Using the Transfer Sheet

The tacky surface of the Transfer Sheet makes it easy to remove Dazzles™ from their backing sheet. It helps keep intricate designs and word pieces aligned perfectly AND lets you use the negative areas left after you remove a Dazzles™ sticker. Plus, it's reusable, what a great value!

Long Greetings and Large Images
For a long greeting or large or intricate image, first cut around your sticker. Peel off the excess sticker material. Use a craft knife or the point of a pin to remove any excess pieces.

Cut the Transfer Sheet to the size you need. Remove the Transfer sheet from its backing (save the backing sheet so you can replace the Transfer Sheet on it for safe storage). Put the tacky side over the Dazzles™ and with a firm tool, like a craft stick or scissors handle, use a lot of pressure to rub over them. Turn it over and peel off the Dazzles™ backing paper.

Position the Dazzles™ on your chosen paper. Rub over the sticker to adhere it to the paper then slowly peel off the Transfer Sheet.

Using the "Innies"
Most Dazzles™ stickers do not require a Transfer Sheet but you will need it to use the "innies" (the negative areas left after removing a Dazzles™ sticker).

After you have peeled off a Dazzles™ from the backing, cut losely around the innies. Lift off the excess metallic material around the innies. Place the tacky side of the Transfer Sheet over the innies. Rub down hard to adhere all the Dazzles™ completely to the Transfer Sheet.

Turn over and peel the backing sheet from the Dazzles™.

Position the Transfer Sheet on your chosen paper. Again, rub over the Dazzles™ to adhere them to the paper. Then slowly peel off the Transfer Sheet.

Some innies don't make a complete image–they need an outline. For these, cut along the edge of the innies leaving a metallic outline. Then use the Transfer Sheet.