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Just For You

Susan Cobb

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Just For You
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: I lined the opening of the Keyhole Aperture box with clear acetate. This way, the box is enclosed and you can still see the poem inside.



  1. Cut out the “Sorry” poetry insert from the “Just for You” sheet, using the guide lines printed in grey. Press out the topper from the main box section of the Keyhole Aperture Card (from the “Sorry” sheet) and fold along all the score lines. Glue the poetry insert to the inside back of the card, ensuring the box is the right way up and the poem is visible through the aperture. Cut a 5 1/8”x3 1/2" piece of clear acetate (included in kit) and place it on the inside front of the box so it covers the opening. Tape the edges in place.
  2. Foam tape the topper to the keyhole cover (this creates the swinging section that will reveal the poem behind). Take a silver brad (included in kit) and secure the swinging section to the box card by pushing it through both holes and folding back the prongs. Seal the box card shut using tape on all three tabs.
  3. Cover the silver brad with embellishments, making sure that it still swings freely. Foam tape “Just For You” on the lower left side of the card. Tie a white satin bow (ribbon included in the kit) and Zot™ on the upper left corner of the box. Assemble the stand and add to the back, 1/4" from the bottom.

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