Customer comments

Written by Sue on July 29, 2018:
I am so disappointed he personal shopper kits are disappearing. I loved getting my surprises in the mail. I subscribed to most of them.
Written by Carol on June 23, 2018:
I absolutely love the scrapbooking kit! So easy to adapt the layout for my collection of pictures. Your designers do a wonderful job! No other company compares. Thank you ladies for all your hard work. So sorry the kit will no longer be available
Written by Cecilia Gyory on June 16, 2018:
I'm so sad to see the scrapbooking end. I've been with you 5 years, and loved every kit. I tried 4 other kits before I found yours. None of them matched your quality or creativity. I'm so sad.
Written by Barbara on June 15, 2018:
I will miss the scrapbooking kits. I hope you do something else for usscrapbookers. Love you products,
Written by Linda H Cathey on June 11, 2018:
I have received the scrapbooking kits for several years and am saddened that this was my last one.I cannot explain how working with those kits have helped me through some hard times.Hope you bring them back.
Written by Sandra on June 3, 2018:
I have absolutely loved your scrapbooking kits and am so saddened to hear the June one is your last. I hope you will still continue to do something for us scrapbookers. I haven't found any other site with prettier papers & Paper Wishes products that is equal to yours.
Written by Monique Patterson on May 23, 2018:
Thank you for all my goodies great collections and fun times
Written by Connie R on April 18, 2018:
The 2018 April scrapbook kit is lovely as usual but especially perfect for an upcoming June wedding album that I'm planning for my nephew and future niece! Their wedding colors are pink and gray, and this month's kit will be wonderful for their country-style wedding! As gifts to family and friends, I usually offer to make bridal shower, wedding, baby or family albums. And I love being able to use the scrapbook kits from Paper Wishes for these special occasions! I will need more of these papers for their wedding album. Will these papers be available soon?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The Buttercup Double-Sided Paper Pack (4104287) will be available on Monday, April 23rd, when our new Spring catalog releases. Please be sure to visit to see all 396 new items and 579 projects!
Written by Connie R on March 20, 2018:
Love the 18 paper sheets. I always wanted to matt using the matching paper but didn't want to waste a possible layout background. And now I have extra sheets - YA! Also love having matching dies cuts and dazzles in the kit - nothing extra to buy and I can get started right away! Thanks for the great new changes!
Written by Cecilia Gyory on March 6, 2018:
I loved the papers and the wood veneer and the dazzles, and the specialty papers. Ok, I loved it all. I did not even miss the ribbons or the card. Excellent job team.
Written by Carol B. on March 6, 2018:
I’ve been getting these kits for a while. These papers are the most beautiful I’ve seen! I love getting 3 sets of the papers! I do wish you still included the card idea, not necessarily the physical card.
Written by Deborah Bohannon on February 20, 2018:
Paulette , I very much like the new design of these scrapbooking kits, especially these things: * Love having 3 of each page of 1FABULOUS new set of papers RATHER than 2 lovely sets that I find myself a bit overwhelmed with. *love having the die cuts like what we see in the Artful Card kits (Probably my favorite thing about them) *appreciate your efforts in giving us a more well rounded set of the embellishments that go with a set rather than just telling us “here are these lovely papers and be sure to check out the catalog for the extra things that go with them” *and, this may sound silly, but I appreciate NOT having to figure out what to do with all those pizza boxes. I had a very tall stack in the corner of my studio. What is on my wishlist? (I’ve actually been meaning to ask this one for a while) **I’d LOVE to see designs specifically that capitalize on the special opportunities that gorgeous double-sided papers provide. I’m always most interested in the layouts that showcase that quality in a given set of designs. You’re always saying that we can make 4 cards from any 12x12 sheet, but I’ve never found that to be true, except for the most simple of cards. I suppose at times my imagination gets stuck and forgets how to get out of neutral and into “ZOOM”! Thank you and your tireless staff for all you do; from unique designs to innovative ideas that encourage provocative thought, to your very clear and patient knowledge transfer, which is a skill in itself. These are all reasons why I keep coming back and haven’t yet seen anyone who can compare. There are people in my family who have heard your names spoken enough that they’ve thought you were family members that they hadn’t met. In a way... you are. Trying to finish one more sketch before I need to finish supper... From Texas (just down the street), Deborah Bohannon
Written by Jackie Garlitz on February 14, 2018:
I really like how the pages with the green marble on black cardstock turned out. Using the gold stripes on the corners was brilliant. Kudos to Gail.
Written by Camilla Eckenrode on February 8, 2018:
Hi, I’m a big fan and think your papers are the best on the market and I have a lot of fun with them. Why is why I wish your design team would take a crack at making a sports themed design maybe even design stamps and die cuts to go with them. You have layering flower stamps, why not have a stamp set where you can choose to make your ball everything between a soccer ball to a golf ball. Also I would love them make their spin on an armed forces themed paper pack. It could also be useful for patriotic layouts. Another thing I think would be useful now when you have die cuts every month would be to have large words like I love you, blessed, cutie and so on to punch out. Just some ides. Give your design team my best and thank you for your great products. -Camilla Eckenrode.
Written by Cecilia Gyory on February 6, 2018:
Ok, first let me say that I'm not fond of change. When you mentioned the new changes I was a bit leery. I was afraid quality would go down. Not so, it seems your team worked extra hard to provide the very best in supplies. I was sad to see the two different papers go, but having three of each design more than makes up for it. Well done staff, still the best kit out there.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on February 5, 2018:
I just received my Feb. Premiere Scrapbooking kit. Love the new format. I like that we are receiving 3 sets of each page, so you can make a double page layout using the same pages and can still utilize the other side for matting, etc. Longer ribbons is good, I always seem to run out before I'm done and have to go into another source to finish. Leaving out the card was a good idea also, I have never made a single card from these kits. My only request is that you continue to tell us the names of the paper sets. My reason is, I log all of my papers, partly to help from ordering something I already have, but also if I want to make a card or page using a particular set, I know which box to look for it. I keep all my kits filed in 12 pizza boxes, one for each month. Helps keep me organized! So my log tells me which month to look for a particular paper. Thanks for listening to all the comments and making changes accordingly. HOTP is still the best place for kits, papers and dazzles.
Written by SARA SOUTH on February 3, 2018:
Feb's new format is fabulous - papers are all amazing!!
Written by Marlaine on January 8, 2018:
Love the papers, embellishments and ideas! Great job - keep up the good work!
Written by Patricia Branch on January 6, 2018:
I L O V E , love this company. I so look forward to these beautiful kits every month,they are indescribably gorgeous. This is my first time to ever comment but I tell you, they've been very therapeutic and gorgeous for me to do. Thank you PW team y'all are awesome.
Written by Leigh Ann Allen on September 12, 2017:
I absolutely adored this kit. I was going to say that I really hope you turn the Watercolor Burst papers into a paper pack, but then I watched the video for the kit and Paulette mentioned in the video that she believes it will be a paper pack at some point next year. I am very happy to hear that. Anyway, great kit as always. I can't wait for next months.
Written by Marie Mar on August 16, 2017:
It was my first kit and nice.
Written by Elaine on July 31, 2017:
I always like the pizza box that I receive, but this month you outdid yourself. I love, yes love, the Outdoor Adventures papers and I hope and pray that you decided to offer them like your other paperpacks. My husband and I recently moved to Utah and have really gotten into the Quad scene and my husband is a hunter too, so I am always on the lookout for masculine, outdoorsy papers and this one really fits the bill. Thank you so much for all that you do for the crafting community. Sincerely, Elaine Ocker
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on July 30, 2017:
The "Ruby Rose" double-sided papers are to die for! Also, enjoy the "Thank-you" card--so simply beautiful! Thanks designers!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on July 13, 2017:
My fav are the flower/butterflies/marble papers---totally unique! The "Mega Flakes" add richness to all elements! Thanks designers!
Written by carol on July 4, 2017:
It took the guess work out of scrapbooking. I didn't have to search thru my stash for matching papers or embeĺlies. all I had to do was pick out pictures! LOve it!
Written by pat on June 12, 2017:
love the papers can't wait to scrap my summer pics
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on June 3, 2017:
I have an "enormous" amount of Vintage photos from my 94 year young mother to preserve elegantly. This outstanding collection will do the job! Thanks designers!
Written by Nancy Cowan on May 21, 2017:
This was my first kit as a personal shopper member and I couldn't be more ecstatic! I love how I will be able to create complete pages that are stunningly beautiful! I've wanted to scrapbook for years but was always hesitant because I'm not very creative. These kits are going to take the guesswork out of the equation since the newsletter gives easy step-by-step instructions with full color photos to create 8 beautiful pages. Thank you so much for these kits! Now I can create stunning scrapbook pages too!
Written by Jean on May 16, 2017:
Great kit and ideas. We really, really love the special videos, and would like one every month.
Written by Leigh Ann Allen on May 12, 2017:
I loved the kit this month as always. I can't wait for the Garden Walk papers to come out on the market. I also really loved the sequins. I'm kinda like Ann in that respect, I LOVE my Bling!!!
Written by Kim Langlois on May 8, 2017:
I love the kits and the videos are so helpful!
Written by Liz Ketter on May 7, 2017:
I love the PS Scrapbooking kits. It is a happy day for me when they arrive in the mail. Each month I try to use up the previous month's supplies. I do have one comment/suggestion - as the mom of two boys, I could use more non-flower paper in the kits. Thank you!
Written by Judy Dodge on April 25, 2017:
Thank you! I really look forward to seeing the personal shopper video's. They are helpful and clarify techniques. I would love it if they were done each month, but I know you are busy women. Thanks again, Judy
Written by lisa beck on March 26, 2017:
Please keep the videos!!!!!! I love them. I wish they were every month.
Written by Cecilia Gyory on March 19, 2017:
I love the video classes. Please don't consider discontinuing them. I watch them over and over. Very helpful. And I love that they focus exclusively on scrapbook pages. (well one card at the end).
Written by Leigh Ann on March 9, 2017:
I absolutely loved the kit. It's nice to have a floral collection that's not pink as most of the women in my family don't really like pink. I hope it come out to the general market. I also LOVE the bi monthly videos, it's always nice to get additional info and have a visual aid for some techniques, so Please keep them up!
Written by Colleen Shannon on March 5, 2017:
Your design team is so creative and talented that the examples that they present in the classes & webisodes keep me motivated to create beautiful and inspiring cards and gifts to share with others.
Written by Denise Hardin on March 4, 2017:
As with all your videos I really appreciate the occasional one for the kits. I tend to read the newsletter then rush through the kit (since I have been doing this so long I know it all right?). Always good to see all the tips.
Written by Crystal F on March 4, 2017:
I love the papers and the embellishment collections. Even though I like the foiled fancies, I do miss the matching paper tole and die cuts.
Written by janene on March 4, 2017:
Yours papers are beautiful but I especially liked the blue set b/c that is a color I don't have much of (lots of teal, turquoise already). I so enjoy the videos along with the kits and always wish they came every month. I keep the newsletters in a loose leaf binder and previous kits back to 2006 are labeled by year and month so I can find any PS papers in my "library." Thank you for your products.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on March 3, 2017:
The new Seaside papers were perfect timing for me as I am scrapbooking pictures from Hwy 1 along the west coast! Thank you and I can't wait to buy more. Love the colors used in the True Blue also.
Written by LindaH on January 22, 2017:
I was amazed when I opened my box and saw the Twilight Jewels paper... it is so full of depth, color, and possibility. Such a cool paper pack! I couldn't wait to use it, share it and encourage everyone on the Forum to look for it in a future catalog. Just fabulous!
Written by Diane on January 21, 2017:
loved the tea cup papers. Very versatile
Written by Jackie Garlitz on January 5, 2017:
The Twilight Jewels paper is awesome! I love the way HOTP incorporates swirls and watercolors in almost every new paper set. You still have the best collection of papers on the market!!
Written by Leigh Ann on December 21, 2016:
I absolutely loved this kit. I can't wait until those magenta Jewel Dazzles officially come out so I can but more. Please release the Roxanne papers into a regular run, they are soooo pretty I really would love to get more of them!!!
Written by Cecilia Gyory on December 13, 2016:
You never disappoint me!
Written by Linda Holt on October 26, 2016:
The Watercolor Lace papers are so pretty in person! But I am also a HUGE fan of the Autumn papers this year. OWLS are IT for me! I would also LOVE to see them become available for purchase in some way. I am happy to have the paper piercing template too, since that is such a versatile technique.
Written by Leigh Ann on September 3, 2016:
Oh wow, you guys always amaze me. I especially love the Autumn paper set. I do hope that somehow that paper becomes available in another way!!! Beautiful kit as always. :)
Written by Carol on September 2, 2016:
I love the personal shoppers! I look forward every month to the surprise! Your papers are beautiful!
Written by Nicole Leatherby on July 8, 2016:
Yeah! This is the most beautiful kit yet and the video is up! You guys made my day!
Written by Nicole Leatherby on July 6, 2016:
I love this kit! But where's the video? I love the videos because I learn so many new techniques.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The video is up and running! Enjoy-
Written by Cecilia Gyory on June 3, 2016:
I love the Natures paper. Perfect for all my boy pages. I'll be ordering more.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on May 31, 2016:
The June PS class kit is wonderful. I love love love the Nature's Touch papers and can't wait to order several packs of them!
Written by Cecilia on May 3, 2016:
I loved it all. Your papers are so pretty, it's hard to cover them up.
Written by Cecilia on April 25, 2016:
Thanks so much for the sparkle pens. Now I'm going to have to order them. Love them.
Written by lora on March 27, 2016:
Loved my first kit so much I bought two more from the previous kits archive. Thank you for making my scrapping time fun again.
Written by Pat Downey on March 21, 2016:
have been subscribing since Nov. 05 and never fail to find something intriguing and learn something else. I am working on paper holder 12 but when asked why I continue-it is simple-I am afraid I will miss something new. Thank you Paulette and your crew.
Written by Cecilia on March 5, 2016:
I loved the techniques! It has made me look at my stash of dazzles in a whole new way. I now want to back everything with glitter paper.
Written by Connie R on March 2, 2016:
March 2016's scrapbook kit has just made the list of my all-time favorites! Love both paper packs and the dazzles, especially the clear glitter dazzles - brilliant! These can be applied over any patterned or solid color paper for a beautiful embellishment! I really hope that these clear glitter dazzles will be available in many more edge finishes & patterns. Also, thank you so much for the printed Botanical Frames acetate sheet - love all the possible uses! And I hope that these & many other patterns will be made available - Please!
Written by Dee on March 2, 2016:
Each month I think I am going to cancel (have enough of a stash that I will need another lifetime to use) but there's always something that shows up each time that propels me onward.
Written by Cecilia Gyory on February 2, 2016:
Thank you again for another wonderful kit.
Written by Crystal F on January 27, 2016:
I love getting the kits each month. Many ideas for using the papers and many ideas on using products that I would not have thought of without the newsletter and videos. Thank you for sharing all of these ideas to help kick start many happy scrapping hours.
Written by Cecilia on January 16, 2016:
you guys never disappoint! Everything is amazing, as usual. ps I love the picture of Gail and her son. this is the first time I remember seeing Gail.
Written by Nancy Lester on January 3, 2016:
The Charming papers are beautiful!
Written by Charlene on December 2, 2015:
I look forward to the video's with Paulette and Gail. I really appreciate all the hard work and joy you guys bring to crafting. I am an disabled veteran and nurse; HOTP provides energy and excitement to my day. I feel like I am part of your HOTP crafting family. You guys never disappoint. Keep it coming. Charlene
Written by connie d on November 30, 2015:
I love the floral fantasy papers. The black paper with the sparkles and music notes goes perfect with my just a note cutting die your designers have done it again
Written by Connie R on November 8, 2015:
November's Scrapbook kit is just wonderful & one of my all-time favorites! The paper sets, embellishments, new class ideas, and all the newsletter layouts & tips are all great! As usual, thanks for all you do & how well you take care of us scrapbookers!
Written by Pat on November 8, 2015:
Love the papers this month and ideals keep them coming thank u so much for the great work your team does
Written by Lee C on November 3, 2015:
Luving the November kit: Relevant to the time of year - kudos! Gail's layout is stunning.
Written by Charlene on October 15, 2015:
Keep'em coming
Written by Connie R. on September 7, 2015:
LOVE the papers & scrapbook dazzles in September's Scrapbooking Class kit! I have spend all of my spare time this holiday weekend creating six double page layouts from this month's papers & dazzles. They were just what I was looking for to scrap the pictures from this summer's RV camping & 4-wheeler trips! And thanks for all the tips on using washi tape in scrapbooking & on cards.
Written by Cecilia Gyory on September 1, 2015:
I Love, love this kit! Very steampunk. And I'm going to have to re-look at my stash of washi tape. Excellent ideas there, also I have left over acetate words (you know where I've used the clear part, but not the words) well, what a wonderful use for those. You guys are amazing, I'm so happy that I can give new life to some old products.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on August 31, 2015:
I have discovered that using the finger daubers and the Stazon metallic reinkers works fantastic for changing the colors of the Dazzles.
Written by Linda H on August 4, 2015:
I loved the July papers. Beautiful color combinations, but also can't wait for the September release of Wild Flowers pp. The tissue paper flowers, when flat, don't appeal to me - however, I was able to give them a little dimension, and liked that fine. The template is a bit of paper magic! Great Kit!
Written by Vickie on July 15, 2015:
Love the color combinations.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on June 29, 2015:
I love the color combination of purple and green on the Wildflower paper pack. Thanks for such pretty designs.
Written by pat Downey on June 28, 2015:
It is so hard to choose-every month you come up with more new and interesting things, ideas, techniques. I have been subscribing since 11/07 and seldom didn't find several things I loved. Your catalogs are also a work of art-I want it all.
Written by Leigh Ann on June 13, 2015:
Oh My Gosh! Three months in a row the exclusive papers have blown my mind! The Lots of Dots is so wonderful and nice to have something so colorful that's not event specific.
Written by Jackie Garlitz on June 8, 2015:
I love that you gave us ideas to use the swirl template. I have had this one for years and not really known how to take advantage of it properly.
Written by Elaine Ocker on June 7, 2015:
Thank you for all your great products and inspiration from a devoted fan.--Elaine P.S. My husband says that I need to claim you on my income tax return as I spend so much money at Paper Wishes, but my response is "you can never have too much paper or supplies". Thanks again.
Written by Cecilia Gyory on June 6, 2015:
You are the only company I know that consistantly has beautiful masculine papers. I joined two other clubs before I found you. And I'm thrilled you are the best.
Written by Lee C on June 1, 2015:
Your dark patterned paper packs are ALWAYS beautiful - 'Letterpress' is no exception.
Written by Nicole Leatherby on May 26, 2015:
It makes it so much easier to have instructions in how to actually use the stuff. Thanks a bunch!
Written by Cecilia Gyory on May 9, 2015:
I love love the kits! I am so happy that you have masculine layouts. I have all boys, and flowery pages I just don't use. I tried 3 other companies before I found you. I tell everyone how awesome you are.
Written by Leigh Ann on May 8, 2015:
Oh My Gosh! You've done it again. Last month the exclusive papers were the highlight, this month both papers are equally fabulous, but once again I'm hoping something will be done with the Peacock papers to make them available outside the PS. They are so beautiful, even if it's just an Artful Card Kit I hope the become available.
Written by Becky Renner on May 4, 2015:
It is like Christmas once a month and I love everything about them. I even use the newsletter for ideas with other papers when I'm stumped for how to do a page.
Written by connie d on May 2, 2015:
You feed all of my additions. the peacock paper is scrumptious. you have a fab design team. thank you
Written by Leigh Ann on April 2, 2015:
I loved the exclusive paper set. I normally like both sets equally, but this time the Floral Fantasy one out shines the Roses and Lace. I know the newsletter mentioned that it would become a Artful Card Kit, but please, please, please make the Floral Fantasy papers into a regular Scrapbooking set too, like you did with Honeysuckle. It's far too pretty not to. Lol, great job with the kit again.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
We are planning to make them a 12"x12" paper pack in January 2016!
Written by Connie on March 29, 2015:
I just received my April scrapbook class kit - Hurray! And you've out done yourself again! Love the new paper sets, matching paper tole, stamp set & ribbons - all with great ideas for using everything, including lovey card ideas for using the left-overs after creating the beautiful scrapbook layouts! What else is there to say but THANKS!
Written by Karen on March 28, 2015:
Love the kits - I don't scrapbook. But I use the techniques for cardmaking instead. LOVE the Class theme of the kits.
Written by Lee C on March 28, 2015:
I've seen thousands of patterned papers and was BLOWN AWAY when I revealed each of the 6 patterned papers in my April PShopper. The stamp collection was to die for also... BUT you out did yourselves with that paper...omg - and now I want to hoard it! rats.
Written by Joela on March 6, 2015:
Can't wait to start using
Written by Stephanie on February 22, 2015:
I loved the creative ideas in the newsletter!
Written by Linda H on February 5, 2015:
Just received my Feb 2015 PS Scrapbooking Class Kit. I LOVE the Class format, and really think you have stepped up the projects. I really love getting papers before anyone else, too! I always share my finished layouts on the Message Board, and the members there are always impressed.
Written by Liz on February 3, 2015:
Loved getting the design tool kit. Papers are fabulous. Everything is great. Can't wait for the "look inside February's kit" video. Love your videos.
Written by Connie on February 2, 2015:
Just received the February scrapbook kit and they just keep getting better! The new paper sets are wonderful and I especially love the versatility of the Happy Life - so many occasions to use them for. Kudos for including the new stamps, ink & embossing powder! Thanks again for all your great products, ideas and customer care.
Written by Fern on January 5, 2015:
The goodies in the kit just never ended!! One wonderful surprise after another! I loved the techniques, and the watercolor pencils too!
Written by Mary Winkler on January 5, 2015:
beautiful kit
Written by Connie on December 1, 2014:
I just received my December Scrapbooking Class kit. There are some wonderful ideas, papers, surprise gifts & fun embellishments in this month's kit. But the new family papers & printed acetate are especially wonderful! You deserve a Wow & my thanks!
Written by Nora on November 18, 2014:
I absolutely loved this kit, I had to sit down at my work table and make a couple of the cards right away! very very pleased thank you
Written by Connie DeLucchi on November 2, 2014:
I've been dragging my feet getting started doing my Christmas cards. now I know why. I was waiting for this scrapbook class. I've already make 4 cards since The kit came on Sat. using the interactive templates. Also I love the template techniques cd that Paulette sent me Thank you for inspiring me again.
Written by Becky on October 20, 2014:
I always look forward to the first of every month - It always brings me my new PS Scrapbooking box.
Written by Linda Holt on October 17, 2014:
Thank you for these new, fun Halloween papers and projects! Perfect timing! I also really LOVE the Emma's Garden papers and embellies. Great page projects, but this month I really like the card as well. It will be so much fun to add rhinestones to everything, love that you included them.
Written by Jackie Brockett on September 28, 2014:
I just recently got to REALLY look through my August PS Kit. It was like celebrating my birthday all over again!!! Such a wonderful kit.
Written by Christine Miller on September 5, 2014:
I am very happy that I joined and so look forward to receiving my kit in the mail.
Written by Denise on September 1, 2014:
All your kits are excellent. I am especially enjoying the new format. Focusing on a different product each month allows for trying things out before buying a large amount never used. It also introduces us to otherwise new items. Thanks always for your great products and design expertise!
Written by Cecilia Gyory on August 7, 2014:
I love the masculine pages! Keep them coming. I have 4 sons and 2 daughters. And my daughters are tomboys. Imagine that!
Written by Karen Boston on July 6, 2014:
I am not a scrapbooker, I use the kits for cardmaking. I love the materials and techniques they provide to use into making my cards.
Written by mimi zabela on June 28, 2014:
I was thinking about canceling my subscription, and then you changed the program and I love it!! I love that we actually learn a new technique each month. I also love that the videos are online, no more finding a place to keep them and they are all in one place and easy to find. This months papers are beautiful! One of my sets of the unforgettable papers had bad creases in it, it went through the entire stack. I will still be able to use them, but I thought you would want to know because you always deliver such great customer service. Thank you for always delivering such a wonderful kit to my front door every month. One happy VIP customer Mimi Zabela
Written by Jackie on June 2, 2014:
I love all the kits and look forward to more of them.
Written by Linda on May 29, 2014:
This Kit/Class is a HOMERUN! I LOVE the 4 sheets of die cuts, I love the layouts, and I LOVE that you are showing us how to incorporate MORE photos and Journaling using the Flip Flop Fasteners! Fantastic layouts! I especially LOVE the patterned papers that are the BLUE family... maybe we WILL see them in the catalog one day?
Written by kerri riservato on May 15, 2014:
love the new ps videos. What happen to April? :(
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The videos can now be found on the Personal Shopper page at They are on the left side of the page.
Written by CAROL SCOTT on May 4, 2014:
I thought that the odd month kits had a DVD in them which is most helpful. The May kit did not have the DVD in the May 2014 kit. i liked the kits much better with the monthly DVD in them, for the DVD's show much more extra's you can do with your klt, much more than the scrapbook classes. I love Gayle! she is such a wonderful addition to the DVD's. Please put a DVD in each nonthly kit!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
As of January 2014 the videos are available only online. You can find it on at the bottom of the homepage.
Written by Cecilia on May 3, 2014:
Do we get PS Video this month? I got my kit in the mail, waiting for the vid.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
As of January all the Personal Shopper Scrapbooking video is available online at in the scrapbooking section at the bottom of the homepage.
Written by Sherry Seago on April 30, 2014:
Thank you for the great gifts!! Love, love the papers. The Moonlight Terrace paper is beautiful.
Written by Linda on April 23, 2014:
I just love the new Class format. The new projects really capture my imagination, too. I scrapbook using as many photos as I can, so I appreciate designs with multiple photos. I also really LOVE getting papers before the rest of the world, and getting specially designed papers. What truly makes PW stand out from competitors is the commitment to providing IDEAS, TECHNIQUES, and a wonderful MESSAGE BOARD COMMUNITY. Thank you, Paulette!
Written by Pat on April 14, 2014:
Loved the embossing folder
Written by Julie Flores on April 13, 2014:
This last scrapbooking kit was the best one yet!!!! I love the hummingbird stamp and, oh my goodness, you gave us an embossing folder! WOW! And the papers are so vibrant! Truly a box of goodness! Thank-you!
Written by Gene Broderick on March 30, 2014:
I REALLY like the papers this month and the embossing folder.
Written by Becky on March 29, 2014:
I can hardly wait to get started using the embossing folder. That is new for me.
Written by connie delucchi on March 1, 2014:
Its me again. I just had to tell you how much fun I'm having with the hunky-dory butterflies I used the spectrum noir pens to color the backs then I used aleens spray glue to stick it to the vertigo prism fabulous. Thank you connie
Written by Linda Johnson on March 1, 2014:
I love all my Monthly kits. I always look forward to receiving them. It's like getting a special gift just for me.Not knowing what is in the kit makes it so much more of a surprise. I also love the news letter, it helps inspire me and gives me so much feed back to work with.I also love watching the videos on each kit, they are so helpful. Thank You so much for giving a mommy of four something to enjoy and share with others.
Written by connie delucchi on March 1, 2014:
I just love this months kit. the papers are great and I love the butterflies. I don't generally like hunkydorey but the butterflies are fabulous. In case I forgot to tell you I loved the Rhapsody papers as well.
Written by Karen Boston on February 28, 2014:
I am loving the new kit formats. I love the focus on techniques each month with samples of the items to try. I am a cardmaker who likes to be creative with my own card designs while incorporating new techniques and products. It is like getting a class in a box yet not restricted to a predesigned card. Can't wait for the next kit.
Written by Tammy on February 20, 2014:
I love all of my Personal Shopper Scrapbooking kits. The February kit was just amazing! I love it! The papers are so beautiful, I can't get over it. Everything goes together perfectly. I believe the Rhapsody paper is my favorite. I don't know though, you keep making so many good ones that they're all my favorites!! lol Thanks for all the work you all do. It certainly is appreciated. So creative. love it.
Written by lisa beck on February 20, 2014:
Loved this kit! Best kit so far! Loved the Pens!
Written by Shirley on February 7, 2014:
Love It All!
Written by Callie on February 7, 2014:
I love my first scrapbooking kit. the papers and embellishments are wonderful! I especially liked the paper tole you included, fun, fun. Looking forward to my next kit. :-)
Written by Leigh Ann Allen on February 6, 2014:
I just got my February Personal Shopper today! I'm in Canada so this is the earliest I've ever received it. The papers are stunning! I am so happy with it and I love that it's focusing on coloring/Spectrum Noir. I can't wait to see the focus of next months kit. Keep up the great work!
Written by Loretta Renz on February 1, 2014:
I can't wait each month to see what new papers & goodies I have to play with! I just LOVE it!!
Written by Janette on January 30, 2014:
PaperWishes is my favorite company, you have the best selection and quality of products. Your weekly webisodes are also great. Thanks for all the great work all of you do.
Written by Shirley on January 28, 2014:
I love the kits each and every one of them! :)
Written by Elizabeth Southwick on January 27, 2014:
Loved the tutorials online! So glad I joined.
Written by Linda H on January 21, 2014:
Loved it all! Thank you for Toolkit #6, the die cut page, and those Circus papers. I love the new improved kit with such useful additions, and the video classes work JUST FINE! In fact, this is more portable than ever!
Written by Amy McCoy on January 18, 2014:
I loved the kit! This was my first kit as I am a new member to the scrapbook personal shopper kit club. I am looking forward to learning new techniques.
Written by fern nissenbaum on January 11, 2014:
The new designer, Amy, is amazing. I adore her layouts!! The class online is nice, as I was running out of room storing all the dvds. The past two kits have been, seriously, the best EVER!!
Written by Heidi on January 10, 2014:
As always it is a fantastic kit. I loved it before and also love you new focused style. I look forward to this kit so much and it never disappoints!
Written by fern nissenbaum on January 9, 2014:
This was my dream kit. A real class in a box. Also, I loved all the layouts in the instruction booklet. I think you have a new designer there? Wonderful all around!
Written by Sherry Seago on January 7, 2014:
Enjoyed the long video! I am learning so much. Thanks Paper Wishes - you guys are the greatest!
Written by connie delucchi on January 4, 2014:
I love the new video
Written by Mary on January 3, 2014:
How exciting!!! Loved everything, I can not wait till the next kit arrives.
Written by Gene Broderick on December 31, 2013:
My personal shopper arrived the 24th. Merry Christmas to me!! Since dazzles are my most favorite thing....I really loved the Dec. kit. Papers follow with a close second. Thanks!!
Written by Heidi on December 7, 2013:
Wow! Wow! Wow! This month's kit is a mind blower! All the Dazzles are incredible! And TWO sets of double sided papers are just too good to be true. This is going to be the best Christmas present ever. I may just put it under the tree until Christmas. It's that good! Great job everyone :)
Written by Patricia on November 20, 2013:
Can't wait to use the kit love the papers thank u for the great inspiration
Written by Heidi on November 13, 2013:
This kit is always fantastic. I like that it has things that I'm crazy about and know just what do with and other times there are new things out of my comfort zone to try out. Every month is like a gift to open and play with. I love it!
Written by Linda Johnson on October 6, 2013:
love love love your kits. Thank You so much.
Written by Jamie on September 28, 2013:
The Fancy Feather papers are so beautiful, the colors are vibrant and rich! (I liked your name for them better, too, Paulette!) I must admit I am addicted to Dazzles and the Feather Dazzles are awesome. Paper Wishes does Halloween papers better than any other company too! Loved everything as usual!
Written by Linda Johnson on August 9, 2013:
I look forward to receiving my kit each month. I am a mother of four and love to cherish memories with my scrap booking.The kits are such a wonderful way to enjoy my hobby so much more. I love all the input and ideas that are giving in each kit. I look forward to continue receiving my kits. Thank you so much.
Written by Evelyn Naegele on June 27, 2013:
The CD's are always nice to have, I have not been receiving these long enough to know the reasons for why some kits have a CD and others do not. Also, I recieved the H, M & E wooden blocks but not the "O". Is there anyway that you could send me the "O", please? I recently subscribed to the Simon Says card kits, and although they are nice, they contain different elements that make them fun to receive too; truth is, I really love the paper wishes the best. The thing that sets Simon Says apart from paper wishes though are the stamps. Is there any way that PW could incorporate even the small stamps? I know this is the scrapbooking kit and not the card making kit, but I simply don't scrapbook. I use it for making cards. I like the scrapbooking kit better than the card kits, just by what I see on line. Thanks for letting me speak frankly. I really love PW, and the weekly webisodes are something I look forward to every week. I am so glad that you show finished insides of cards. Keep up the fantastic job! You all are my fav's!!!
Written by LindaH61 on May 10, 2013:
I thought Homegrown was the cutest palette ever, but I think you topped it with Picnic! Also, I really LOVE when you send us the ACK papers in 12x12, and would LOVE the Rosemary & Thyme 6x6 to "grow up " also! I am a Happy Personal Shopper Addict!
Written by annie on May 8, 2013:
ahhh you have created a monster scrap scrap scrap who cares about the housework awesome may collection can not buy products like these in my local shop thanks guys
Written by Leigh Ann on April 22, 2013:
Great Kit! Everything was just beautiful. My second as a member and I love it as much as the first. Way to go! I am a very satisfied customer.
Written by Heidi on April 3, 2013:
I just can't get over these kits! The papers are new and fantastic. The extra's are phenomenal! Great fun and great value!
Written by Sue Youong on March 30, 2013:
I love all the papers and the whole kit, but . This was my first kit and I only received one set of the Grapefruit papers. Other than that I am excited to get started and want to order some of the past kits. GREAT KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written by Fern Nissenbaum on March 27, 2013:
I loved the template ( but Im sure you hear that a lot!)I loved the paper tole and punch outs as well. The instruction sheet is excellent. The real reason I joined this club however, is becuase everything to make the pages shown in the newsletter is included. Not every club is like that. Others may give you instructions, but your page will look quite bare unless you go back and purchase, for example, the coodinating stamps. Last but not least, Debby is THE BEST!
Written by Leigh Ann on March 20, 2013:
I love it. The Picnic papers and die-cuts are great, so lovely. I also have a lot of female family members who dislike pink, and these papers and die-cuts fill a big need for non pink femine papers. I also love the North Country collection. I'm sure when it was named you meant north country US, but being from Canada it really resonates with me, I also have a few men in the family who camp and hunt so this new collection is perfect for them. Love it all!
Written by Heidi on March 2, 2013:
I was so excited to get my March kit today!It had the 2 paper packs I was wanting inside. I loved the picnic papers and die cuts the most but it is all just WONDERFUL!
Written by Pat on February 8, 2013:
I was so glad when you added the pictures of the paper back to the front of the newsletter-I use it to browse for paper! And the ladies who keep coming up with the ideas for the rest of us-you must have great fun playing with it all. Thank you for a great beginning of each month.
Written by Angel on February 7, 2013:
I simply just love every kit....I can't wait every month until it shows up! Thanks!
Written by Tammy on February 6, 2013:
I just love every kit every month, but I think this is one of my favorites. I love the papers, they are beautiful!I hope you never stop making these kits! Thanks so much for all the work everyone puts into them.
Written by Susan Wanat on February 3, 2013:
I can't wait to dig into these beautiful papers and the huge amount of embellishments!!! Thank you for creating these tremendous kits.
Written by Debby Noel on January 29, 2013:
The paper is great. Since you had released it a little time before I already had some great ideas. The cd was appreciated to give me a few more ideas.The Dazzles have great potential and the ribbon, especially the flowers will go great on the page with the Red Velvet papers also. It has been over a year since I had the oppertunity to get the Personal shopper items again and I feel like I get several PRESENTS a month. Thanks again and am gonna play now!!
Written by Colleen Shannon on January 28, 2013:
I've meant to provide feedback for a long time now, shame on me for waiting. I ordered your scrapbook kits a year & a half ago to fill an order to get free shipping. The minute I opened them I cancelled my membership with Club Scrap. You had so much more to offer. And though I was a scrapbooker at the time, I've come to love making cards as much as my friends and family love to receive them. I can't tell you how much your talented designers inspire me (especially Teresa!) and motivate me to try new techniques. Your products are top quality and your webinars that showcase them are invaluable. I know that I'm gushing, but I really have come to embrace the paper crafts more than I ever imagined I could thanks to your team of talented staff. My one disappointment is that Ann had to downsize her role in your organization. I'm thrilled that she is still contributing. I have reached VIP status and have no plans on relinquishing that anytime soon. Keep up the great work & thanks for all the inspiration!! Colleen.
Written by barbara wollenhaupt on January 7, 2013:
i really loved the papers and am already thinking about different projects!
Written by Tammy on December 7, 2012:
I love all of my kits. I can't wait for each month to come around so I can get a new one. It's like a new present every month. Thanks so much!
Written by Hamida on November 12, 2012:
This kit was so beautiful and put me in the mood to start Christmas even though I'm still shopping for Thanksgiving items! Love this time of year and this kit is perfect!
Written by barbara wollenhaupt on November 10, 2012:
Written by Charlene Reeves on October 6, 2012:
Look forward to each month's suprises
Written by Janene G on September 30, 2012:
Love the kits - it's like Christmas once a month!
Written by Jean on September 1, 2012:
I love many things about the kits - I've been a member for ages - but the papers are wonderful, as you look at them the aroma of fresh printed papers is like no other - and ideas just pop in your head about what to do with each sheet. I do not know how you do it with different sheets every month but a BIG THANKS for the job you do! I have papers set aside that I will not use because I enjoy looking at the art and the colors.......thanks again Jean Holder
Written by Cecilia on August 25, 2012:
I love all of it. I need more boy ideas though. I used the ballerina layout for my son's karate page. I thought it worked.
Written by Diane Ives on August 21, 2012:
This is one of my favorite kits. I am so happy that you show 2 page layouts with multiple photos. Most magazines these days are only showing one picture on a single layout. Yet most people scrapbook 2 page layouts. Thank you.
Written by lisa beck on August 16, 2012:
This is my first kit. I loved it.i also got the girls8 i have been looking for a kit for younger girls. thank you for having one she loves it.
Written by tierra on August 7, 2012:
i love this kit that's all i have to say!
Written by Kat Chandler on July 31, 2012:
Someone there MUST have put this kit together JUST for me! I just returned from a vacation to Maui, and am in the process of starting a scrapbook with my pictures. Lo and behold, the "Hawaiian" kit, as I'm calling it, showed up at my door yesterday! I was blown away with everything in it, and have all I need to get started now on my Maui Vacation 2012, scrapbook! Thank you SO MUCH!!!
Written by mary on July 15, 2012:
I am a Paper Wishes addict!
Written by Jennifer Day-Howard on June 27, 2012:
I love, love loveto the papier tole! The fan dimension adds so much life to any page. I wish there was a coordinating papier tole for every paper kit! Also, I would love to see more double sided papers like the May kit! Or thicker single print sheets. More dazzles as well! Less brad buddies and brads...more papier tole!
Written by Linda on June 5, 2012:
Best kit yet! I LOVE the new flourish papers, and I LOVE the 12x12 Confetti Cake papers and all of the projects. You hit the perfect NOTE with this kit!
Written by Sue on June 4, 2012:
I am new to Personal Shopper and was especially happy with how quickly I received the June kit. I have made two of the double page layouts so far and love them. I enjoy having instructions to follow. Great product!
Written by Susan Peach on May 25, 2012:
I just love my kit. I especially like the DVD with it.The layered flowers are so cute. I love my pinwheel templates. I can't wait for the next kit.
Written by Julie Flores on May 13, 2012:
I loved, loved, loved the kit this month! With the double-sided papers and the fresh and fun prints of the single-sided, coupled with the template AND the tole...WOW! A winner! Plus, having all males in the family, the really gender neutral papers are SO appreciated. =) Thank-you for a terrific kit!
Written by Pat on May 2, 2012:
I have been subscribing since 11/05. It is a big treat each month and you all constantly amaze me. I am glad you cut back a little on the paper as you can imagine I have quite a selection. I can count on you to include something I am curious about-with directions. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Written by Jamie Macri on April 30, 2012:
I am always excited to open my box from Paper Wishes. This time I had to stop myself from yelling "YESSSSS!!!" when I saw the Pinwheels Template because I have wanted this since it came out! It's been on my list to order as soon as I could! As much as I hate to say I was disappointed with anything related to my Personal Shopper, I was a little sad that my kit didn't have the glitter tape in it. I really want to see what this is like! But, truly, I love everything Paper Wishes has to offer. You have some very talented designers working for you, both in developing your products and in showing us how to use them! Thank you!
Written by Tammy on March 21, 2012:
Thanks so much for my beautiful kit! I just love it! I love that you send a DVD with it and the design elements book also. It inspires me and helps me creatively. I love the way that it's packaged so neatly, and I can use the box to store my pages as I'm working on them. Keep up the great work. It looks like I will be in the family for years to come. Tammy
Written by kayla on February 28, 2012:
i love this club
Written by Debra Chavez on February 20, 2012:
Before I joined the Personal Shopper Scrabooking club, I had ordered a previous kit (June 2009) and fell in love with all of it. The newsletter is such a big help in making the scrapbook pages. I was not disappointed at all and looking forward to my kit.
Written by Martha on February 17, 2012:
I thought this was a wonderful kit and fit the season very well. Thanks.
Written by Nancy Rose on February 4, 2012:
I absolutely loved this months paper. I am also pleased that you have cut down on the amount of paper, deleting the extra sheets, and including more embellishments. This was a very fun box to open and play with. Keep up the good work.
Written by Lynne Neumann on January 27, 2012:
This is such a wonderful kit, each time I had all kinds of wonderful ideas. I love these. Wish I could get more.
Written by Jean Skasko on January 18, 2012:
I love the scrapbooking kits of the month. Keep them coming with all your unique ideas. Love, Love,Love this company!! Thanks, Jean
Written by julie on January 17, 2012:
A great kit-couldn't wait to get it started
Written by Glenna Artrip on January 6, 2012:
I really like & hope to see more two sided papers,& as always,Dazzles.I appreciate the tips in the newsletter, my favorite PS kits are the ones with DVDs & Lots of Dazzles. I love the Templates, & am now going to try the metal stencils too. Your kits have enabled me to continue to grow in skill,keep up with trends, get a box full of ideas, papers, materials,inspiration, & JOY every month. Thank you sincerely. Please keep up the good work. You will never know how far & how deeply the ripples of what you do travel into the lives of others, like a pebble tossed into a pond of still water. Glenna
Written by Ruth Mayberry on January 4, 2012:
The papers this month are EXTRAORDINARY! Great job to all the designers!
Written by Donna Olson on December 31, 2011:
I love the folded paper projects with the two sided papers, I would like to see more of them in the future, In the past the paper party chain stencil page was so wonderful.
Written by Julie King on December 14, 2011:
I loved the rich colors in the papers
Written by Faye Thompson on November 9, 2011:
I love getting my kits-it's like Christmas for me.
Written by BonnieFrunz on October 29, 2011:
Paulette, I was so pleased to see the papers in the kit this month. They are great. Thank you for taking my comments to heart.
Written by Noralee Patton on October 1, 2011:
I loved the whole thing!
Written by M Lynne Neumann on September 8, 2011:
Love these kits. Wish I had more time to complete them :( Love all your stuff.
Written by Dorel on August 20, 2011:
I really love getting my personal shopper it saves me time by coordinating all the papers and embellishments also I have learned so much from the newsleters and videos Thanks.
Written by Debra on August 13, 2011:
OMG!! This is the first time I've subscribed to PW's Scrapbooking Kit. It is soooo worth the money! The paper selection is georgous and there's so many extras! I am going to cancel my other kit subscriptions with other companies and stay with you! Thanks!!
Written by Val Adam on August 10, 2011:
Once again, another wonderful kit. I am always thrilled to get a template with my kit and the papers this month (August) are gorgeous!
Written by Suzanne on August 2, 2011:
This kit was outstanding. The Lace/Dollie Dazzles are fantastic. I can not wait to use them on the page layouts but will probably have to order more for other projects. Would still love it if there was some way to label the papers/embellishment etc where we could find them if we wanted to order more.
Written by Noralee Patton on June 30, 2011:
I love to get the Kits. I could not possibly get everything in the Kits indidually at retail stores for that amount of money-especially the quality!
Written by jordyn on June 24, 2011:
They are so good that i will not stop doing them!
Written by BevyAnn on June 19, 2011:
I really love the dazzles part. Love we get a sheet in a different color. All in all, I really like the kits!
Written by Linda Heminger on June 3, 2011:
Thanks for expanding your wonderful line to include the "steampunk" style....LOVE IT!! Ya know, the "time" line could also go SO well with the steampunk line...Gears, GEArs! GEARS!!
Written by Cathy R on May 21, 2011:
Am so glad to be getting my kits again!!! Truely missed getting them. Thanks for making such wonderful products.
Written by Janell Livingston on May 14, 2011:
I am new to the personal shopper scrapbook club, also new to scrapbooking itself. My favorite part of this months kit was the dvd and newsletter, of course, it is teaching me how to scrapbook!
Written by Lynnette on May 11, 2011:
Hi! I do love the kits. They are so much fun to get. I love learning new things and this gives me the chance to see this, so thank you very much.
Written by Judy on May 5, 2011:
Had lots of fun and learned lots of techniques thanks to your kits.
Written by Linda Heminger on May 4, 2011:
WOW You guys really outdid yourselves YET AGAIN!!! Moreover, it was meant to be that I received my favorite colors...PURPLE!!!! Thanks
Written by Val Adam on April 27, 2011:
Letter of appreciation to follow --LOVE the kit!!!