Customer comments

Written by Jacqueline Anderson on April 20, 2017:
What a delicious mix of perfectly coordinating stencils! My fav being the metal stencils because I like to make garden pics complete with a picket fence and gate.
Written by Nickie Engle on April 23, 2016:
I am really looking forward to using these, as I've not done much stenciling in the past, and it will be fun to try something new! All of the stencils in the kit are so pretty - the big rose is my favorite! Also - thank you so much for the extra 'new member' goodies! I love the plastic stencil you enclosed - and the lovely metal monogram stencil was a wonderful unexpected surprise!Thank you! Today was like Christmas! I am just so very happy with everything!!
Written by Judy on March 20, 2016:
The baby bib stencil is so cute. I made a really sweet baby shower card with it. I like the footprint stencil too. I can think of several uses for it.
Written by connie d on September 7, 2015:
I used the holly all over stencil for the first time. first I used distress inks and blended green from one end and red from the other then I used gold embossing paste . perfect it got me in the mood to make Christmas cards Thank you
Written by Daria on May 11, 2015:
This is my very first kit and I love every part of it. The nature theme is right up my alley. Love the ferns, the bird and the branches. Can't wait to start using them.
Written by connie delucchi on January 17, 2015:
I just received my first stencil kit I love the iris and immediately used it on a scrap of super fine glittered paper. great. I also really, really love the dandelion stencil.
Written by Barbara on November 20, 2013:
I am referring to the October kit I particularly loved the "Seasons Greeting Glitter card" since I love red and I enjoy working with glitter. I've never applied glitter like the technique; secondly, I've never thought of using Post-It Notes with a stencil. So...............thanks! Barbara
Written by Marti B. on December 28, 2012:
Thank You!!
Written by Marti B. on October 30, 2012:
Just keep those metal stencils coming!!! I stop whatever I am doing to check them out and usually use them right away!! They are just so much fun and add so much to my cards! Thank you for starting this personal shopper.
Written by Retta Harrison on September 17, 2012:
I loved the stencils I received, and the ideas how to use them. I use stencils all the time to emboss with or cut them out. Several of my friends loves shoes, so now I have something to make just for them.
Written by Ruth on May 19, 2012:
I received my first kit today and absolutely love ti. Thank you for the free initial stencil, I love it. Can hardly wait for the nest one to get here.
Written by Margie on May 4, 2012:
I just love the metal stencils!
Written by Lynee on April 26, 2012:
I realy enjoy stenciling so much more now that I get new ones every month. I use chalks,paint,and spray spritz. My cards are so much more alive.
Written by Christy Schumacher on March 3, 2012:
I am really enjoying this months kit as I did last months. Like the projects you have in the newsletter! Thank you for this new addition to your Personal Shopper kits.
Written by Melany Wenneker on February 22, 2012:
The lillies and heart border stencils are just beautiful. I'm going to get the smooch ink and try to use it, which I have never done so before. I hope it is easy to use and has a smooth tip on the end to color in the stencils. I assume I would just use my stamp cleaning solution to clean the stencil from using the smooch inks? I'm looking forward to giving them a try. Thanks again for another awesome stencils kit!
Written by Melany on February 18, 2012:
Absolutely beautiful stencils! I was so surprised by the free gift of my last name's initial "W" it is beautiful as well. The newsletter is extremely helpful with all the tips and techniques (some new and some I already knew.) What a joy it is to have this addition to my other club choices here. Thank you so much for making this club so affordable and fun! Looking forward to the next one...