Double-Stick Dazzles™
Staple one end of the Dazzles™ sheet to the clear, protective sheet. Then carefully lift the adhesive surrounding the Dazzles™ along with the top protective sheet. This makes it easier to lift the Dazzles™

Double-Stick Dazzles™ are sticky on both sides and have a protective sheet on the front and back. Since they are double adhesive you can add flocking, glitter, confetti, embossing powder, even chalk–you name it!

Place your Dazzles™ on paper. Sprinkle the surface of the Dazzles ™ with flocking, glitter, confetti or embossing powder. Use your fingertips to completely cover the surface of the Dazzles™. Shake off the excess onto scrap paper, then fold the paper and pour the excess back into the container. Press down with a brayer or your fingertips to firmly adhere the glitter or flocking.