Other Ways to Ink Your Stamp

So once you’ve mastered inking your stamp and making an impression, what other techniques can you do to add color to your stamps? Try spritzing or using markers!

Water Spritzing

You can get a cool watercolor effect by spritzing your inked stamps with a plant mister. Fully ink your stamp with a dye-based ink pad, then mist it lightly with water. (Yes, you’ll be getting water on your stamp and no, it won’t ruin it!) The key here is to mist lightly—you don’t want the ink dripping off your stamp.

Stamp your image onto your paper. Stamp it a second and third time, either on the same paper or a different sheet. The impressions will get fainter and fainter—like a watercolor. This is especially pretty with flower stamps and you can create a beautiful field of flowers this way. The type of paper you stamp onto will have an effect on your stamped image, so try this technique with different paper. Glossy paper and watercolor paper both work well.

Using Markers

Say you have a flower stamp—and you want the stem to be green, and the flower pink. You can stamp the image in black and color it in…or you can use Marvy Brush Markers directly onto your stamp. Turn your stamp over, place it image-side up on your work surface and color the various areas of the stamp with Brush Markers.

Work quickly, as you want the ink to stay wet. If you have a large stamp, the ink may dry before you get done coloring. In that case, simply breathe onto the inked stamp to “reactivate” the ink. Stamp onto your paper.