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Click Your Heels Card

Gail Booth

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Click Your Heels Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use several layers of foam tape under the upper edge of your text label to put it at an interesting angle.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Cut a 5"x6 1/2" brown text paper, swipe the edges with the VersaMark pad, dust with Shabby Blue embossing enamel (it's the mostly white one) and use the heat gun from underneath your paper to set the enamel. Glue to the front of your card.
  2. Stamp the shoe image on white cardstock with pigment ink, two times. Use various pens to color in one of the stamped images, as shown (browns for the shoe, blues and grays for the embellishments). Cut out around the colored image with a 1/16" border. Ink the edges brown and sand the edges to distress. Color in the embellishments of the other image with the blue and gray pens, cut out and foam tape over the main image.
  3. Use VersaMark to stamp three more images on cardstock, focusing on the clock and gear portions of the image. Dust the clock and gear areas with Royal Blue embossing tinsel and heat set. Cut out 3 sets of clocks and gears. Color in with the blue and gray pens. Use the VersaMark pen on the edges of the clocks, dust with Shabby Blue and heat set from underneath. Foam tape a clock a set of gears over the main image, using a double layer of foam tape for the clock. Zot a small bow of memory thread in place, curling the ends.
  4. Cut a 4 1/2"x5 1/2" blue gear paper with the gear border on the right, sand the edges until well distressed and swipe the VersaMark pad over the left and lower edges (stamp a 1 1/2" wide swath). Dust with Shabby Blue and heat set from underneath. Shake Royal Blue glass glitter and Powder Blue Fragments over the embossed area and heat set again, from underneath. Glue onto your card, leaving corners loose and curled up.
  5. Foam tape the shoe in place. Mask off the areas around the word "Click" with tape, ink black, remove the tape and stamp "Click" on a 3"x1/2" white cardstock. Color in with blue and gray, tear off the right end, ink the edges brown and sand the edges. Repeat the process to make two more "Click" strips. Foam tape above the shoe. Zot two lengths of memory thread between the strips, curling the ends.
  6. Mask off and stamp "your heels!!!" on a 2"x1" cardstock in black. Tear both ends, ink edges brown and sand the edges. Use 3 layers of foam tape behind the upper edge and place a clock and gear cluster behind, as shown. Foam tape a clock to the front and tuck two small curled lengths of memory thread behind.

Project comments

Written by Lesa
 5 years 7 months ago:
Well, it took me awhile, but I have purchased everything I need to make this card. I am looking at the instructions for making the "Click Your Heels" card & I am wondering if you could please add the colors of the markers you used to color the shoe & clocks & gears. It would sure save me some practice time. I really want to use the exact colors, as the ones you chose just shine!
Thank you Much,
Written by Lesa
 6 years ago:
Gail, I love this card! Besides being a huge Oz fan, I absolutely love Blues. This card is my current favorite card. I am buying everything I need to make this card. I will need to practice with the markers. You did a wonderful job on this card.


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