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Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays Card
By Susan Cobb

card making, car ideas
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For the Card Front

  1. Place the card with the fold at the top. Glue a 1 1/4"-wide strip of burgundy striped paper (stripes running vertically) even with the card fold, leaving the top edge unglued. Cover the remaining card front with dark green pinecone paper, overlapping about 1/4" of the bottom of the striped paper and leaving the overlapping edge unglued.
  2. Glue sheer green ribbon even with the top edge of the pinecone paper. Trim the ribbon even with the edges of the card and add a gold brad to each end. Finish gluing the top of the pinecone paper in place.
  3. Add a gold star brad to the tab on the "Happy Holidays" tag, then glue the left end of the tag even with the bottom left edge of the card front.
  4. Tape one end of a 3" length of ribbon behind the top right edge of the burgundy striped strip. Wrap the ribbon to the front of the card and tape the loose end in place on the card front. Repeat using a 2" length of ribbon about 1" to the left of the 3" length. Finish gluing the top of the striped strip in place on the card front.
  5. Add a gold ornament outline sticker overlapping the end of the 3" ribbon length. Add a silver tall ornament outline overlapping the end of the 2" length. Use the sticker transfer sheet to transfer the insides of a silver ornament sticker to the gold outline on the card front. Transfer the insides of a gold tall ornament sticker to the silver outline on the card front. Zot™ a green bow to the top of each ornament.

For the Card Inside

  1. Glue a 3 1/4"x2 1/2" piece of burgundy striped paper (stripes running vertically) centered on the card inside. Glue the "Merry Christmas" label cut-out to the right side of the striped paper.
  2. Add a small silver ornament outline to the left end of the cut-out. Transfer the insides of a gold ornament sticker to the silver outline. Zot™ a knot of green sheer ribbon to the top of the ornament.
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A tip from Susan: To create a two-toned embellishment with outline stickers, simply apply the stickers in two steps.
  1. First apply the outline sticker to your paper: Carefully lift the edge of the outline with a craft knife or tweezers, then use your fingers to peel off the rest of the sticker.
  2. After applying the outline, add the insides of the same sticker from a different colored sheet—for example, combine gold and silver, as Susan did. You'll first remove the outline, then press the transfer sheet over the sticker insides to lift them off the sticker sheet. Then, position the transfer sheet over the outline you already placed and burnish it to transfer the insides from the sheet, filling in the outline.

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Project comments

Written by Virginia
 6 years ago:
I love this card.
Written by Mary Pitman
 6 years ago:
The cards are beautiful. However, I would like to know why the ornament outline stickers are no longer available? I was so sad to see that when I went to order them :(
Can you tell me if there is anyway they will return?
Thank you
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
While the manufacturer has discontinued these stickers, I can offer an alternative. And these newsheets have a variety of ornaments on them; however, they are on limited stock. The gold is item 4001886 and the silver is 4001887. These Dazzles™ stickers will give you the same results and there is a card idea on each package. I hope this helps.


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