Alternate Surfaces

Now that you’ve got the basics of stamping on paper, what else can you stamp on? The possibilities are endless!


Metal is a great surface for stamping and inking, whether that’s a metal pail, dog tags or metal foil tape or even brads and other metal accents. Use a StazOn ink pad, since metal isn’t porous, and remember to let the ink dry for a few minutes before handling.

Stamp directly onto larger surfaces, like metal tins, or apply ink directly from your ink pad onto smaller metal pieces like bookplates and brads. A large brad, like a 22mm Great Big Brad™, is the perfect surface for stamping a small image or a letter. To stamp on a Great Big Brad™, simply insert the brad into a piece of scrap paper or a Styrofoam block, then stamp. Use a light color of ink for dark-colored brads, and dark ink for light color brads.

To ink on metal foil tape, place a piece of foil tape onto a flat surface and skim the ink pad along the top. This gives an instant vintage effect. Wrap the self-adhesive foil tape around Memory Glass for faux-soldered embellishments.


It comes in all sizes and styles: Chipboard letters, alphabets and shapes. Some are patterned, some are plain and all are perfect for stamping or inking. Stamp directly on them, or edge them with an ink pad for definition.

Memory Glass

Another non-porous surface perfect for your StazOn, these little glass slides are just what you remember from high-school biology class. Simply place a piece of Memory Glass flat on your work surface and stamp an image or part of an image onto the glass. Let dry, then sandwich a piece of patterned paper between two pieces of Memory Glass for a uniquely dimensional effect. Place all three elements into a Memory Glass Frame to make a locket.


Clear plastic shapes, like Ghosts, can be inked or stamped with Alcohol Inks or StazOn. Tap on color with Alcohol Inks and an Ink Applicator, let the color dry, then stamp a pattern like dots or flowers on top with a StazOn.

Silk Flowers

Fabric flowers and leaves are a perfect surface for stamping. Simply place your flower onto a piece of scrap paper, then stamp with a StazOn. If your stamp isn’t quite as big as the flower, stamp the image once, then reposition and stamp again. (A Great Big Brad™ in the center of the flower is a chic way to attach it to your project.)


sarabinders™ are made of a heavyweight bookboard that can be stamped. Because the bookboard is thick and porous, use a well-inked stamp with bold, clear lines. Very dry ink pads won’t give you the same crisp color. You can stamp directly onto the binder, or paint it first.


Yes, dominos—like the game piece! Simply place the domino with the plain white side facing up, and use a StazOn to stamp. Don’t have a stamp the exact size of the domino? No problem. You can stamp a portion of a larger stamp onto the domino: Part of a flower, swirl or even a letter as a monogram. Use a heavy-duty glue to attach it to the front of a card, glue on a pin back or drill a hole through the domino and wear it as a necklace or bracelet.