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Hello Gorgeous

Susan Cobb

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Hello Gorgeous
By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: These coordinating Glitz items are perfect for layering on an album, and really easy to use.



  1. Remove the posts and pages from the album and spray the entire front, edges and inside with Licorice Spray ink. Let dry. Wrap the upper right corner of the front of the album with aqua/white dots tape. Add tape along the left side of the binding, over the holes. Trim edges of the tape even with the album.
  2. Glue a sheet of red paper centered on the right side of the album front, overlapping the tape at the right corner. Trim a sheet of ivory/pink/aqua floral/banner corner paper to a 5 1/2" square and ink the edges black. Tear across the top edge of aqua/ivory striped paper and glue across the bottom 1 3/4" section of the floral/banner paper. Trim edges evenly.
  3. Tear a 3 1/2"x2 1/2" rectangle from aqua/red cherries paper. Glue to the left side of the paper, 1/8" from the left side and bottom. Ink the edges black. Cut a 1/2" wide strip of black/white zigzag paper and trim along the design. Glue to the back of the paper so a 3/8" zigzag edge extends from the right edge of the paper. Trim top and bottom edges evenly with the paper. Glue to the red paper on the album, 1/8" from the left edge and centered at top and bottom.
  4. Add a yellow zigzag decorative strip (from the Puffy Words) over the torn cherry paper, even with the left side of the patterned paper and 2" from the bottom. Cut a 1" length of red sheer ribbon and fold in half. Glue the fold to the upper left side of the typewriter Whatnot so it extends as shown. Peel off the "Life is a bowl of Cherries" Title Sticker and place angled at the upper right corner of the paper. Glue the typewriter Whatnot in place overlapping the lower left corner of the sticker.
  5. Embellish with Puffy Words and Giant Rhinestones as shown. Tie a red sheer ribbon bow and Zot in place as shown. Use your knife to cut through the tape covering the post holes. Replace the posts and pages.

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