About Acrylic Stamps

Acrylic stamps are a fantastic tool for cardmakers, scrappers, stampers and papercrafters. Because they’re clear, you can get perfect stamp placement on your project; they’re inexpensive (you get lots of images for the price of a wood-stamp) and they’re easy to store.

Acrylic stamps come on a clear plastic liner, so you peel the stamp off the liner, then place it onto a clear acrylic block. It will cling, so there’s no need for adhesive or a cushion. Press to make sure it’s well-adhered. Ink it up and stamp away, then clean with soap and water when you’re done. Peel the stamp off and replace it on the clear plastic liner.

Cleaning Acrylic Stamps

Please do not use baby wipes to clean your acrylic stamps! The lotion in the baby wipe can damage stamps over time. A mild hand liquid handsoap works best; if a detailed stamp has some stubborn inkstains, use an old toothbrush to gently scrub in between the detailed areas.

Acrylic Mounts

If you’re just getting into acrylic stamps, you’ll also need to buy clear acrylic mounts. They’re sold separately from the stamps and you can find them at your local stamp store or Paper Wishes. A 2”x6” block is very useful; you might also find it’s worth investing in a smaller square or larger square mount as well.

An acrylic block that’s slightly larger than your stamp is perfect. If the stamp is too big for the mount, you won’t get a good impression. And if the mount is much bigger than the stamp, it’s hard to ink without also inking your acrylic mount, which can lead to stray ink marks. Be sure to clean your mounts as well as your stamps.