Customer comments

Written by Jacqueline Anderson on April 12, 2018:
Springgy Greeetings to all! Although, I do have all the templates, thus far, in these kits, I share my 'extra' kit template with others. The instructional sheet and colorful papers are to good to miss!
Written by Jacqueline on January 17, 2018:
Warm Crafty Greetings to all! The two-tier template is the perfect addition to everyone's craft stash! It is so versatile; to be used in many projects. I especially like the cut-away windows for added interest! The papers provided and instructions are a plus! Thanks designers!
Written by Jacqueline Anderson on June 16, 2017:
Happy Crafty Greetings to all! These previous templates and current one make it a "snap" to create fun, summery decorations. Get the family involved!
Written by Jacqueline on November 16, 2016:
Gracious fall greetings to all! I'm a new member to this club,so, I scrutinize the entire presentation before me. The templates are invaluable,since, they are re-usable! This "Peek-a-Boo" template will work for Christmas-themed and all the other well! Such cleverness in a greeting card! Thank-you!
Written by Janet Turner on June 6, 2016:
I love the templates and all the instructions, I can't wait to try some of the other Personal Shoppers as well. Thanks for the ideas.
Written by Leann S. on February 5, 2016:
I'm so jazzed about this months template..this is one of the three I've been wanting for a while now and it came in the mail just today hooray for me!!!!!!! Thank you for all of your excellent talent and creativity that you share with us novices..Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!
Written by Leann S. on December 11, 2015:
Thank you Gail for another wonderful template...I use the feathers one and now a new one to play with. I love the ease of all the templates from HOTP!!
Written by Leann S. on October 28, 2015:
I used my new template to make a really special Halloween card for a friend who is feeling under the weather and it turned out really great...I can think of ways to use this in all my crafting...Thanks
Written by Stacie on July 10, 2015:
The template has so many great ideas. I have used it to make dresses for cards and scrapbook pages, and made a super cute sewing card using the dress form template for my mom's birthday.
Written by Daria on February 28, 2015:
I love this template. There is so much packed into this one template. It reminds me of my childhood when I used to make paper houses and this template helps make the work and the memories better.
Written by Daria on October 7, 2014:
This is for the October kit. I made the first card from the kit and couldn't believe how easy it was to make the card using the template. And what amazing results! Looks like a slaved hours over making the card! Thanks again for a great product!
Written by Judy on October 4, 2014:
The timing of this kit could not have been better. I used the template to make a beautiful wedding card for my nephew. I love the swing templates. They're so simple to do and they look great.
Written by Katherine Clark on September 25, 2014:
This is my all time favorite template. I went ahead and purchased all the other card templates you have produced. Have tried them all and love them.
Written by PennyD on September 4, 2014:
I can make most of these swing type cards right on my paper cutter, but it is sure nice to have the template, makes matting so much easier.
Written by Rhonda on August 10, 2014:
I loved this template and kit. I can hardly wait to get the other swing templates. I had ordered the ready-made cards, but this will be great to have and I can make any color I want for the card itself. Keep up the good work.
Written by Daria on August 10, 2014:
I just love this template. I have tried making these cards w/o a template and they never looked good. Not having to measure to cover the card is wonderful. Thank you so much for this template. It will get a lot of use.
Written by Sandhills Patty on July 30, 2014:
I already have this template... but I would like to buy more of the brown/tan flourishes paper? Could you give me the item #for this paper.. used in Gail's, first feather card? Thank you for your help.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The item number is #7520554000 and it's called Tan Swirly Flowers. This 12"x12" paper costs .59 per sheet.
Written by Katherine Clark on July 26, 2014:
This is my all time favorite template since I've been getting them. The feathers are fun to cut out and fun to use on the projects. So many ideas from your examples. Great job Gail.
Written by Judy on June 22, 2014:
I really wasn't sure if I'd like this template when I first saw it. After all, how hard is it to cut feather shapes? However, now that I have it, I really like it. No, it's not hard to cut feather shapes, but it is nice to be able to cut consistent shapes and sizes and the finished feathers look great. The newsletter gave some excellent suggestions for different ways to make and use them.
Written by Penny Douphinett on June 9, 2014:
Another hit template! Your templates brought me to your company and I've never looked back. The feathers are unique, easy to do and look fabulous!
Written by Charlene Rogers on May 2, 2014:
Once again beautiful papers. I love the patchwork look.
Written by Daria on April 12, 2014:
I have had so much fun making quilted cards and sending them to my quilting friends.
Written by pennyd on April 10, 2014:
This is for the quilt template in the April kit. Love the template and the papers going with it - I can see a lot of uses for this template. Templates are still my most loved products from HOTP!
Written by Patt on March 30, 2014:
I really liked all of it. I love iris folding so to have templates!! YEAH!!! Thanks for a good one!
Written by Annette on March 26, 2014:
I adore the templates, and the papers, etc., are not bad at all either! But the templates, ooooohhhh, terrific!
Written by Beverley Leeson on January 26, 2014:
I have only answered Q3 because I couldn't leave it Blank. I Loved it ALL Actually. I always Do. I have Never been Disappointed Yet.
Written by Heidi on January 10, 2014:
This PS kit is always so great. Templates are the perfect tool. They are affordable and fun. Even though the papers are never my first choice I always like them and they work perfectly. Did I mention what a bargain this PS is too? Well, it is!
Written by Penny Douphinett on December 10, 2013:
I wasn't disappointed in the newsletter - you don't have a liked all of it button! I have been looking forward to this template and am having a lot of fun playing with it! Another hit PW!
Written by Annette Siverson on December 8, 2013:
I only selected an item for number 3 because it seemed that I must. I really did love it all!
Written by Katherine on December 3, 2013:
Kit was very nice. Loved all the papers and ideas.
Written by Heidi on November 13, 2013:
I love the templates that Paper Wishes offer. The kit is great because It shows you how to use your new tool and I love the bonus papers too.
Written by Pat on November 10, 2013:
Can't wait to use the kit and think up some of my own ways to use the template thank u so much for the kits
Written by Sue on August 10, 2013:
I was really looking forward to the starburst template. I have a lot of templates now and a couple with tags. Oh well. I still love PW. You guys have given me a tremendous passions for paper. I get so much enjoyment from making cards.
Written by Daria Sikorske on June 18, 2013:
I am really enjoying the templates that you have been sending. I especially am enjoying this months template and making patchwork cards. I love quilts but don't enjoy quilting but I am enjoying working with this template. I made all the projects from the newsletter and I am now making 4th of July cards using the eight pointed star. Plan on making summer cards as well using the rest of the template. Can't wait to see how the August kit will work. Thanks again for your wonderful products and ideas.
Written by Annette on May 8, 2013:
I love my entire kit, as always. And the template, my absolute favoriite always! Thank you so much for creating kits with such flair!
Written by gretchen on April 20, 2013:
love your catalog thanks
Written by Jocelyn Turner on April 16, 2013:
As always, this kit is a joy to received and will have so many uses. I do need for you to add 'not disappointed with anything' under No.3. I have never been disappointed with anything received fro Paper Wishes. just wished my money never ran out! Thanks again.
Written by Diana on February 20, 2013:
I love iris folding
Written by Jocelyn Turner on February 14, 2013:
I am never disappointed with this kit. Papers for Feb kits are gorgeous.
Written by Debby Noel on January 29, 2013:
The #3 of the Design Tool Kits is really great! I do not have another explaination for it. I have used it for several of the sprin/valentine cards and it works great. I put the 4th one on my wish list! I haven't received any of the Personal Shoppers for at least a year and am so happy that it has finaly worked out I could get it into the budget. I feel like I get a present each month. Makes following a budget so much easier!!!!
Written by Robyn on January 22, 2013:
I really loved it all, Its like Christmas when I get my kit! Wish it was a monthly kit. I'm so lucky that you are an Oregonian too ! That even makes it better !!
Written by pennyd on January 2, 2013:
Wonderful kit this month! I love all the options of the Tool kit and the papers were fun as well. Another hit!!!!
Written by karen on December 18, 2012:
i like the template and the newsletter and also the paper. they are easy and fast. you can used them for scrapbooking and card making
Written by Violet Williams on December 8, 2012:
I think that the papers are the same as some before. Except the hologram red paper-loved it!I do have a problem with the template though. The first one is cut. I will send you a message to see how we can correct that problem. Thank you.
Written by pennyd on November 13, 2012:
I love the gift card template! I made all the examples this time - something I don't usually do - they are adorable. Can't wait to use them for Christmas!
Written by Jocelyn Turner on October 21, 2012:
Amazing. I watch the post as soon as my bank has been deducted. This is my second kit and how amazing! I have a dozen made already. Different paper or embellishment and they look so different. My grand kids will love these. Thank you.
Written by Barbara C. on October 18, 2012:
Loved this months Templates Plus Kit. The papers were stunning and the Template is so versitile--will bring many many years of use. The quality of the templates is what I especially hold in high regard. Good quality products at an affordable price. Thank you Personal shopper.
Written by Penny on October 11, 2012:
I loved this month's kit. The template and the papers are terrific. I think the snowman is my favorite! As always, the best value for my crafting dollars!
Written by Sherry Seago on October 7, 2012:
This was my first Template Plus Kit and I truly loved it. Wish I would have signed up a long time ago. Thanks for all of your great Personal Shopper Kits - I love them all!
Written by Penny on October 4, 2012:
Wasn't disappointed at all!
Written by Kim on September 18, 2012:
I'm sorry but I can't answer #3 (what is your favorite part of the kit) because they all were and always have been super! I wish I could afford to be in all the clubs!
Written by Jocelyn Turner on August 28, 2012:
This was my first pack, and was so excited to receive it. Everything is beautiful. I was very happy to find a bonus gift in my package. Thank you so much, I wish I could afford them all. Jocelyn.
Written by Donna on August 12, 2012:
I love the tiny tags and little labels. I have several of your templates and there are quite a few I plan on buying but this is my favorite one yet.
Written by Penny Douphinett on July 31, 2012:
I love these templates. They are a great value for my crafting money and I have never been disappointed.
Written by jean on July 9, 2012:
it was challenging to me because I like the simpler cards. But I learned some neat tricks to try for later cardmaking tasks.
Written by Diane Fox on June 9, 2012:
I see many uses for the tool kit template.
Written by Ruth McCurry on June 9, 2012:
I'm glad the newsletter has the products needed and their product numbers, so I can go thru and buy what I need. Thank you for a great kit. I have been wanting this template for a long time. Will be ordering Design kit #2 soon.
Written by Barbara C. on April 28, 2012:
Loved the whole kit, Loved the papers so much I purchsed the pack. Each design in the newsletter was great. Like that you include a scrapbook idea. Thank you!
Written by Caroline on April 17, 2012:
I LOVED this whole kit, but I had to include something for #3 (the newsletter is always great--excellent instructions and great photography). I think you are so wise to include the double-sided papers. THANK YOU! They obviously work so well for the pinwheels, but you are smart to give your customers a taste of this new product. They/we are all going to want more! Thank you again, can't wait to play!
Written by Lynne Neumann on January 27, 2012:
Just what the doctor ordered. This is so much fun, great ideas, and something to use over and over. What's not to love about this.
Written by Barbara Cozart on January 5, 2012:
I love it all can't wait for the next one.
Written by Judy on October 7, 2011:
I had seen kirigami before and thought it looked hard. Boy was I wrong! The templates make it so easy, and the results are just gorgeous. Now that I have the basics down, I'm looking forward to making my own designs.
Written by Kim on September 22, 2011:
just want to say, as always, I loved everything in this kit and every kit I've gotten (and that's all of them from the beginning). I did not have a least favorite. I loved the paper also!! Can't wait for the next one.
Written by Beth on August 16, 2011:
I always enjoy my template kit. I loved the gold paper. Nice and sturdy to make a box out of.
Written by Stephanie on August 8, 2011:
So happy with this kit. I'm learning new techniques too!
Written by Linda on August 8, 2011:
I loved the template. I just received the kit today and it is great. I had to make the box right away and it is too cute. Love it. Thanks
Written by Caroline on July 10, 2011:
I was looking forward to receiving and playing with this template and the kit did not disappoint. Thank you for inspiring creativity!
Written by Wendy Chuckrey on July 5, 2011:
I made some tea cups for my sister's tea house. She loved them. I had fun making them. I love the kits!! Wendy
Written by Karen Hsrrison on June 27, 2011:
The flowers made with the Pretty Pleated Flowers template came out great. The only trouble that I had was reading the directions. They were a bit difficult to read with the orange print. Everything else was great.
Written by Lorrie on June 18, 2011:
You've hit the ball out the park! Incredible!
Written by Penny Douphinett on June 8, 2011:
I love making paper flowers and this will certainly be ANOTHER template I go to time and time again. I think HOTP templates are my favorite scrapping tools.
Written by Cathy R. on May 21, 2011:
There is nothing in the kit that I don't love. As a matter of fact I had to discontinue receving the kits I was sucribied to for a couple of months and was having withdrawals. (lol) Really I missed my kits terribly and am so glad I am finally able to start them back up.
Written by Mary on May 2, 2011:
There was nothing that disappointed me with my template kit! I enjoyed making the tea cup and tea bags. It is an adorable kit and I am giving my friend a "cup of tea" tomorrow. I think she will love it!
Written by Samantha on May 1, 2011:
Just in time for Mother's Day, a cup of tea! Will make such a cute gift when paired with a real tea gift basket I was going to do anyway! Perfect!