Organizing Your Album

Most albums have a theme—whether it’s the “family” book with volumes spanning years of a family’s activities, or smaller theme books covering a single vacation or special event.

Whichever theme you choose, you have a couple of choices when it comes to organizing your album: To scrapbook in chronological order, or to create chapters within a book.


A chronological organization simply means recording events in the order they happened. A wedding album is a perfect example of this: Start with your engagement photo followed by the wedding preparations, the day itself, then the honeymoon. Or you might organize a family album by month and group pages by spring, summer, autumn and winter holidays and activities.


Other album themes can be organized into chapters. An album about your child’s year at school might contain sections on Friends, Favorite Subjects, Art Projects and Sports. A heritage album might be divided by sides of the family, with a double-page spread for each couple. A travel scrapbook can be organized by Things We Saw, Places We Went and Where We Stayed.

The intro page

Every album will start with a single page—when you open the cover, this single page will set the stage and theme of your book. The rest of the pages in the book will open to double-page spreads. This first page is the perfect place for your title (“Keith and Sara’s Wedding: August 15, 1998" or “Smith Family Christmas Traditions”). This is also a great place for a Table of Contents for the album, a dedication, a single photo that represents the theme or even a meaningful quote.

For the rest of the album, you can create double-page spreads, single page layouts or a combination of both. A double page spread is where both pages coordinate by color, theme and event—so you’ll open the book and “read” both pages together.

The final page

As with the first page of your album, the last page in the book will also be a single. You might use that page for a photo, quote or journaling that sums up the theme of the book. You could also create a page about yourself and title it “About the Author”.