Cleaning Your Stamps

Yes, it’s easy to get lazy about cleaning your stamps. Yet all too easily you can accidentally contaminate your Opaque White ink pad with black ink after forgetting to clean your stamps properly. Yes, it’s important to clean off stamps after using them—especially between colors!

The quickest and easiest way to clean your wood-mounted stamps is with alcohol-free baby wipes. It’s a good idea to keep a big box of these on your desk and simply wipe off your stamp, then blot it on an old towel before changing colors or before putting the stamp away. For really stubborn ink, you can also take a soft, old toothbrush and gently scrub the crevices in the image.

Acrylic stamps are also easy to clean with soap and water. A mild handsoap works perfectly. Just rinse off, pat dry and return to the clear liner sheet the stamp came on. Do not use this method with wood-mounted rubber stamps, as it will loosen the adhesive! And please don’t use acetone, bleach or any oil-based cleaner for either acrylic or wood-mounted stamps.

When cleaning your acrylic stamps, don’t forget to clean your acrylic blocks too. This prevents any stray ink marks from ending up on your paper!

Some ink pads can stain your stamps. StazOn, for example, really does stay on. That’s no big deal—just clean off what you can and let the stamp dry. It won’t ruin your stamp, and it won’t come off on your Opaque White ink pad later either.