Coloring Your Stamped Image

Once you’ve stamped your image, you may choose to leave it black and white (or whatever ink and paper color you’ve chosen). Or you might opt to add a little color. Here are a few favorite ways:


Chalks give soft, delicate color—perfect for shading floral images, or to highlight a word. Chalks come in sets, complete with applicators. Simply apply a touch of chalk to the paper and brush off any chalk dust. You can also place a piece of scrap paper on top of the chalked area and burnish it with a bone folder or brayer. This will “blot” any excess chalk.

Metallic Markers

These opaque metallic pens have a thick, paint-like ink that looks great on light and dark papers.

Slick Writers

Slick Writers are great for coloring images on glossy paper. The ink dries quickly so it won’t smear. It’s permanent, waterproof and acid-free. Perfect for glossy paper. Ink dries quickly so it won’t smear. They’re permanent, waterproof and acid free.

Colored pencils

Colored pencils are probably one of the most versatile tools for coloring stamped images. Just like grade school, you simply color in the lines. Even better, you can control the intensity of the color depending on the pressure you use when coloring.

Watercolor pencils

Watercolor pencils give you the option of creating a softer, painterly effect. Simply color along the edge of your image, then use a small wet paintbrush or blender pen to move the color into the center of the image. You can also rub the pencil onto a piece of scratch watercolor paper, then dip the wet paintbrush or blender pen into the color and apply it to your image. Be sure to use watercolor paper with these techniques, since lighter-weight paper may buckle.


Stippling is perfect when you want to create a soft, halo effect. Please note, you won’t be able to get into the small areas of detailed stamps. Simply tap a stiff-bristle brush onto your ink pad, then tap or sweep the color onto your paper.

Want a dramatic look—no matter what you color with? Stamp an image in black and white, then stamp again on another piece of paper. Cut (or punch) a portion of one stamped image and color it in. ink the edges of the cut or punched piece, then use a small piece of foam tape to attach the colored piece on top of the black and white stamped image.