Caring For & Storing Your Ink Pads

Your ink pads are one of your most basic stamping supplies, so it’s important to care for them well. Here are a few tips to make sure they have a long life:

Put a Lid On It

Always put the lid back on your ink pad…even if you’re only stepping away for a minute. You know how life is: You step away for a minute, and the next thing you know you’re coming back the next day—only to find a withering ink pad!

For those of us with crowded workspaces, it’s all too easy to accidentally shift a piece of paper or scrap of ribbon onto an open ink pad. And for those of you with small children…well, you know what could happen!

Cleaning Your Ink Pads

If an ink pad becomes muddied with another color, tap it off with a paper towel. Still not clean? Spritz lightly with ammonia-free window cleaner, let sit for a few seconds and wipe clean.

Re-inking Your Ink Pads

Many ink pads come with a re-inker, or re-inkers are available. You’ll simply squeeze a few drops over the entire surface of the pad. Use a brayer or the back of a spoon to push the ink into the pad. Test it out to see if you need to add more from the re-inker. If you put too much ink on the pad, gently blot the ink pad with a piece of paper.

Storing Your Ink Pads

Always store your ink pads upside down. This is to keep the ink on the surface of the pad. You don’t have to do this with pigment inks, which are so juicy that storing them upside down can result in an inky mess.

If you can, stack your ink pads in clear plastic drawers. (The plastic makes for an easier clean-up if a lid accidentally comes off.) If the manufacturer hasn’t printed the color on the bottom of the ink pad, write it on with a Sharpie marker so it’s easy to find the right color.

Some stampers also store their ink pads in zippered plastic bags (making sure to squeeze out all the excess air). If that works for you, great!