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Celebrate Cupcake Card

Lodell Halvorson

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Celebrate Cupcake Card
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer's Tip: Use a contrasting colored cardstock to help the foil papers show up well. For dark foil, use light cardstock.



  1. Place your blank card with the fold on top. Trim card so it becomes a 5" square and cover with purple foil paper.
  2. Cut a 4 3/4" square from green cardstock. Using the Easy Iris Folding template, trace the Cutesy Cupcake design on the center of the green cardstock. Cut out design with an X-acto® knife.
  3. Cut 28 1"x4" strips of blue foil, fold in the pattern shown on template and secure with tape. Cut 7 1"x4" strips of purple foil, fold in the pattern shown on the template and secure with tape.
  4. Stamp "Celebrate" in Blackberry ink on white cardstock. Trim to 4 3/4"x3/4" and place centered on the green cardstock as shown. Stamp flourishes on the corners in Blackberry ink as shown. Glue the green stock centered on the purple foil with 1/8" borders.

Project comments

Written by Sheila Leary
 4 years 4 months ago:
I just learned to do Iris folding!!! Who would've thought I could have ever learned to do it!! So much fun!!!
Written by Lesa
 4 years 6 months ago:
Love it! I have wanted to wade into the Iris folding techniques to make cards & scrapbook pages. This will be my 1st. I love this card. Wonderful job!
Written by Roberta McCarroll
 4 years 11 months ago:
I love your cards.


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