF and lives with me. We race to see who gets to read it first. We do scrapbooking, cards and stamping together & it helps with her recovery a lot. Keep up the wonderful work you all do.
Written by Linda on August 8, 2011:
It came just in time. I was at a loss for a birthday card for my 14 year old granddaughter. I adapted the dream card to a birthday card and used a few of the other dazzles on a Sara Surface large coin envelope for the gift. Just perfect! Can't wait to use the rest of the kit. Thanks
Written by Connie on August 3, 2011:
Love the August kit. I am in love with the green pearl dragonfly. Never been one for dragonflies, but this changed my mind. Also love the Steampunk-did not think I would.
Written by Lizzi Dillion on August 2, 2011:
It is wonderful! Can't wait to make the cards. Thanks! I'm addicted to Dazzles!
Written by Rosemarie Rohlfs on August 2, 2011:
This is an awesome set. Love the steampunk. Looking forward to more.
Written by Missy Starliper on August 2, 2011:
Love the hot air ballon and blimp bike. Reminds me of "Imagination" at Disney World.
Written by charlsie on August 1, 2011:
whow where do I start. Love the green dragonfly dazzles. The silver foil i will use alot The stars whow Can do lots with them Everyone of the papers are excellent. I can not wait to start using all of them. Once again THANK YOU
Written by Susanne Engel on August 1, 2011:
Thanks again for your hard work. These kits are a lot of fun to do.
Written by arlene on July 30, 2011:
The flower and dragonfly on green pearl were absolutely gorgeous! I had to make the card right away, but I did it as a sympathy card instead of birthday. I just wish there were at least two of each (dazzles and papers)!
Written by Barb on July 30, 2011:
I just got my August kit and I love it. I love the Halloween dazzles and the Steampunk is going to get used in a scrapbook I've been working on all morning. Good timing and they are sooo versatile and usable! Thanks! Paper Wishes Team!!!
Written by Marge McEvoy on July 29, 2011:
I loved everything in the kit even though I don't do many Christmas crafts because I'm usually just too busy. However, this Premiere Dazzles kit for Christmas in July really inspired me. Thanks for the kick in the pants with such beautiful examples to follow.
Written by Gloria Carew on July 28, 2011:
I really like the kits. The dazzles are beautiful. I have made most of the Christmas cards and just love them. I would like to see more greetings/sentiments/words/ etc. in the dazzles.
Written by Lynda on July 26, 2011:
I love my Personal Shoppers. For July's Dazzles, there were some items that were required not included. Is there any way that members can be advised before receiving their kit? I'm thinking.. if I took my PS and my standard supplies on vacation, I couldn't do some of the items. Also, things could be ordered ahead of time-would have everything to "play".
Written by Lizzi on July 20, 2011:
I am so impressed with Paper Wishes as a company, and the Premier Dazzles Club is no exception. The products are top notch and the customer service is #1 in my book. I am never disappointed with anything I order from Paper Wishes.
Written by Lori on July 17, 2011:
I have been paper crafting/cardmaking for over 15 years, but the July kit was my first experience with Dazzles! I LOVED them. The kit was well thought out, with lots of options. Great Job : )
Written by Diane Young on July 12, 2011:
A wonderful assortment! I'm going to start on Christmas cards now, thanks!
Written by Linda Brown on July 12, 2011:
Loved the Christmas in July Dazzles!
Written by Charlotte on July 9, 2011:
When will these new dazzles and papers be available? Also, I seem to be having a problem backing the dazzles, especially when there are small pieces like the gingerbread ones. Do you have some suggestions that you could email to me? Thank you. Always anxious to get my package each month so I can get the projects complete.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Hi Charlotte You can get any of those papers right now, on our Paper Wishes web site@ You can get all of the Dazzles with the exception of the Pearl/Gold Ornament (this is the special one just for this kit) starting in August on the Paper Wishes site. Thank you for asking. I am glad you like the kits. As for the backing of the dazzles, I cut a small piece that is just a bit large than the space I need for the Dazzle section I am backing I attach that piece. Then trim around the Dazzle edges. It is OK if it overlaps just a bit into another section, because you can tuck the next piece under the one you just placed. Then I trim around the edges again. I find it is easier to work with the little pieces than a larger piece of paper. When you get all done piecing, you have to glue down the entire piece. It might take just a bit of practice, but it does work. have fun-Debbie
Written by Debby Noel on July 6, 2011:
I received this kit yesterday. When I opened it the Dazzles were behind the newsletter. The anticipation when opening the pack was like a Christmas gift!! I really like what you have done with the layering of the Christmas ornaments. The gold color and heavier weight will make it easier to layer this. The bold red sentiment Dazzles will be very useful the winter seen with the Ice border willl be very useful. I had done many Christmas cards in January before putting everything away so I now see I will have to order several of these to do a "few" more cards. Thanks for the new items, it shows you listen to the customers with your new ideas.
Written by Melissa on July 6, 2011:
I love the cute little ginger bread men. I'm going to have a fun time getting a head start on my Christmas cards. :)
Written by Tina LaFrance on July 2, 2011:
I love this kit.The dazzles are awesome as they always are.The paper is beautiful.Looking forward for more kits every month.
Written by Eileen on July 2, 2011:
Okay, have you folks been evesdropping? Didn't your parents tell you that is not polite? I have been saying the last few days that I need to start thinking about making my Christmas cards; then today, July 2nd, I received my July Dazzles Personal Shopper (which I had been so anxious to get, I thought it must not be coming). What did I find....Christmas dazzles...Christmas papers....oh my you must have been listening in on my conversations. Needless to say I am delighted with this months shopper. I love those sparkly red dazzles and the gingerbread dazzles are adorable. Thank you thank you thank you.
Written by Norma Payne on July 2, 2011:
These designs are outstanding. Cards are gorgeous. I am joining.
Written by Barbara Wiggins on June 10, 2011:
This is really fun and I am putting dazzles every where! They make such a big impact on a card or scrap book page! I've had many compliments on the tiny ones as I am putting them on dew drops and brads. WOW!!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Hi Barbara, thanks for the great comments. I am so glad you like the Dazzles. They do add that extra little BLING! Debbie
Written by Harriet Maiorano on June 9, 2011:
I have more than anyone needs in a lifetime, but I just can't get enough.
Written by Judi Edder on June 3, 2011:
Another winner! I love the purple butterfly Dazzles. They're gorgeous. I can't wait to use them on cards. Also in a album. Thank you for making cards, scrapbook pages and any paper project so easy to make lovely. Sincerely, Judi Edder
Written by Carol on June 1, 2011:
I really look forward to my new dazzles every month. Even if I don't use them exactly as you do. I love the ideas that spark ones of my own. PaperWishes is my favorite papercrafting source. Thank you for all you great products and showing us how to use them.
Written by Daria Sikorski on May 31, 2011:
I have enjoyed the previous kits very much but this one was a little disappointing. I tried making the Butterfly Window Card but there was not enough border to go around both windows. There was enough of the other border but it was the wrong one. Plus, a very important step in the instructions was left out such as cut out the windows in the card. I also didn't care for the color combinations. I am looking forward to trying the Flowersoft.
Written by Debbie on May 29, 2011:
I get so excited every month when I open my mailbox and find this big manilla envelope. My husband changed out our mailbox to a super size one so my kits and orders will fit in the box & I dont have to wait for my postman to get back to PO to see my kit. My orders are getting larger but my UPS man is very nice an d brings to my door which Im usually standing there waiting. Ive been wanting to try flower soft for several months now so I cant wait to use this & the dazzles are FABULOUS as always.
Written by Judy Lambe on May 29, 2011:
I always look forward to receiving my Premiere Dazzles - this month's is absolutely the best ever!!!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on all the beautiful paper, dazzles, Flower Soft (which I've already used some of and LOVE it!), etc. Keep up the good work!
Written by Cathy R on May 21, 2011:
Was not sure about this kit but it is great. I have found many uses for the dazzles. And use them alot more than I thought I would.
Written by Kathy on May 20, 2011:
I love each and every dazzle kit I get!!!!!! The results are always a beautiful card!
Written by Pam on May 19, 2011:
I just love dazzles they work with any craft I am working on. so much fun.
Written by colleen on May 19, 2011:
I really like the dazzles (have for years). New shapes and colors are super. The cards have been fun to make and give. I make cards for all the people I know in the small hospital where I work.
Written by Marian on May 6, 2011:
I love getting the new dazzles, never disappointed. Thanks, love your company Marian
Written by Heather Luchka on May 5, 2011:
Absolutley love the glittery pink stiched heart dazzels!!! The golden leaves are stunning as well and the fuscia purple threading is simply gorgeous!!! I love getting my Dazzles monthly kits! The ideas sent with the package helps get my hamster on her wheel in my head and I'm able to do SO MUCH with the left over scraps from the kit. Thankyou all for making such awesome kits come together!!!
Written by Mary on May 4, 2011:
I really like the kit. I just love all the dazzles. I think I have almost all & doubles & triples on some, especially the butterflies. Luv MM
Written by Kat on May 3, 2011:
I just love the Dazzles! Have already made 2 cards using the projects shown in the instruction leaflet. I especially love the black stitches dazzles,and foresee ordering many of these in the future! Thanks for sending so much FUN!
Written by Patricia Poudrier on May 3, 2011:
Love the Premiere Dazzles Personal Shopper kit for this month. Actually, I love all of the ones I've received so far. Keep up the good work!
Written by Price Stiles on May 2, 2011:
I really am excited to get started on this month's Dazzles kit! The dazzles are new and are beautiful! Thank you!
Written by Karla on May 1, 2011:
The papers and dazzles in the may kit are beautiful. I really like the shiny pink stitched hearts. It's my favorite item in the kit. I liked receiving the embroirery thread because it's perfectly matched.
Written by Eileen on April 30, 2011:
It's Dazzle time again. Got my newest Dazzles Personal Shopper and put it in a chair to see how long I could wait before I opened it....I think I made it about 2 minutes. The ferns are nice; and the Mums are great. The borders..I love borders and how clever to make them so we can use what is between them as other borders. But the hearts...what can I have outdone yourselves. I love the color of these sparkling hearts. The surprise gift is always fun and this time is no exception. First I have seen the string and the I love it. Do you get the idea I might love this months Dazzles? Well you would be right. Guess I will go get busy trying out my new dazzles. It is like Christmas each time they come.---Eileen
Written by Melany on April 29, 2011:
I loved this whole kit, what great dazzles and papers with the added touch of the large heart brads. Thank you. You did a fantastic job showing all the different projects.
Written by Yvette on April 27, 2011:
I love and enjoy receiving the Premiere Dazzles Personal Shopper kit. I look forward to all the wonderful ideas provided with each kit. Also, love the extras. I am so happy kits are now available on a monthly basis. Now, I don't have to wait every other month. Thank you.