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Olivia Page

Gail Booth

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Olivia Page
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Stack similar die-cut pieces over the paper border artwork for a Paper Tole effect.



  1. Background: Use the pen and ruler to draw stitches 1/8” from the edges of the 12”x12” Emma’s Garden floral border paper, keeping the flowers at the upper left and lower right corners. Ink the edges of a doily and glue 1½” from the left and bottom edges of your page. Ink the edges of 7”x7” Emma’s Garden multi-color tile paper and glue 2¼” from the top and 1¼” from the right edge of your page. Draw stitches 1/8” from the edges.
  2. Banners/journaling: Cut a “V” in the left end of 10½”x2” Emma’s Garden brown floral paper and glue 3” from the bottom of your page, 1” from the right side. Create another banner from 9”x1½” Emma’s Garden solid green tile paper, draw stitches around the edges, ink the edges and glue even with the right end of the brown banner, overlapping the top edge by ½”. Create another banner from 2”x9” Emma’s Garden pink dot paper and journal “Sweetness” vertically, as shown. Draw stitches around the edges, ink the edges and set aside. Journal “and Light” vertically on 1”x4½” Emma’s Garden tan dot paper, draw stitches around the edges, ink the edges and glue ¼” from the upper right corner of the multi-color tile paper. Glue the saved pink banner 1¼” from the right side of the tile paper, and ¼” below the bottom edge.
  3. Photo: Mat a 4”x6” photo on Emma’s Garden tan dot paper with a 1/16" border, then on Emma’s Garden brown tile paper with a 1/8" border and ink the edges. Glue ¼” from the upper left corner of the multi-color tile paper. Cut a “V” in one end of two 3” lengths of 1” ivory grosgrain ribbon. Cut an angle on one end of two 2” lengths of ½” pink grosgrain and two 2” lengths of 3/8” tan double-stitched grosgrain ribbons. Arrange and glue the ribbons under the lower edges of the photo, as shown.
  4. Journaling (cont.): Pop out the green banner die-cut, ink the edges and journal a name on the center. Foam tape at the bottom of the photo and foam tape the extra artwork flowers from the foil Paper Tole at each end.
  5. Embellishments: Pop out the pink tag and two birds die-cuts and ink the edges. Tuck the tag under the right side of the photo and ribbons, foam taping the upper end. Foam tape one bird onto the tag and one at the upper left of the photo. Zot™ two small pink blossoms onto the tag. Zot™ three blossoms onto the lower doily area, over a length of brown vine. Zot™ on a pink bow, as shown. Ink the edges of two large floral swag die-cuts and foam tape over the border artwork of your page. Ink the edges of a small flower cluster die-cut and foam tape over the upper corner of the photo. Ink the edges of two flower pots and one small flower die-cut and foam tape to the lower left corner of your page.

Project comments

Written by Barbara Cole
 1 year 1 month ago:
Loved this layout. Great examples for me to do my daughters layout.
Written by Patricia Largent
 4 years 3 months ago:
A very pretty layout.
Written by Jennifer Reynard
 4 years 3 months ago:
Beautiful, beautiful layout and adorable baby!! Well done!


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